The noddles were a lot better than she expected, but she needed a smoke and a drink. She asked a guy named Winthrop where to go, "The Ninth Circle has the best shit, just stay unnoticed..."

' At least the Ninth Circle is something useful..'

As she walked in, the smell of rot and alcohol hit her nose, forcing it to scrunch for a second. She saw a large ghoul standing in the corner with a very well maintained shotgun attached to his back. She walked up to him.

"Is it cool if I sm-"

"Talk to Azrukhal." His voice was harsh and made her feel uneasy but she tried to remain cool,

"That would be whom?" His eyes focused on something behind her, she then heard someone clear their throat, "How may I help you miss?"

She was drunk and on her second pack, which was a bad thing. She didn't smoke normal cigarettes, the ones she smoked were minty and fresh in a weird way. Dashwood told her where to find them. And it was hard enough find a few cartons.

The radio was on, and she hummed along,

I don't want to set the world...

on fire...

I just want to start...

A flame in your heart...

And then she felt eyes on her, her eyes flickered from side to side and saw noone even noticing her. So she turned and scanned the rest of the room til her and the huge ghoul's eyes met.

'What the fuck is wrong with that dick whistle... It's like he's never seen a girl in a damn dress.. Or maybe it's my hair.. My back hurts really bad... I hope that beds comfortable.."

"That's Charon," She swung around nodding out of her thoughts, and was face to face with Azrukhal.

"So what's his problem? Has he never seen a girl or is he like... High as fuck..?"

The man let out a cackle that hyenas would mistake for their own.

"No. He's just making sure you don't use that pretty rifle you have.. You see, he's a body guard of sorts.."

"Talk to-"

She looked him dead in the eyes with an eye and a half open and spoke with slurred words. "No, No, No.. I have this!" She showed him the peice of paper she had in her hand. "I am your new boss!" She placed her hands on her hips and grinned in triumph, until he spoke nonchalantly, "Azrukhal is no longer my employer?"


"Will you excuse me for a moment..."

He brushed passed her, and as he walked up to his recent employer the radio changed.

Hey everybody did the news get around 'bout a guy naaamed

Butcher Pete

Oh, Pete just flew into this town and he's choppin' up all the women's meat!

Chelsea was trying not to eaves┬Ědrop, until she saw Charon pull out his shotgun...

And then he shot Azrukhal...

And then he shot him again...

And then everyone ran out...

Chelsea just stood there, speechless, mouth hung open, eyes blinking mindlessly. Charon walked up to her with his lips almost curling into a smile. "He was an evil man and got what he deserved."

His voice snapped her out of her shock and it was then she realized how tall he was, almost a whole foot taller then her.

"Ugh... Ok.. Well, I'm Chelsea, and to be completely honest... I'm drunk as shit.. So.. Tell me about yourself..?"

He just stood there staring at her, thinking of what to stay and to still be within the limits of his contract.

" I will tell you the rules of my contract. Violence makes the contract null and void. I follow you and do your bidding, for good or ill." Her eyes looked at him almost emotionless as he stood stiff as a board.

"Well... that's a fucking mouthful!" She laughed leaning to her right, "How do you remember all that! But I asked to tell me about YOU, not your contract. Do you drink?"

She turned and pushed open the bar as if she never said anything, until she turned around and said back to him, "You coming? I have a room at Carol's Plazzz.."

He nodded ignoring her drunken pronunciation.

"Excellent! So do you drink? I need to know.."

"If you want me to drink I will drink.." She shook her head in confusion,

"Do I have to order you to speak your mind?" She was joking, and she thought that he realized it, until he responded,

"Yes, you do, Miss." She stopped walking, they were in front of Carol's Place, her eyebrows pushed forward as she turned.

"You're joking right?"

"No miss," She looked at him skeptically.. He wasn't kidding...

"Fine! I order you to speak your mind." She pushed open the door and Charon stepped in behind her. Carol hopped up to the counter as Charon said,

"I would love a drink, I haven't had one in a few decades..." Carol's eyes focused on the large figure standing next to Chelsea, and then her eyes widened and her face was filled with panic. Chelsea walked up to her and before she could say a word Carol leaned in close and talked with strained but hushed words, "What did I tell you about the Ninth Circle? Why did Azrukhal send him here?" Chelsea smiled, with nervousness and an odd sense of achievement.

"Well.. Azrukhal is dead, and you said I should be careful, which I always am. Oh and I own Charon's contract now." Chelsea let out a small laugh as Charon stepped up next to her, towering over the two women. "Oh and can I get two bottles of Whiskey?" Carol just nodded and grabbed the two bottles, set them down on the counter, and then shaking her head as she crawled into her bed. Hoping that the current event was just a morbid dream.