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Draco Malfoy perched on the edge of his desk. It was Monday, first year potions, Gryffindor/Slytherin and there was complete attendance except for one obvious absence. Emma Weasley worked with another Gryffindor with visible reluctance, however, unlike other situations when Reason Potter was late, the young Weasley didn't even bother to glance back at the door. Draco knew that something was wrong and his stomach twisted into knots as he thought of what might have happened with the potion.

The bell rang and everyone began clearing their cauldrons. Draco stood and reminded them of their homework and then called Emma Weasley to stay. Draco walked around his desk and took a seat in the chair there as Emma approached solemnly. The young Weasley's eyes darted around the room, avoiding her professors questioning stare.

"Ms. Weasley, can you inform me as to why Ms. Potter is absent today? It seemed to me as if you did not expect her to come at all, is that the case?" Draco asked and Emma seemed slightly watched as her mouth twitch and she swallowed nervously, trying to figure out what to say.

"We-well, she, uhm, she hasn't . . ." Emma sighed and dropped her head. She hadn't been able tos peak to her friend since thanksgiving. It was only due to the convincing of her mother and Riley that Reason came back to school. She didn't seem angry, just shocked and sad – Emma hadn't seen Mr. Potter even approach his daughter in the last few days. Emma didn't have to ask anyone what was going on because there was loud arguing and anger by almost everyone that had been present for dessert. They had been at Reason's behavior and Emma figured out quickly that Reason apparently used some sort of truth serum although it took the adults a long time to even toy with the idea because of the rareness of it and it's level of difficulty to brew. Emma had hardly been able to get a smile from her brothers and she began to worry about what was going to happen with everyone. But what of this should she tell her professor? Emma looked up at him as he stared at her expectantly.

"I – I don't know, exactly. Reason, well at Thanksgiving she – I don't know. She gave her father something, well she gave it to everyone and now the-" The door to the potions class opened and Emma stopped speaking while she and Draco looked to the entrance way expectantly. Green eyes appeared in the doorway and pierced the coziness of the room, creating a chilling silence. Emma shifted uncomfortably, "I – I'm sorry, he asked about thanksgiving and . . . "Emma trailed off as the figure made its way across the room to the conversing individuals.

"It's okay, Emma" the voice soothed coldly and Emma shifted uncomfortably as she watched steely green eyes staring down surprised gray ones.

"Emma, please leave us, I have something to discuss with Mr. Malfoy," Harry Potter commanded and Emma nodded, grabbing her things quickly and hurrying out of the room. As the door slammed shut Draco seemed to be pulled into the reality of the situation. He had been so stunned by Harry's presence that he didn't fully register the anger that seemed to be shaking the small man's frame. As Harry stepped closer, Draco tried to retreat but found himself against his desk.

"Draco Malfoy, you vile little rat. You slimy repulsive unpleasant cretin," Harry screamed and Draco, without an escape put on his best defense mechanism. Draco could see the frustrated twitch of Harry's face as the emotionless expression slid over the blond man's features.

"Potter, how nice to see you. It's been a while, how have you been?" Draco said coolly, with a small smirk. The smirk, however, slid off his face as an unsuspected punch connected hard with his chin and lower lip. Draco flew back against the table and felt the wooden desk jab into his lower back. Unable to catch himself, Draco's head cracked against the wooden surface vaguely covered with papers for his class.

"What do you want, Malfoy?!" Harry screamed while he grabbed the front of Draco's shirt and hoisted his up again. Draco's vision was speckled with dots and his head felt heavy on his neck.

"What business do you have giving my daughter Veritaserum? What purpose does it serve you? Do you enjoy butting into my life and making a mess of it?" Harry cried out and Draco was trying to pull all of his thoughts together when Harry suddenly flung him to the ground.

"My daughter – my daughter LIED to me. For what? To find out something about her . . . her mother? This is why I wanted to keep her from you. When she made it in to Gryffindor I was so happy, I thought she would be able to live out her life just fine, but then, then she met you and she began to act so much like. . . like a Slytherin! You know this puts your job at risk, giving something like that out to a student, to condone its unauthorized use. Why would you do that?" Harry was around the room and he stopped in front of Draco who had pulled himself up and was sitting against the leg of his desk.

"Because she brewed it, Potter," Draco spoke quietly and Harry stared at him, mouth open in surprise.

"What did you say, Malfoy?" Harry demanded and as he stalked toward Draco he watch the man flinch slightly.

