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First, they had been enemies. A hate relationship built on misunderstandings and pride. That was before the war. During the war, they had joined allegiance to bring down the Dark Lord which benefited their relationship post-war. The two of them had become Aurors and then they began to build their friendship. Fragile and uncertain like a baby bird, it strengthened and grew until one evening, after consuming more than their fair share of alcohol, the bird flew from its nest and the wind from the flight, the twisting and gliding led them to the dark haired boy's apartment. The two men stumbled into the dark flat and one of them fumbled for the switch before giving up when he failed to locate it. He guided them to the bed, the two of them giggling into the other's mouth as the stumbled and almost fell but remained lip-locked until they reached the mattress. The bed made a small groan, nothing compared to that of its nightly occupant as he was pinned to the bed by his platinum haired partner who was kissing him roughly. The blonde's hand snaked up the other's shirt and tugged roughly, shirt buttons echoing as they hit the floor where they were soon joined by a ripped shirt.

The dark haired boy chuckled and the blond stopped kissing him, making a pouty face as he mumbled.

"The buttons hate me" He remarked and the boy beneath him placed a hand on his cheek, guiding his lips down to him once more. They resumed their activities, only they quickly removed their clothes without further carnage with the aid of their wands until they were staring at each other's naked bodies. The blond positively glowed in the dark, his lover thought, as his eyes traced the pale body above him. The blond took a moment to take in the sight of the golden boy beneath him, from his face down his chest to a well endowed nether region.

His journey was interrupted by a whimper and his eyes locked with green ones and there he saw a look of longing so passionate that he got harder just looking into those shameless orbs. He placed a quick kiss on the boys lips before sliding down, kisses trailing from the boys neck to his right nipple, leaving nips and bruises in its wake. The blond man took his time, licking and sucking and teasing the right nipple until it was hard, all the while eliciting the most beautiful sighs and moans from the man beneath him. He moved to the left nipple, repeating the process but receiving more vocal results, he's more sensitive on his left side. He was stopped by a hand on his arm that caused him to look up into eyes so dark with lust they were almost black.

"Draco . . . please. I need you inside of me."

And that was all Draco needed. He abandoned his current activities sat up while Harry blushed.

"I don't have any . . . lubrication" I had never needed it, but he didn't mention that. Draco smiled and replied that it was okay, it was just going to be a little more uncomfortable. Draco offered three fingers to Harry who took them in his mouth enthusiastically and coated them thoroughly before Draco removed them and placed one at the ring of tight muscles. One digit slid in slowly and Harry tensed only for a moment but was soothed with kisses. The digit began to move and Harry bucked his hips, letting Draco know he was ready for more. A second finger was inserted and this time it took Harry a little longer to relax and as the fingers began to scissor, Draco took Harry in his free hand and began to pump in time with his fingers. Harry gasped and the uncomfortable feeling was gone so he bucked his hips and that was when Draco's fingers hit "the spot". Harry moaned and Draco responded by adding a third finger and immediately thrusting, attempting to hit the spot again. With a pump of Harry's cock, Draco his the spot and Harry moaned again, there was no relaxing necessary so Draco removed his fingers but continued pumping Harry's weeping member as he lube up his own with his previously inserted digits. Once he was well coated he looked down at Harry who had his eyes averted, a wild flush over his cheeks from the alcohol and the current waves of sensations that had been rushing through him; he turned to Draco expectantly.

"I will go slowly, okay?" Draco assured and Harry nodded as he gripped the blankets tighter. Draco lined himself up with Harry's loosed hole and began to slide himself into the ring of muscles as they clenched around the intrusion and it took a lot of will power not to just thrust into the warm, tight hole. Instead he slid in excruciatingly slow until the whole of his length was inside of Harry who had cried out and was now shedding tears of pain and pleasure. "Are you okay?" Draco whispered and Harry nodded, tilting his hips up to Draco, begging for more. Draco slid out slowly and thrust into the man below him once more, a little quicker this time receiving a gasp of pleasure and moan. Draco picked up speed and was soon thrusting into Harry in syncopation with the jerks and pulls as he brought Harry towards climax, feeling himself nearing that peak as well. Thrust after thrust Draco hit Harry's prostate and as a result, he received the most beautiful cries he had ever heard. Harry was gripping the blankets wildly, unable to control himself as the feeling of being fucked and jerked shook his body. His eyes squeezed shut, he began to moan and grip at Draco who looked down at him, eyes half lidded with pleasure.

"Draco . . . I'm gunna . . . OH DRACO!" Harry cried out as he orgasmed, his cum coating Draco's long fingers as their grip tightened a little as the man above him tensed. Harry's walls tightened around Draco and after another quick thrust he came, crying out Harry's name. His stayed in Harry for a few minutes, coming down from his high, opening his eyes to see Harry's face flushed and smiling, pleasure tainting every line and etch of his features. Draco pulled out of Harry and slid up next to the boy, the cold air of the room chilling his sweat soak body. Harry rolled over and faced Draco as the blond man turned his head to look into Harry's green eyes. No words were exchanged after this. Harry slid over to Draco, laying his head on his chest and tangling his bronze legs in long pale ones. Draco brushed at Harry's unruly hair and buried his nose in it, soft and still smelling of coconut even after such activities. Harry was asleep first, making little sighing noises through his nose as he cuddled closer to Draco who, after a few heavy eyed minutes of watching Harry, drifted to sleep as well.

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