Twilight-Dipped Dreams

Chapter 6

It was amusing to him to watch her suffer in this way. When he went outside he'd take her with him to ensure she didn't try anything. The way she shuffled behind him in his thick hunting cloak made her look like an old woman, and sometimes she'd trip in the snow, trying to walk in his footholds. The snow was still thick and it blanketed everything around the cottage. Ganondorf sat down and she stopped, far behind him, as he rested against a tree for a rest.

He watched, smirking, as she struggled to make her way over to him and fell a few times in between. She fell again over a hidden tree root and onto his lap before he chuckled. "I'm cold, share the cloak-" He said and she took it off and shoved it into his waiting hand, before hugging herself in the black and silver dress he'd brought for her. He pulled her over and covered her with the cloak while covering himself as well. Even the brush of her skin against his, Ganondorf could feel the heat she was giving off. She was like her own little furnace and she sat there, shivering. Ganondorf lifted her up and placed her in his lap, wrapping the cloak around them.

Not too far away, a white-cloaked figure watched the scene, and blinked their bright blue eyes once as they hid behind a tree. Their left hand slid into a pocket strapped on their left thigh and pulled out a string of dark blue beads, rubbing them between their fingers and pointed towards Kohana with their right index finger. Kohana shivered, a side effect of this stranger's even stranger version of magic, but Ganondorf pulled the cloak tighter around them as he mistook it for her being cold. The figure turned their hand, palm upwards, and gestured her over gently as a voice filled her head, 'Come here. Come over here to me.' Kohana shakily stood up, her head feeling strange and she robotically left the shelter of Ganondorf's cloak, "Hey, what are you doing?" He demanded angrily as the figure turned slightly to keep out of the Gerudo's line of vision, "Just because you're hotter than a fireplace, doesn't mean you can go about in the cold freely, you know!" She kept going forward. Completely unable to do anything else.

'Closer. Just a bit closer…' The Voice purred in her head, the figure staring into her eyes. Their piercing blue eyes bore into her own and the feeling of complete helplessness slowly wrapped around her. Their eyes were tainted with some type of darkness that she couldn't describe and every blink seemed to be in slow motion as they lowered their 'come hither' hand and waited, leaning forward slightly to grab her when she came within arm's range- Before the trance was broken by a snow ball being thrown in their face and Kohana wrapped up in Ganondorf's hunting cloak as she was lifted off the ground. The Figure turned and ran off,

"Hey, come back here and accept your just desserts!" Ganondorf yelled, putting Kohana down, "Stay here, I'll be back." He told her and ran off after the figure as Kohana sat there, stunned.

'What…' She shuddered and sat there, 'What horrifyingly cold ice blue eyes.' Kohana crawled over to the spot they had been sitting in and pulled Ganon's bow into the shelter of the cloak and curled up on the ground. After a while, she fell asleep and even after more time passed Ganondorf returned un-victorious in capturing the stranger. He looked around, seeing the tip of his bow and went over to the snow-covered, bundled up Kohana that slept on the earth, warmed by her body heat. She looked- peaceful.

'I've never seen her sleep.' He thought and watched her, "Kohana." She let out a soft, quiet 'hm' to the sound of her name, telling him that she could hear him. "Kohana, I need the cloak-" He said, trying to gently take it from her but she wrapped herself up in it tighter,

"Mmm…no…" She said in her sleep and he sat there, trying to think of another idea before one popped into his head.

"Hey, let's share it, ok?" "K…ay…" She loosened her grip and her took the cloak off of her and wrapped it about his shoulders as it went to the ground and he clasped it quickly, grabbing the bow and putting in it's sling. "I'm going to lift you up now." She opened her eyes partially and he had to get on one knee to pick her up but she wrapped her arms about his neck to assist him, before he lifted her up and wrapped the cloak about them, holding her, "Better?" She nodded and fell back asleep, her grip loosening as the action make her limps heavy while he carried her out of the forest.

