Taming Dragons With Bedsheets

Chapter Twelve: A Twinterlude

"Oh brother dearest!" Fred and George sang in unison as they burst through the door of Charlie's bedroom, impossibly large grins plastered on their faces. George took a flying leap and landed not-quite-gracefully on top of the mass of blankets on Charlie's bed.

"Sleeps like a boulder, doesn't he?" Fred observed fondly when Charlie failed to wake up yelling as George wallowed gleefully around on the bed.

After a moment, George paused in his demolition of his brother's bed, huffing as he tried to catch his breath. He glared down at the covers around him, and then up at his twin.

"Fred, my dear, there is a distinct lack of Charlie in this here bed," George said very seriously, holding up the empty blankets for inspection.

Fred's eyebrows shot up as he looked carefully around the room, checking in the closet and under the rug and behind the nightstand.

"George, my darling, you've misspoken. There's a distinct lack of Charlie in this here room."

The twins stared each other down for a moment, George looking quite ruffled from his roll in Charlie's covers. "Search the house," they stated firmly, running from the room and heading down to the most likely place to find any of the Weasley brothers.

"Muuuum! Mum! Mumumumum!" they yelled as they trampled down the stairs, causing a huge racket and making the other occupants of the Weasley home stick their heads out of their respective rooms in confusion.

Mrs. Weasley was waiting at the kitchen door, concern etched in every line of her face as the twins barreled downstairs.

"Mum!" Fred wheezed, bending over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath. George flopped across him, using his twin to support his weight.

"Where's Charlie?" George demanded, trying to look past his mother into the kitchen.

Mrs. Weasley's concern immediately turned to suspicion. "He hasn't come down from his room yet. What have you two done to him?" she asked, glaring from one breathless redhead to the other.

The twins exchanged one of their significant looks, and then straightened up to give their mother very serious, innocent expressions.

"We've done nothing to him," George said in a way that almost felt as if he was trying to hypnotize his mother into believing him.

"We'll just be on our way up to his room now. You know, to talk to him," Fred added.

"Because he's up there-"

"In his room-"

"As you said."

"Love you, Mum," they sang before bolting back upstairs, away from their mother's accusing gaze.

Mrs. Weasley sighed, staring at the top of the stairs where the twins had disappeared. In the old days, she'd have chased them down and forced them to admit whatever they were hiding. She smiled ruefully, realizing not for the first time that she'd gone soft on them since the war.

"You don't thinkā€¦he actually sealed the deal?" Fred trailed off, already half-grinning as he and George lounged on Charlie's bed.

"It can't've actually worked," George reasoned. "Hermione'd never..."

They looked at each other, eyes sparkling and lips pulling up in identical nearly-malicious grins.

"Who're we kidding, Georgie?"

"Of course it worked, Freddie, we're the Weasley twins."

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