"I said SHE BREWED IT, Potter" Draco growled and looked Harry in the eyes. "I don't know where your daughter got it from, but that girl, that little witch, is a genius. She could grow up to be better than me. Her skill, it is. . . it is amazing," Draco admitted and Harry rested against a desk. Draco swallowed hard and looked down at the ground. He didn't know what Reason had found out but obviously it had been bad and Draco felt a familiar pang of regret in his heart. He shouldn't have interfered, but – he looked up at Harry who was looking at him but seemed to be seeing past him, or into him, Draco wasn't quite sure.

"I know I shouldn't have interfered, but, there's something about that girl, Potter. She brings out something in me that I haven't felt in a long time, something I'm not even sure I've actually felt ever. This sense of – "Draco paused in his confession when he saw Harry's eyes glaring down at him. Of course Potter wouldn't want to hear what he had to say, he was never willing to hear anyone out. That's not true, Draco thought, there had been a time when they had been comfortable with each other, when Harry had listened to him and didn't judge him. Draco sighed and dropped his arms to his side.

"I know that I have no right to be saying any of this, but she reminds me of when you and I became friends. She doesn't judge me or try to manipulate me. She just takes me as I am, never asking about my past. I don't know what draws me to her so strongly, maybe it's because she is your daughter. I am not sure but what I do know is that I never wanted to hurt you, your family, or Reason, especially Reason," Draco finished and he glanced sidelong at Harry who was looking down at his shoes. Draco rubbed his jaw where it was aching and felt blood on his fingers – and oddly, it made him laugh a little.

Harry glanced over at Draco who was chuckling while looking at the blood on his fingers. Where Harry had felt anger just a few moments ago, he now felt emptiness – a hollow, nauseating sensation that made him want to lay down on his bed and hide away for a while. Harry's eyes met Draco's and the two stared at each other fully for the first time since the night they had spent together eleven years ago. Even on the day Draco left they didn't look each other fully in the eyes. Harry's mouth opened and almost before he could stop it, Reason's parentage was on the tip of her tongue. He would have spoken it if the doors hadn't opened violently with professor McGonagall barging in through the doors.

"Draco, Severus is – Oh, Hello Harry, you best come too. Severus is in trouble," The old woman informed them and the two men hurried after her as she ran to the headmaster's office. As they barreled through the door, Harry caught a flash of blonde from the corner of his eye and turned his head to see Reason leaning against the wall next to the Potions classroom, head down and hands behind her back. Harry turned his head forward again and picked up the pace to catch up with Draco and Minerva. When they arrived in Severus' office, they were shocked by the sight in front of them; Severus was doubled over in pain in his chair, blood dribbling out of his mouth and a vile, coppery smell that suggested he had thrown up blood just before.

"Severus!" Draco cried and he ran to his friend. Draco immediately began checking Severus for signs of a wound and then he spotted the bottle of fire whiskey on the table. He picked it up and sniffed it and although he could smell something wrong he couldn't pinpoint it.

"Harry! Come here and watch him, I've got to – Draco started but when he looked up at the door way, just behind Harry was Reason, her long hair knotted and wild, her face red and her breathing heavy. Their eyes connected and neither noticed Harry looking between them.

"Bezoar?" Reason asked and Draco nodded. Severus coughed just as Reason turned and she looked back for just a moment before she took off, her hair flying behind her as her footfalls diminished. Harry's eyes followed Reason until she turned the corner and disappeared.

"Malfoy," Professor McGonagall addressed quietly and Harry looked to the older woman as she shut the door to the office.

"Minerva?" Draco looked up and asked curiously as the older woman moved across the room.

"How is he?" she asked and Draco turned back to Severus.

"He was poisoned, I'm not sure by what ye-" suddenly he felt a burning blade slide swiftly between his ribs and a searing pain racked his chest as he let out a strangled cry. As he hit the ground he felt his lungs filling with blood and let out a strangled cry. He looked to the door where Harry stood stunned his hand twitching on his jacket just above his wand. "Potter!" Draco gurgled painfully as he watched Minerva approach the brunette man in slow motion. "HARRY!" Draco cried out and his vision began to fade.

Harry watched as the woman approached him, his eyes switching from a collapsed Draco to her sinister expression. "Who are you?" he called out as he regained enough sense and control to slip his hands into his jacket and secure the end of the wand. "What have you done with Minerva?" Harry yelled and the voice laughed.

"We do not kill unnecessarily, Harry Potter. We only came to kill the traitors and the man who murdered our king," the imposter crooned sadistically. "She is alive in her home," the voice continued and as it raised its wand Harry drew his with impressive speed.

