Twilight-Dipped Dreams

Chapter 4

The horses neighed as they galloped over rough terrain, pulling a carriage behind them. The driver whipped the reigns, urging them to go faster, even though the team of 6 black animals were exhausted. The wheels of the carriage held little to no shock absorbers, and rocked the carriage like the sway of the ocean with every boulder and pebble alike.

Though inside, the white curtains over the door windows and other windows, swayed. Along the side of the carriage where the driver sat, on the inside, was a long woken bench, which went along to the doors on either side. On the other side, was a queen-size bed in a wooden frame, white sheets on the mattress and tucking in a slumbering figure in a white dress. Just inside the carriage, on the middle of the long bench, sat the Master Elbows on his knees, hands clasped around each other under his nose. He wore a thin, elbow-length sleeved shirt and shorts that went just past his knees, even when he was sitting.

He watched as the figure slept, completely unaware of the change of scenery in which they dozed in. The Carriage came to a stop, the gentle swaying turned into a sharp jolt, as the carriage lurched forward before bouncing back. The Master stood and opened the carriage door, shutting it slowly despite his rage. "What the hell did we stop for?" He thundered,

"Sir, the horses are exhausted." The Driver told him, "They need to rest- we can't go any further." The Master nodded,

"Alright- guide them to the nearest water source then, and we'll set the carriage in whatever shade we can find." The Master ordered, and the Driver immediately put his command into motion, the coachmen closing the door as he went back in, before the carriage was slowly pulled away from the beaten road and into the thick forests around them.

The figure in the bed stirred, letting out a small moan, opening their eyes as the master walked over. The sudden stop of the carriage had pushed the sheets covering them, to the floor instead. "Ganondorf?" The master looked over at the figure, as he grabbed the sheets and walked over. "What's going on?" they asked, Ganondorf smirking as he tucked them in,

"Nothing, Kohana." Ganondorf said gently, tucking her in, "Go back to sleep. Are you cold?" Kohana nodded a little bit, "Ok. I'll go get my cloak. Try to go back to sleep." He coaxed gently, pulling out a bottle from his pocket. The bottle was full of small, round; Beebe-sized pills that ere filled with a clear liquid. He popped the cap as she laid back down, saying something about how 'this isn't the castle'. "Ssh. Here, take one of these." Ganondorf said, dropping one of the pills into his palm and rolling it between his thumb and fore finger. She closed her mouth, pushing his hand away, "Is something wrong?"

"No- I don't want anything. I'm not hungry." She whined, and he chuckled, before grabbing her lower jaw and forcing the pill into her mouth. Once it passed her lips, he tilted her head back so her involuntary swallowing reflex could carry the pill the rest of the way to her stomach. After she gulped, Kohana stopped struggling against him. Ganondorf laid her back down, tucking her in, before getting up and lifting up the top part of the bench to reveal a cabinet underneath. He pulled out a fur-trimmed cloak, walking over and laying it on top of her as she stared at him stoically. His hand hesitated, before he reached over and brushed her eyelids down over her eyes, before turning and leaving the carriage.

"How's Kohana, Master Ganondorf?" One of the coachmen asked, as Ganondorf shut the door,

"She woke up and I gave her another sedative." Ganondorf said simply, the driver and the other coachmen frowning slightly, but said nothing.

"Your Highness, those pills won't work forever with her fast immune system," The Coachman said, before Ganondorf narrowed his eyes and grabbed them, lifting them up just off the ground,

"If I wanted your opinion, don't you think I'd ask for it?" Ganondorf hissed, before tossing the coachman away from him without a second thought, into the lake. "I'm going to bathe, and not a damn one of you worthless wenches better disturb me if you want to keep your heads." He told them, walking off with a towel. Finding a small rock- surrounded area with clear, crisp water was easier. With a sigh, he lowered himself into the pool, and lay there, looking up at the clouds.

Away from him, the carriage door opened and Kohana fell out, the coachmen and driver looking over, "Hey-!" they yelled, Ganondorf leaning up to look over the rocks, as she dug her nails into the door, pulling herself up.

"Where is he? That-" Before she finished, she vomited onto the grass in front of her. "Stay- Stay away from me! Traitors!" She screamed angrily, getting to her feet even as they refused to support her. She fell against the carriage, panting, "Get away from me!" She hollered as they tried to help her up. Ganondorf grabbed his towel as she pushed through them and stumbled off into the forest. Hastily pulling on his clothes, Ganondorf ran past the dazed servants, snarling, 'Morons!' at them over his shoulder. "Leave me alone!" Kohana screamed from somewhere hidden in the forest, amongst the trees.

"Kohana, please, calm down-" Ganondorf said, the recovered coachmen and driver spreading out through the canopy,

"Why are we here!"

"The castle is in shambles, I ordered it to be cleaned, and we're just relocating." Ganondorf said, Kohana's back pressed against the bark of a tree, high above him as she sat on a branch looking backwards to watch him. She gritted her teeth to hold back a painful moan, as she lifted up her skirts and pulled out a small green vial. Her arms hung limply at her sides, "You can't hide forever, you know. The medicine will make you go numb and you'll come out at one time or another." Kohana struggled to bring the vial to her lips, but when she did, she bit the cord and ripped it out before spitting it out. Opening her mouth and curving her tongue, the liquid slid from the vial. A single drop of green, slowly collected weight at the lip of the vial as her tongue waited patiently- then the vial was slammed against another tree with a small knife in it. "Nice try, Kohana." Ganondorf said, Kohana watching helplessly as the contents of her freedom were splattered against the tree across from her. "You always fight me, Kohana- don't you ever get tired?"

