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The entrance looked far too fitting for the name, a giant skull layed against a stone archway, and right above the doors were the words, "Underworld Journey." Once the pale girl pushed open the doors she stood in awe at how pretty the place was.. Or maybe she was just shocked that it didn't look like hell or smelt like brimstone and shit.

She had promised Gob that she'd send a message to 'Carol' for him. Ever since she started up the purifier and defeated the Enclave, she has had nothing to do but get drunk and kill random raiders. In a selfish way she wished she didn't destroy Edan, mainly because nothing thrills her anymore..

But this place was beautiful, there were two marble pillars going up to the ceiling next to two sets of stairs. And the floor was marbled with black and white tiles. In the center of the lower level was a statue of men climbing up a mountain and falling down to an unseen death.

She made her way up the stairs to her right, passing by two ghouls and giving them a smile polite smile. She then saw a door with a sign "Carol's Place." She became very nervous as she walked in. A ghoul women in a blue dress was standing at the counter. She walked up to the counter and asked in a faint tone,

"Have you heard of a guy named Gob?" The woman's face lit up and a smile was now glued to her face. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the counter in excitement.

"Of course! He is my son!" She then explained what exactly she meant in a very caring and motherly tone.

"Oh yes, he's doing quite fine, he is working in a bar in Megaton. I promised him that I would stop by and send you his love. I'm Chelsea by the way." Chelsea took a breath of air, hoping she wasn't sounding too nervous.

"That is wonderful! Will you please give him a letter from me when you leave? And tell him I love and miss him and that I hope he is happy."

Her small worry rand ended when she realized that Chelsea had been alone, and most likely ventured to Underworld from Megaton alone, with noone to protect her.

"Oh my goodness, Dear! Did you come here with anyone? Do you need a place to stay? Are you hungry? Let me make you some dinner, do you like noodles and brahmin?" Chelsea was speechless by the woman's lack of needing to breath. after a few seconds she gathered up her thoughts,

"Yes I did travel here alone. I do need a place to stay, is there anywhere in Underworld? And noodles and brahmin, that would be amazing." Chelsea smiled and giggled almost out of breath as Carol started up again, "Oh darling! You can stay here," Carol turned her head and yelled in a very raspy voice, "Greta! Please prepare the large room, we have a special guest! Now, Miss Chelsea, I am going to start up your meal, it'll be done in twenty minutes, so you can venture around Underworld, just be safe, and I wouldn't suggest going into the Nineth Circle unless you are protected. Now scoot! Enjoy Underworld!" And with that she shuffled to the backroom.

'That woman is so weird.. Nice as shit, but really weird.. What the fuck is the Ninth Circle anyways... Has to be something like a stripclub.. or maybe an ammo store.. Better fuckin' be the latter.."

Chelsea walked out of the inn and went downstairs. A man with sunglasses and more hair then she'd ever seen on a ghoul, came up to her, "Miss! Please don't run! My name is Snowflake, you see, I'm a barber, and I haven't had work in decades for obvious reasons. May I please cut your hair? It is perfect, so smooth and shiny and the color of almost dried blood! It's absolutely beautiful!" Chelsea's eyes were wide and glazed over by the time the man stopped talking, "Uh.. sure, you can cut my hair, but can it be later? I'm looking for a doctor and a place called the Ninth Circle." Snowflake lowered his glasses and looked her up and down skeptically, "Chop Shop is the medic and it's down at the end. And the Nineth Circle is upstairs on the left. Just be careful, pretty little smoothskin like you, I'm surprised you haven't gotten jumped yet." She started to smirk, remembering the first time someone had tried to take advantage of her...

She was piss drunk and Moriarty was already asleep, so she was teaching Gob how to clean an assault rifle, Jericho walked in and sat in the corner. After a few minutes, he called her over, and proceeded to slap her ass. Before he could say the witty remark he had planned he was biting the barrel of her Victory Rifle as she held it with one hand. It was the first time Gob had ever seen Jericho cry.

As she walked into the Chop Shop she saw blood on the floor.. lots of blood. And she could smell something.. Not ghouls.. Or blood... Or meds... She looked up and through the window in the back.

'Holy shit! They have two Glowing Ones just locked up in the back! That's so fucked... And ironic almost...'

"Uhm... Can I help you?" Chelsea snapped out of her daze and turned, "Oh hey, yes, are you the doctor?" He seemed to be getting annoyed but he spoke calmly and as sweet as he could manage, "Yes, I'm Doctor Barrows, what do you need?"