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Kita:got it? good! now onto the disclaimer, Tamaki?

Tamaki:of course! the lovely princess Kita doesn't own us or anything to do with our prestigious school so you shall not sue her!

Hikaru:though even if you tried

Kaoru: you wouldn't get anyhing of value

Hikaru and Kaoru: she's completely broke!

Kita: rub it in why dont ya? I agree with Haruhi ya bunch of rich bastards. Anyways enjoy!

"I'm not going! I refuse!" a fiery brunette exclaimed with her arms crossed over her chest as her crimson colored eyes bore into the wall beside her. Her mother sighed some before lookng to her.

"Kesuna darling, I'm afraid there isn't much of a choice. Your father and I will be in Japan for quite a while this time and we've decided it would be best you and Nikari to come with us this time. I've talked with the superintendent so as soon as we leave you will both be transferred to "

"I'm not going to Japan and I'm sure as hell not going to some fucking sissy school!" she yelled once again.

"Kesuna!" her father reprimanded until an identical, much softer spoken, teen intervened.

"What Kesu means, father, is couldn't we just stay with someone here?"

At this he sighed some "I'm sorry Nikari sweetheart but we've already checked with everyone."

As this was said Nikari nodded silently as Kesuna stormed out of the room slamming the door loudly while mutterin a fw choice words under her breath.

-Two weeks later-

"Miss Nikari, Miss Kesuna, your letters from Ouran have arrived." one of thei maids informed them as she handed each their letter to which Nikari thanked her while Kesuna continued to look at the school on her laptop.

"No fucking way in hell I'm wearing that shit!" she exclaimed pointing a finger at the blinding puffy yellow dress on screen under 'Girl's Uniform'. Nikari ,however, was too busy reading over something she found amusing the letter.

"Look Kesu, it seems they've made a misake." she giggled as she showed th letter to her sister.

"Oh great now we're guys on top of that!" the older twin growled in frustration, It soon came to a sly smile though as her words sunk in. "Guys...Thats it! Nikari, what do you say we dot get this fixed?"

At this the timid girl's eyes widened as a small amount of pink dusted her cheeks. "You mean actually go as..."


"I dont know Kesu.."

"Oh come on Nika. Look just thnk of it this way. If you're a guy you wont have as many asking you out." she replied knowing how flustered her twin got when someone did.

"Well true..Okay i'm in"

At this Kesuna grined. "Great! Now we just need to make the changes to make it believable."

"Or have someone else make them for us!" the younger twin squeeked hurriedly as her sister reached for the scissors. Kesuna near her head with a sharp object didn't sit well with her.

-1 week later-

Haruhi's POV

As she was walking to class, Haruhi noticed two slightly familiar people.

They looked just like...but it couldn't be them could it?

She decided to ignore them for now and continued on to class.

"Class we have two new students today.." She heard the teacher say as she looked up to see same guys from earlier.

They really do look alot like them but no way they cant be..

"Please welcome Nikoni and Kesuno Makuyo."

They are!