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Tears fell from his eyes like liquid diamonds. I could only look down in disbelief as the one person I cared about in the whole world lay dying in my arms - all because of me. His sad smile was there as he drew one last shaky deep breath.


He sounded so small. It wasn't fair. He had just recovered from taking Line! We were going to leave Toshima together! This can't be right!


I gripped his hand in mine, trying to keep him here. Somehow I had to make him stay! My whole body was growing cold with dread, and the sounds from the battle between Shiki and Nicole were growing dimmer as the life drained from Keisuke.


My whole body was growing numb. It was like I was being pulled away from my own skin, leaving me hollow.


How could I feel so alone? Keisuke was everything. I couldn't live without him. Before when he was in danger of dying, I felt like all hope was lost. But at least being lost meant you could be found. Now it was like hope had been shattered into millions of pieces. There was no chance of putting it back together again.

"Akira, wake up!"

Two strong hands shook me roughly; for a moment I was scared and struggled against the grip. The hands held fast, but now I noticed the kindness in the touch. My eyes flew open, and I gazed up into Keisuke's deep, worried hazel eyes. All the air in my lungs vanished.

He was there, living and breathing.

"It was only a dream, Akira!" he insisted, still looking concerned.

More like a nightmare.

All of my senses were on fire - I can still see him, I can still hear him, I can still feel him – he's alive. I didn't even blink, thinking he'd be gone when they opened again. Then a single tear escaped, I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't of said anything.

"Ah, Akira, what's wrong?" he asked anxiously. That's when he realized that he was still leaning over me with his hands clamped onto my shoulders.

"Did I hurt you? S-sorry, Akira! I just…um…" he stuttered nervously, immediately releasing me and sitting back.

My voice came to me after a moment's awkward silence, "It's nothing…"

"O-okay then, um…well, see you in the m-morning, Akira…" he mumbled shuffling back over to his futon and slipping under the covers without another word. I merely lay there, wide eyed.

Slowly, dreading every second, I blinked. But the ceiling above me did not change back to the rain washed streets of Toshima. I was not suddenly forced back into a life of Igra. Keisuke was not dead.

I closed my eyes and pressed my hands against my face. More than anything, I wanted to scream, more than that…I wanted to cry.

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