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I might continue it after this chapter because I really need to follow up the awfulness that is... 'Staying the Weekend'

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Wes Emmett is single

Blaine Anderson: Aww, man, that sucks.

David Lindsay: Bout time. That bitch had it coming.

Blaine Anderson: David Michael Lindsay, watch your language!

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David Lindsay: You do realise my middle name is NOT Michael, right?

Blaine Anderson: I know, it just sounded more menacing and I don't know your actual middle name.

Wes Emmett: Can you please take this conversation OFF my relationship status? And, if you must know, I ended it. No hard feelings.

Wes Emmett: Don't say it Jeff.

Jeff Rossi: Aww, your no fun.

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David Lindsay to Wes Emmett: You do realise, know that the boys are FINALLY together we don't have much to do anymore.

Wes Emmett: Yeah, all those plans just went down the drain.

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Mercedes Jones: Well, we could always have some fun though, mess with them, you know? ;P

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Wes Emmett: Miss Jones, you read my mind. Meet you at the Stix in say, 2 hours?

Mercedes Jones: Sounds good. I'll be there.

Kurt Hummel: Wait, what?

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Blaine Anderson: cannot wait to take Kurt Hummel on a date tonight

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Kurt Hummel: Where are we going?

Blaine Anderson: You've been asking me all day Kurt, I'm still not going to tell you

Kurt Hummel: :(

Blaine Anderson: I wub you :)

Kurt Hummel: *sigh* I wub you too :)

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David Lindsay: Oh my god, get a room

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Wes Emmett: is glad that Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel are finally out of Dalton so the rest of us can enjoy some eye sex free time

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Kurt Hummel: had a perfect night with Blaine Anderson xx

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Blaine Anderson: Any time babe x

Wes Emmett: You two make me gag.

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Santana Lopez: ;)

Britney SPierce: Yay, dolphins!

Blaine Anderson: is spending the weekend at his BOYFRIEND Kurt Hummel's place

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Kurt Hummel: There is no way Wes can make us stay this weekend

Wes Emmett: Regionals practice?

Kurt Hummel: NO

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Wes Emmett: :(

Wes Emmett: (use protection ;P)

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Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel: Uhh, bro? Have you told Burt yet?

Kurt Hummel: Told him what? Carole and him know I'm coming home this weekend, don't they?

Finn Hudson: That you and Blaine are 'more than friends' now.

Kurt Hummel: Oh. Shit.

Wes Emmett to Mercedes Jones: Put the plan on the halt. Blaine has to get past the parents first. This ought to be good *rubs hands together*

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Kurt Hummel: WHAT PLAN?

Wes Emmett: All in good time young apprentice.

Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel: Haven't told the folks yet? No worries charming Blaine is here!

Kurt Hummel: Does "Charming Blaine" like to get shot?

Blaine Anderson: Should he?

Kurt Hummel: When you meet my Dad, yes.

Blaine Anderson: Oh.

Kurt Hummel: Uhuh.

Kurt Hummel: is freaking out! But so glad Dad and Carole don't have facebook.

Artie Abrams: I wish my parents would stop friend requesting me on facebook.

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Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel: Calm down Kurt, it'll be fine. Although, you are cute when you're flustered.

Kurt Hummel: Shut your mouth Anderson.

Blaine Anderson: But even cuter when you blush

David Lindsay: Ok, now they're kissing. Can they like give us a break?

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Blaine Anderson: You're all just jealous I have sexy Kurt all to myself

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Blaine Anderson: that wasn't so bad, Kurt Hummel! You had me freaking out over nothing.

Kurt Hummel: I guess my dad likes you :)

Blaine Anderson: Less than three.

Kurt Hummel: Oh, a heart. I rather like this human.

Blaine Anderson: Kurt Hummel, did you SERIOUSLY just quote AVPS? I didn't think you could get any more awesome!

Kurt Hummel: I might have. And there are so many more things you don't know about me yet ;)

Finn Hudson: personally thinks Kurt Hummel should LEARN TO LOCK HIS DOOR!

Blaine Anderson: Yeah, that was awkward.

Kurt Hummel: Knock next time Finn. It's not like we share the room anymore!

Puck Noahman: Is Kurt finally getting some?

Santana Lopez: ;)

Kurt Hummel: *buries face in hands*

Tina Cohen-Chang: Had a great day catching up with Kurt, we've missed you here bb.

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Kurt Hummel: I've missed you too guys. I'm so glad we could all catch up today *heart*

Rachel Berry: ND just isn't the same without you Kurt.

Kurt Hummel: I know. A talent like mine would be missed ;)

Rachel Berry: That's not what I meant Kurt. We missed YOU and your fabulous outfits

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Blaine Anderson: Was everyone forgetting I was there too? It was nice to see you guys too!

Wes Emmett: Can it Blaine. Nobody cares about you.

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Kurt Hummel: Wait, are all the Warblers friends with New Directions?

Wes Emmett: Pretty much.

David Lindsay: Yep

Jeff Rossi: You know it!

Kurt Hummel: Oh Grilled Cheesus.

Blaine Anderson: HELLO?

Tina Cohen-Chang: I officially regret making this status.

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Mercedes Jones to Wes Emmett: You good to go with the plan Sunday evening when the boys are back to Dalton?

Wes Emmett: You know it, m'lady

Mercedes Jones: Perfect :)

Kurt Hummel: Thinks that David Lindsay, Wes Emmett and Mercedes Jones should know that locking him and Blaine Anderson in a closet is not messing with us. Quite the opposite actually...

Santana Lopez: ;)

Blaine Anderson: Couldn't have put it better myself Lopez.

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Wes Emmett and Mercedes Jones are In A Relationship

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Kurt Hummel: Wait, what?

Wes Emmett: I might have "forgotten" to mention to David when our last "planning session" was so it ended up just being the two of us. Wasn't on purpose at all *shifty eyes*

Mercedes Jones: :)

AUTHORS NOTE: I wanted Mercedes with Wes over David, only because I seem to read a lot of 'Mevid' fics and I just wanted to do something different :3