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'Initial reports from the weather station , the Bureau of meteorology in Seattle have stated that the town of Forks, a small town in Washington's north-west corner will be hit by the brunt of the storm. It has been indicated that they will be receiving over 12 times there monthly rainfall in just two days, as well as hail, snow and lightning storms. Residents of the town have been warned and offered housing areas in Seattle's west distri-…'

"Oh great. Dad! The powers out!" Thank you Emmett for yelling in my ear.

-Whack!- "No shit Emmett." Thanks Rose.

"You think we should wake Bella up?" No leave me here Alice.

"She has been asleep for a while…" Jasper, no… Why? They're vampires, they have hearing as good as Superman for crying out loud, why must they make so much noise when I'm trying to sleep?

"You guys are really loud, you know that?"

"Sorry sweetheart, but you have been asleep half the day."

"S'okay Esme, umm, where's Edward?"

"Right here, love." His voice emerged from the darkness near the back of the room. As I sat up from my spot on the couch I could see his silhouette every time the lightning flashed. "I don't get it, don't you guys have generators or something?"

"Funny you should ask Bella." Carlisle came from the kitchen door, torch-in-hand. "This is the only house in the world that we own and it just so happens… that we keep forgetting to buy them."

I rolled my eyes and mumbled something unintelligible as I got up to go to the bathroom and taking the small torch Carlisle offered. When I reached the top of the stairs I heard a noise, not knowing if everyone was downstairs, I turned around…

" Hey guys? Are you all down there?"

"Yeah Hells-Bells. Why? What's up?"

"I- umm-never mind. I'll be down in a sec, okay."

"Sure sure." I continued though to Edward's ensuite slowly, watching my feet with the torch, so not to trip on any of Emse's rugs in the hall. Just as I was about to turn the doorknob to the bathroom, when in my peripherals I saw Edward's television flicker, just black and white static, and the white noise quickly followed; the stereo flickered on playing a old forgotten country song. My eyes widened and I gripped the torch firmly around the bulb end which started sputtering and died. This couldn't be happening now. I twisted on my heel and sprinted down the hallway and stumbled a little down the stairs straight to the basement and ignoring all of the Cullen's exclamations of what was wrong with me.
Before I opened the basement door, I turned, my back against the door to see the Cullen's surrounding me, worried expressions on their faces.

"A question… all I need is a yes or no. But have any of you been in here since you moved back to Forks?" They all shook there heads.

"Okay, I have one request, please I need all of you to get in here with me, you can ask me as many questions as you like but we need to get down to the basement, do you understand?" I opened the door and stood against it holding the handle. They hesitated for a moment but went down and I followed locking the door behind me.

"What the hell?"…Emmett

"Bella, what on earth have you been doing?"

"Listen I just need you guys to help me for a minute. I've been doing this since you've been gone, apparently I'm a natural."

"A natural what? Bells? Salt worshipper? 'Cause there's a heck of a lot of this smelly shit down here."

"Ha, yeah sure Emmett, it's because of the salt." Rolling my eyes I turned to Edward torch still in hand, I directed it to his chest so the glow emitted to his face.

"This'd be so much easier if you could read my mind."

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