Kohana hesitated, but didn't answer as Ganondorf took slow steps over to the tree she was on. She looked down at his cautiously, and he looked up at her, before raising his arms towards her, "Come on down from there. I'll catch you." She hugged the tree.

"N…No way! You've got me doped up on drugs! I'm not coming down unless you promise not to drug me up anymore!" Kohana proclaimed, and Ganondorf waved off the other servants, before looking back at her,

"I promise." He swore, "Just calm down, and jump down to me. Do you want me to promise I'll catch you as well?" She hugged the tree, staring at it and slowly turning so her back was to her. "Just push off now."

"Sh-Shut up! I'll come down when I'm good and ready." Kohana said, gently swaying back, before latching on to the branch, and hugged the bark. "I…I can't." Ganondorf continued to stand there and didn't move.

"Just close your eyes and lean back." He grunted, "Take your time." Kohana slowly released the bark and pushed off the branch. Ganondorf kept his promise and caught her in his arms. "I kept my promise." He told her, setting her down on her feet upon the grass. Immediately, she fell down, and he grabbed her arm as she did. "Hn?" He lifted her up, checking her feet. Normal. He touched her ankle gently and she yelled out. "Bandage her up, and then take her back to lie down in the carriage." Ganondorf ordered to one of the coachmen, who helped her to the carriage as he went back to the pool to bathe.

Ganondorf ran a hand through his hair, staring at the water. I'm such…a hypocrite. He thought to himself, sinking deeper into the water, I said 'I'm not going to pamper you anymore, I'll just give orders', but in the end I'm still pampering her. Damn it. God, I stink… He resurfaced and continued washing himself until he was spotless. …I think it was a good idea, ripping out that page on the hex. Right? An image of her on the ground, paralyzed from when she had tried to slit the veins above her ankles, begging for freedom, crossed Ganondorf's mind. Ok, maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do. Another image of her popped into his head; when she was in that cloak, and her dress when she got the fever, just before. Except her legs were spread slightly and she was moaning his name. 'Damn it, stop with the dirty thoughts!' He thought about something horribly unattractive and his blood turned to ice, letting his heart calm down a few minutes longer before leaving the pool.

"Kohana?" She looked over at the carriage door, hands on her sternum as she lay in the bed. "We'll be leaving when the horses are fully rested. Do you want me to leave the door open? The sun is setting." Ganondorf offered, but she shook her head. "Ok. These little lanterns in here have little candles. I'll light them to keep you company." He said, lighting them with a match, as she lay in the bed. He left to get her some water for her, staring at the canteen, now filled with crisp, fresh water. Maybe- she should slip another one in…for good measure.

"Comfortable?" He asked her shortly, looking over at her, but her gaze was upon the ceiling instead. It was a cold, hollow stare. Like so many of her looks had been like since he kept her on such a tight leash.

Not like I have a choice with how many times she's tried killing herself' He told himself mentally, lighting another little lantern, it's door squeaking quietly on hinges that could use a drop or two of oil. 'I don't want her to be like this, but she doesn't give me much of a choice. Heh- it's like I'm taking care of HER now. It's a little busy-body, but…nice.' He walked over, covering her up with his jacket more, "You want some water?"

"…Alright." She murmured, sitting up, taking the canteen he offered to her. Kohana drank from it deeply, before handing it back and lying back down. "I thought I said no more drugs…" She said against a wave of sedative and sleeping powder.

"Can't have you remembering the roads we take and our exact location now, Kohana. That's what vacation is for." Ganondorf said bluntly, pouring out the contents on the canteen outside of the carriage. He went back to her, shutting the door as the team loaded up the horses and light lanterns on the outside of the carriage. Ganondorf sat on the edge of the bed, gently brushing her cheek as she went into a deep, deep sleep. "I don't want any more unwanted disturbances." Ganondorf lay beside her, under the sheets. In her delirium, she snuggled into Ganondorf for warmth. He whispered things into her ear as she slept.

The coachman whipped the reigns and the horsed neighed like those straight from hell, before galloping back onto the road and into the night. Their hooves pounded mercilessly on the ground as the surroundings turned to meshed together blurs. If you had witnessed the carriage, you would think it housed Dracula himself, but it did nothing of the sort.

~O~ Hyrule Castle ~O~

"They're not here!" Midna screamed at Zelda as the two searched the Palace. "Shit! We've been duped!" Zelda looked around. They checked every inch of the palace and found only maids and servants left behind. Ganondorf and Kohana were gone. They even searched the safe house, and there was nothing.

"How? We had a watch set up- and the safe house we stayed at is next to the south road!" Zelda exclaimed, worried, "Where could they have gone? The maids even let us check the basement…"

"I don't think they went through the south road- they may have gone north. Isn't there a back away in the palace, in case of an emergency?" Midna asked, and Zelda nodded, "They must have taken that way out…Do you have carriages?"

"No, we just have horses." Zelda answered, "Ganondorf didn't really change much, regarding the Palace." The ex-Princess reported to Midna, and they walked to the stables. All the horses were in there stalls, and there were no extra additions to the stables.

"This is weird- it's like they just vanished into thin air." Midna observed. There were traces of neither Ganondorf nor Kohana. Their drawers were empty, as were their closets and cabinets. Everything was wipes clean and spotless, but the furnishings remained. The safe house was untouched as well, aside from the two staying there. "Where could they have gone?" Midna murmured, and Zelda frowned,

"If…If Ganondorf did leave…he may have taken Kohana with her." Zelda said quietly, and Midna nodded,

"Looks like we're going on an adventure."