"Expelliarmus!Stupify!" Harry stepped forward to followed his insensible opponent. "Immobulus!" He finished and stood over his immobilized opponent. He would have to wait for what he presumed to be a polyjuice potion to wear off. In the shock of the moment, Harry had forgotten about Severus and Malfoy and they were brought to his attention again by feeble coughing coming from the raven haired man. As Harry ran to their side, the door burst open and Reason charged in. She only paused momentarily when she saw "McGonagall" paralyzed on the floor but when she saw Draco collapsed and bleeding she screamed running to his side.

"Professor!" She cried as she landed near him and placed her hands on him gently, dropping the potions into her lap. "Professor!" She screamed and tears flooded down her face as she gently nudged the still man. "Da-Daddy," she whimpered and Harry watched the scene with a growing ache in his heart. He had to save Draco and Severus, he had to get himself together and save them.

"Reason," Harry stated strictly and his daughter looked up him with swelling eyes and nodded. "What are those potions used for?" He asked and she wiped her face with her sleeve before standing swiftly. She picked up the small parcel and unwrapped it to reveal a stone. Harry followed her as she instructed him to sit Severus up so she could place it in his mouth. He opened the man's mouth as his daughter shoved the stone down Snape's throat and removed her hand.

"Now close it," she instructed, her voice quivering slightly. Harry held his friend's mouth shut and within a few moments the man began coughing. Harry placed his hand on his old professor's back as he began to recover and Reason darted from the room silently and by the time Severus was recovered enough to analyze the situation, Reason was back with a bottle of Dittany. She dropped to her knees behind Draco and Harry watched as the tears returned to her eyes again and she removed his shirt to reveal the wound in his chest. Harry's heart dropped as he watched his daughter murmuring muggle prayers under her breath as she un-stoppered the bottle and let a few drops fall on the man's ivory skin. The wound healed almost instantly and Harry felt a hand on his arm. Harry turned to Severus who looked at him seriously and Harry turned back to his daughter as she let out a heart-wrenching cry.

"Wake up," she screamed, sobbing. "Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up-" she repeated as she shook Draco's body more and more aggressively.

"Harry," Severus spoke, no obvious emotion in his voice. "Harry pass me that blood-replenishing potion there on the floor," he said and Harry numbly nodded and grabbed the potion his daughter had brought into the room. He marveled absent mindedly at his daughter's wit in the situation, judging the blood loss and knowing the man would need even smiled a bit, the dying man on the floor seemed to have no effect on his mood, or rather, Harry didn't feel anything at all - no happiness or sadness, just nothingness.

Even though Harry had experienced death and loss during the war, he couldn't quite understand the situation he was in right looked down at his daughter who was sobbing violently on top of the body of Draco, whom she had just discovered as her other parent. Harry looked to Severus who un-stoppered the blood-replenishing potion and took a subtle sip like a man would when sampling a new liquor. And the silence, Harry marveled at the fact that he couldn't hear a single thing as he glanced around the room numbly.

Reason's face rested against Draco's warm chest, her warm tears felt burning in comparison to his fading body temperature. Reason gripped the fabric of his shirt tighter and her whole body shook as the tears stopped flowing. Her eyes were still clenched in agony but there were no more tears, just a suffocating sensation and a helplessness that racked her body even more violently than the sobs did. Reason couldn't bring herself to look up when her father called her name quietly. His voice sounded distant and had its own absent quality about it. Reason just pressed her forehead into her fathers chest harder and willed for him to wake up. She had applied the Dittany as she had read in the books. She had saved professor Snape so why couldn't she save her own father?

Reason felt a hand on her shoulder, not pulling her but placing wight on her as the figure attached to it lowered themselves next to her. Reason sat up and looked at the raven haired man next to her.

"You are a very quick girl," Severus commented as he assessed his godson's body on the floor. "You saved my life," he complimented and Reason stared back at him dumbly, confused by his calm reaction. "Can you move over?" He requested politely and she turned herself over so she was sitting with her knees up to her chest and her hand on Draco's hair.

Severus lowered his head to the blond man's chest and laid his ear on the boy's ribcage. Everyone stared at him with confusion and hope and Severus strained to hear the faint gargle of blood stirring in Draco's lungs. Severus lifted himself and looked at Reason while Harry's eyes followed the two of them.

"He's breathing, but just barely, you have only a few more minutes; what are you going to do to save him?" Severus asked and Reason's eyes widened. I have to do something. I need to save my father – but how?

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