Kurt Hummel joined Facebook

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Mercedes Jones to Kurt Hummel: About time white boy. You realise you're the last ND member to get facebook?

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Kurt Hummel: Cedes, I got facebook because I'm no longer in ND remember? I need to keep in touch with all of you fabulous people... and Puck :(

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Puck Noahman: Hey!

Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel: How's Dalton treating you?

Kurt Hummel: Fine. And that's the extent I shall say where the public can see my comments.

Blaine Anderson: ?

Kurt Hummel: Check your phone

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Blaine Anderson: Oh.

David Lindsay: Did Kurt confess his undying love for you in a text?

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Kurt Hummel: Shut up David

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Wes Emmett: You didn't deny it

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Rachel Berry to Kurt Hummel: I would just like to let you know that sectionals is in a week and we will be bring the noise. HARD.

Puck Noahman: That's what she said.

Kurt Hummel: *facepalm*

Kurt Hummel: And I wouldn't expect any other way Rachel, I do look forward to seeing all you guys again! I miss you guys :(

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Rachel Berry: We miss you too Kurt!

Kurt Hummel wishes everyone would stop reminding him about the Warblers meeting tonight. Especially those that aren't even Warblers!

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Wes Emmett: We're just making sure you know Kurt!

Kurt Hummel: Trust me, I KNOW

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Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel: We still on for the movie after Warblers tonight?

Kurt Hummel: You know it :)

Santana Lopez: Wanky ;)

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Kurt Hummel: Satan, get your head out of the gutter and Blaine, don't encourage her!

Santana Lopez: Notice how nobody liked that comment?

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Blaine Anderson is enjoying watching The Little Mermaid with his favourite Ariel, Kurt Hummel

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Britney SPierce: Wait, I thought Kurt was a dolphin, not a mermaid?

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Kurt Hummel: I am Brit, don't worry.

Britney SPierce: Is Blaine a dolphin to?

Blaine Anderson: Uhh... no?

Britney SPierce: Want to make out?

Kurt Hummel: Brit, Blaine is a dolphin he was just joking so he probably doesn't want to make out.

Britney SPierce: Okay! :)

Wes Emmett: Make out with Britney maybe not. I'm sure I could name a cute male sophomore who he'd love to suck face with.

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Blaine Anderson: O_o

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel were tagged in Wes Emmett's album 'Klaine'

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Mercedes Jones: Something you not telling me white boy?

Kurt Hummel: Wes! We were watching a movie. We fell asleep. There's NOTHING to tell.

Blaine Anderson: Face it Kurt, I look pretty sexy in that photo

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Blaine Anderson: I'm flattered Santana. You do know I'm gay, right?

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Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel: Mum wanted to know if you're still coming home this weekend. And still bringing your boyfriend?

Kurt Hummel: For the last time Finn, Blaine is NOT my boyfriend. But yes, you can tell Carole that we'll both be there Friday evening, ok?

Finn Hudson: Whatever dude.

Kurt Hummel: Don't call me dude, little brother

Finn Hudson: Dude, you're only like 3 months older than me!

Kurt Hummel: Then don't call me dude

Finn Hudson: Whatever

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Mercedes Jones to Wes Emmett: We need to do something about our boys. Stat.

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Wes Emmett: You, me, David Breadstix. 3 oclock?

Mercedes Jones: Check

Kurt Hummel: I'm scared...

Mercedes Jones: You should be white boy.

Kurt Hummel to Mercedes Jones: That was low 'Cedes, even for you

Mercedes Jones: You'll thank me later. Besides, he kissed you, didn't he?

Kurt Hummel: 1. It was only on the cheek and 2, mistletoe (mistletoe, seriously? It's not even Christmas time) kisses don't count anyway.

Blaine Anderson: I'm hurt Kurt.

Blaine Anderson: is spending the weekend at his GOOD FRIEND Kurt Hummel's place

Wes Emmett: Use protection kids ;)

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Blaine Anderson: Why do I even bother to remind you guys that we are JUST friends?

David Lindsay: I honestly don't know.

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Santana Lopez to Finn Hudson: Since Kurt's got his new boy toy over this weekend, want to hook up? ;)

Finn Hudson: Uhh, no thanks Santana. I'm with Rachel remember?

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Santana Lopez: Whatever. Call me when your over her ;)

Kurt Hummel: Santana, leave them alone. And Blaine is not my 'boy toy'!

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Blaine Anderson: No, Kurt's mine

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Kurt Hummel: I hate you Blaine Anderson

Blaine Anderson: :(

Kurt Hummel to Finn Hudson: Bad news Finn, me and Blaine can't come home this weekend because Wes Emmett is being a boring stick in the mud and making us Warblers stay at school to practice for sectionals next week. Can you ask Carole if next weekend is ok?

Wes Emmett: I resent that

Finn Hudson: Aww, dud- I mean bro, that sucks. But mum said next weekend is fine. I guess I'll see you at sectionals then?

Kurt Hummel: I'll see you at sectionals, little brother :)

David Lindsay: SO MUCH EYE SEX. I blame you Wes for making us stay here the weekend.

Kurt Hummel: Oh, please there is no 'eye sex' going on.

Wes Emmett: Clearly, our young spy does not know ANYTHING about eye sex

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Kurt Hummel: Sectionals today, watch out New Directions because us Warblers are going to BRING IT.

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Wes Emmett: Well. That was unexpected. Congrats ND, I guess we'll be seeing you guys at Regionals :)

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David Lindsay: Anyone see Blaine and Kurt?

Mercedes Jones: Not since we all left the stage

Santana Lopez: ;)

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel are now In A Relationship

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David Lindsay: . That's all I have to say. Wait, what were you guys doing when you disappeared after sectionals?

Kurt Hummel: You will never know ;)

Blaine Anderson: ;D