Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes.

The fairytale couple. Literally.

But when Caroline discovers shocking news that involves two pink lines, will their vampire-werewolf genetics make a historical new species?

Or will it create an abomination?

Either way...their fairytale romance is coming to a screeching halt.

A/N: Don't own The Vampire Diaries. Enjoy! P.S only the prologue will be from Caroline's POV, the rest will be third person.


Two Pink Lines


It's something I hate with a passion.

Like when someone decides to tell you something, then forgets about it and decides to tell you the next day.

Or like on Jersey Shore, where they'll show Sammi throw a punch at Jwoww, and completely miss, then Jwoww retaliates, connects with Sammi's face and-

Cut to black.

It sucks.

I want to know what happens, but you have to wait.


That's another thing I hate with a passion.

Cause I have none of it.

So sitting here, waiting for a whole ten minutes for that goddamn stick to tell me if I was having a baby or not was probably the most torture i've ever been through in my life.

Even worse then trying not to drink Matt's blood when I first turned into a vampire (which I failed miserably at, anyway).

I knew I was overreacting.

I mean, I don't get my period anymore, so how can I be pregnant?

But the little bump that was growing in between my hips wasn't normal.

Even Stefan said so.

But how the hell does a vampire get pregnant?

Especially when the person they're having sex with is a werewolf?

I couldn't understand.

I heard a ding and my heart spluttered.

The results were in.

God, I feel like I'm on the Maury Povich show. I thought. I walked toward the cabinet and opened it with shaky hands.

The pregnancy test was looking at me, mocking me.

Scowling, I grabbed it, and the box and read.

"Two pink vertical lines=pregnant...blah blah blah...two pink horizontal lines=not pregnant." I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and turning my head to look at the stick.

"Okay." I said, blowing out my breath and slowly opening my eyes.





I stopped breathing.

I stopped everything.

I just stood there.

Shock coursing through my entire body.

I was a vampire.

And I was pregnant with a werewolf's child.