-At the Cottage-

Kohana struggled, panting, her face flushed bright red as one of the maids put a cool, damp towel on her forehead and she twitched in somewhat pain. "Nh!" She let out as she tried to relax but found even that difficult. The maids kept Ganondorf out of the room as some of the male servants cut up the kills he had dragged back.

"It seems she's contracted something while she was outside." The most medically experienced maid in the structure told him, as he stood in front of the room, the door open to let fresh air in. "Did she go outside much?" Ganon had to think about this question as he never gave much attention to it.

"I suppose not." He answered quietly. The longest trips she had ever made outside of whatever residence they were in, were trips to the market and those took only a few minutes before she came back. Other than that, Kohana rarely left the grounds of wherever Ganon took her, aside from going to an adjoined horse stable. The Master of the house told the maid this and the maid frowned, "What exactly could be wrong with her?" He asked, not wanting to beat around the bush any longer than he needed too.

"She may have a weak immune system from lack of going out." The maid offered,

"I think I was told that by someone else- what's an 'immune system'?" He asked, not wanting to sound like an idiot but he'd have to ask some time.

"Your immune system is process your body develops as you grow. It keeps diseases out and protects you from being sick. Immune systems develop with constant outside exposure and exposure to various sicknesses so that your body can identify them and fend them off." The Maid explained and Ganondorf listened, "But if you don't go outside enough, your immune system won't develop properly. In Kohana's case, she's gone out for short periods of time it sounds like, thus, her body has developed enough to protect her for the length of those brief spans of time. If she stays out longer, it no longer knows how to defend her and she gets feverish. Lick when she's out uncloaked in the cold. When you get a fever, your body is fighting off whatever makes you sick." They looked back at Kohana who miserably laid in bed while stoically complying to the various demands of the maids tending to her.

"So…you don't know how long it will take for her to be well and on her feet again, because she has a slow immune system?" Ganondorf questioned, trying to reword everything he had just been told and the maid nodded as she looked at him.

"It could be a few hours or a few weeks. Judging visually from her condition right now, I'd say a few days with lots of rest so that she can recover." The maid said as the others left the room, "Master Ganondorf will have to wait a bit." Ganondorf realized that they were cutting her off from him and something inside of him twitched. Aside from that night at Hyrule Castle where she had locked herself in her room, and when he left her run away there had never been an instance where she had been away from his side. Somehow, she was always there, like a now-seen-but-hidden-before pillar of strength. He moved to push the maid aside, "Master ganondorf." She said strictly and her arrogant tone drew his hateful glare to be aimed at her, "With her immune system, everything and everyone around her could get her sick. If you go in there now while her body is trying to heal, she could get even sicker."

Was that it? Was he the cause of her being sick? Ganondorf snorted and turned on his heels, going to his own room as the door to Kohana's was shut. Kohana laid there, staring at the ceiling. What was the strange power that overcame her?

And why did it bring back nostalgic feelings of a place she couldn't remember?

At the window, the stranger boldly stood outside, looking in, as she laid completely vulnerable in her bed. They lifted their hand and the lock to the window quivered, "?" The figure responded, an anti-magic symbol scratched into the brass lock glowed slightly. The figure turned their hand and quickly made it into a fist, the symbol breaking with a line going down the middle before the lock opened and the window opened inward. Kohana looked over and twitched, the figure jumping deftly onto the window sill while Kohana got to her feet. They showed her their left wrist, the strange string of deep blue beads dangling and clinking softly and Kohana stood there, panting.

'Come here. Kohana. Don't fight. Don't be afraid.'

The voice filled her head and Kohana stood there, trembling, a high-pitched voice screeching inside of her head. The sound of it was in her ears and it was grating. Grating against her ear drums. Grating against her throat. Grating against her mind. It all hurt. Strange images filled her head. Every time she blinked, they filled her eyes. Fires, the screams of people, "Kohana." The figure said and she stared at them, shaking, "All of these things were brought upon us by that orange-haired demon you stand beside." She sniffed as tears rolled down her cheeks from the horrible images and how helpless she felt because she couldn't move voluntarily. The grating sound, the screams in her head, the images, made her fall to her knees. The figure stepped down and walked over to her, two long strands of red falling from under the hood of their white cloak.

