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After most of the room had cleared out Nikari had managed to get her cousin alone to find out the situation and offered to pay off the rest of her debt but of course Haruhi refused and kept doing so until Nikari gave up. She and Kesuna then headed out to their limo and headed home wondern what chaos tomorrow would bring.

The next day they met up with Haruhi and the Hitachiin twins ontheir way to class.

Nikari spent the time talking to her cousin about whatever popped into either of theirs heads while the twin brothers decided to see how far they could push Kesuna today.

The game started first with them moving on either side of her trapping her in between which she only showed slight irritation wasn't until they had actually latched onto her that they got the desired effect of her actually even doing anything about it.

"Hikaru, Kaoru knock it off!" Kesuna growled prying each twin off as she said their name then effectively shoving both of them away roughly.

"But it's fun!" Kaoru replied.

"Yea, and besides, you're going to be our new toy for the day" Hikaru added. at this the short tempere girl's eye twitch some as her glare hardened.

"The hell I'm doing that!" Kesuna yelled back at them as she took a swing at both of them/

"But in order to enjoy life, you need a toy!" the two of them said in unison as they dodged it which served to infuriate her even more.

"Like I said, no way in hell I'm being your guys' toy"

"But you already are" Kaoru replied smugly.

"Then why did you ask me?" Kesuna demanded.

"To see your reaction of course" Hikaru answered.

"Yea, it's fun." Kaoru added.

Kesuna smirked. "Really. Well I have another fun game." She said cracking her knuckles "Its called kill the annoying red headed twins!" She was ready to rush after them until she was grabbed from behind b the back of her shirt clar efectively being floored by her sister.

"Sorry Kesu but you need to calm down you shouldn't attack people especially when school is about to start." Nikari said as she helped her twin up.

Hikaru and Kaoru sniggered while Kesuna growled and got up glaring at them but stalked off to bot followed catching up to their toy for the day while Nikari and Haruhi still made their way slowly still talking about whatever.

The school day passed on pretty uneventfully and the time with the host club was no better. The room was once again filled with squealing fangilrs and afterwards Tamaki was an idiot and got sent to his emo corner and the twins annoyed Haruhi and Kesuna.

It was when they were trying to decide on the type for their new hosts that things got weird as while they were doing so as suddenly as a girl on a rising platform came out of nowhere.