The figure was suddenly tackled to the ground by a black blur, and when they landed, Ganondorf stood up, holding the figure up by the back of their cloak, off the ground, "You're the bastard that-" Ganon stopped mid-sentence and looked over at Kohana who was covering her face, and he pushed the figure's face into the ground, before snapping their neck. There was a crackling sound and Ganondorf pulled off the cloak- to reveal a porcelain doll with red bangs and white hair. "A TOY!?" Ganon snarled angrily before tossing it aside and going over to the window and shutting it, locking it again. He went to Kohana and helped her up, wrapping her in his cloak caringly, "Come now, Kohana." She twitched.

'Come here, Kohana.'

She fought against him, trying to get away frantically, "Stop that, I'm trying to help!" Ganondorf grunted and she looked up at him, his image reflecting in her eyes. But all she saw was the cloaked figure with their red bangs hanging from under the black hood they wore,

"Stop, no, get away from me!" She yelled, frantically as Ganon tried to calm her. Reluctantly, he jabbed her head, resorting to a draining spell to calm her that he inflicted amidst the jab to her forehead. "Sto-! Ga, Ga…non!" She sobbed weakly as she cried and her knees buckled as the spell over her vision waned and Ganondorf held her firm and steady. In the forest, the figure watched with a glossed-over blue-eyed gaze, as Ganon coaxed her from the figure's spell and carried her off from the room.

The thought of that imbecile being able to deter their own magic annoyed the stranger to no end but at the same time strengthened their determination. She may be safe in Ganondorf's possession…for now. The Stranger jumped down and trotted off, having had exerted more effort than they had in a while and needed rest while Kohana tried to relax in Ganondorf's room, the black-skinned man having placed another spell on her to numb the loud and noisy voices of the servants who commanded he return her to her room.

"No. Bring a bed in here for her if you must but she will not leave if that freak is still on the prowl." Ganondorf said defiantly, Kohana laying numbly against the wall as if in a daze. "I don't care if she's sick because of me, or if I get sick or whatever nonsense you're trying to tell me. She'll leave this chamber when that fiend that attacked her is dead." Ganondorf yelled, "Now get out!" They left and Ganondorf released the spells on her as he leaned against the wall next to his bed with her against the wall while sitting on his bed. Kohana stared out,

"Grinding-" She said and he looked up, "There were sounds and screams and they were grinding against my ears and my eyes…." Kohana mumbled and Ganondorf Got up and drew her attention as he leaned down to her eye level, "I've never felt…anything so intense…"

"I'll get that bastard. Just wait a little bit for me to find him." Ganondorf pledged and she stared at him, shaken still by what had just happened, He reached out and she twitched as his hand neared her and his own hesitated before he touched her cheek, "Just wait." Kohana's shaken faith made her defenses against him crumble. Ganondorf had appeared to protect her from the Stranger. When she needed it or not, he was there. Perhaps he wasn't that bad. When he took her to the forest or when she got lost, Ganondorf would find her and carry her back. Kohana relaxed a little against his giant palm and tilted her head into it, making him smirk. The thought of that bastard being dead must have relaxed her, or so Ganondorf thought and he held her close, "Stay here with me until he's gone." Ganondorf said and even though his words were cryptic, Kohana got the meaning of them as he cleared up any misunderstandings by adding, "Stay with me." As not too far off, two horses almost completely bucked off their female riders from the sudden appearance of a white cloaked stranger. The stranger looked up at horses' riders, Zelda and Midna, staring at the two with blue eyes through blood red bangs,

"I know…where the one you seek is." They voiced to the girls while silently the cogs for a wicked twist began to turn.