10.15 pm Forks, WA

'Initial reports from Bureau of meteorology in Seattle have stated that the town of Forks, a small town in Washington's north-west corner will be hit by the brunt of the storm. It has been indicated that they will be receiving over 12 times their monthly rainfall in just two days, as well as hail, snow and lightning storms. Residents of the town have been warned and offered housing areas in Seattle's west distri-…'

"Oh great. Dad! The powers out!" Thank you, Emmett, for yelling in my ear.

-Whack!- "No shit Emmett." Thanks Rose.

"You think we should wake Bella up?" No leave me here Alice.

"She has been asleep for a while…" Jasper, no… Why? They're vampires, they have hearing as good as Superman for crying out loud, why must they make so much noise when I'm trying to sleep?

"You guys are really loud, you know that?" I sat up from my comfy spot in Esme's patchwork armchair in the corner of the living room.

"Sorry sweetheart, but you have been asleep half the day." Esme sat on the arm of the chair and tried to sooth my wild hair down.

"S'okay Esme, umm, where's Edward?"

"Right here, love." His voice emerged from the darkness near the back of the room. As I sat up from my spot on the couch I could see his silhouette every time the lightning flashed. "I don't get it, don't you guys have generators or something?"

"Funny you should ask Bella." Carlisle came from the kitchen door, torch in-hand. "Out of all the houses in the world that we own, this is the only one we haven't gotten them installed in."

I rolled my eyes and mumbled something unintelligible as I got up to go to the bathroom and taking the small torch Carlisle offered. When I reached the top of the stairs I heard a noise, not knowing if everyone was downstairs, I turned around…

"Hey guys?! Are all of you down there?" I talked normally, knowing everyone would hear me. Emmett appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeah, Hells-Bells. Why? What's up?"

"I- umm-never mind. I'll be down in a sec, okay."

"Sure sure." I continued though to Edward's ensuite slowly, watching my feet with the torch, so not to trip on any of Emse's rugs in the hall. I was about to turn the doorknob to the bathroom, when in my peripherals I saw Edward's television flicker, just black and white static, and the white noise quickly followed; the stereo flickered on playing an old-forgotten country song. My eyes widened and I gripped the torch firmly around the bulb end which started sputtering and died. This couldn't be happening now. I twisted on my heel and sprinted down the hallway and stumbled a little down the stairs straight to the basement and ignoring all of the Cullen's exclamations of what was wrong with me.
Before I opened the basement door, I turned, my back against the door to see the Cullen's surrounding me, worried expressions on their faces.

"A question… all I need is a yes or no. But have any of you been in here since you moved back to Forks?" They all shook there heads.

"Okay, I have one request, please, I need all of you to get in here with me, you can ask me as many questions as you like, but we need to get down to the basement, do you understand?" I opened the door and stood against it holding the handle. They hesitated for a moment but went down and I followed locking the door behind me.

"What the hell?" Emmett exclaimed, looking around at all of the equipment I'd set up. Between the CV radios, salt and empty shotgun cartridges, I imagine they'd be a little confused. Thank goodness they haven't found the occult books yet.

"Bella, what on earth have you been doing?" I don't think I'd ever seen Carlisle so confused. Someone started flicking a light switch behind me.

"Don't bother trying the lights. Listen, you guys really need to trust me right now. I've been doing this since you've been gone, and apparently I'm a natural."

"A natural what? Bells? Salt worshipper? 'Cause there's a heck of a lot of this smelly shit down here."

"Ha, yeah sure Emmett, it's because of the salt." Rolling my eyes I turned to Edward torch still in hand, I directed it to his chest so the glow emitted to his face.

"This'd be so much easier if you could read my mind."


Travelling north from Neilton, WA up the 101

"Dean, what are we doin', man? We're in the middle of nowhere chasing shadows. Dean, if this is about Dad…"I quickly shut up as my body jerked forward, my face almost smashing against the dashboard; the tires screeched along the tarmac as my brother hit the brakes with more force than necessary. I'd hit a nerve.

Dean sighed and slouched forward, resting his forehead on his knuckles on the wheel.

"How many times, Sammy, it's not about Dad." His voice was soft, for once, I could finally tell, this time, it really wasn't about Dad.

"Then, what is it, Dean? You know I'll try to help, man, just tell me what's wrong."

"I'll tell you when we get there. If we get there, I haven't been to Forks since Dad took me when I was 19."

"Forks? Seriously? We're going to a town named 'Forks'?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Don't diss it man, it's the least-haunted town in the continental United States."

"If it's the least-haunted town in the U.S then why did you have to come up here with Dad?"

"Chasin' some kind of shape-shifter, when we got there from Seattle, we got caught by a cop, he was the deputy at the time, but he told us to leave it alone. He talked to Dad for about an hour after and left me in the car, the cop's daughter came out with some dinner for me…"He trailed off, most likely remembering that day, and restarted the car. "Don't worry, Sammy, we're almost there."

Back in the basement

"You've been lying to us." Rosalie glared at me accusingly.

"Technically, no, I haven't. You guys just haven't been asking the right questions. So here's your chance, we're stuck in a basement, with only enough supplies and ammo to fend off about three waves if they get in, alright. So ask away and I will try my very best to answer accordingly." They looked at me with the most superfluous stunned expressions, except Emmett, he looked a little too excited.

"Three waves of what?" Definitely too excited.

"Good question brother bear! Hopefully, if you give me a hand, we'll be fighting demons. What demons you ask? Well these are the Judeo-Christian related ones, born in the pits of hell out of tortured human souls. They are now, raging rampant through the cities of the world reeking as much havoc and mayhem as they can muster before some smart hunter comes along and rips 'em a new one."

"Why now?"

"Jazzy, as always." I clicked my tongue and winked at him, grinning. "There only starting to get more noticeable now because there are more of them. But some of them have orders and some can do whatever they god-damn please. The ones that get ordered around usually get noticed first."

"How so? "Edward asked curiously. I'd started making some hex bags at a small alter I'd made close to the stairs; they were all half-circled around me either intently listening or questioning my sanity.

"Well most of them usually stay in little-umm-nests, like in a house in some beat up no-name town. They lay low, kill a few things 'til they know the coast is clear of hunters or one of the head honchos shows up and they fish tail it out of there. The ones that get ordered around though, are usually the weakest, spent less time in hell than the rest and need someone to boss 'em around."

"But why are they coming here? How did you know they would come in the first place?" Esme hadn't said a word the entire night till now; I barely noticed her presence in the room. Although I had had suspicions about the heavy turn in the weather, I'd quickly disregarded that for being normal in Forks for this time of year.

"I have no idea. For now, shove each of these in your pockets, when we do end up getting out of here, they won't find us very easily." I quickly threw them one each and they pocketed the bags. The Cullen's all went silent for the moment so I took it as my que to get my unmentionables out…


Passing Forks High School

"Sammy…Sammy! Wake up dude we're here." I elbowed my little Sasquatch brother awake, as I drove in heavy downpour, through the middle of town. It looked like Main Street, but I hadn't been here in so long, I didn't recognize it that well.

It was 12:32am according to my watch, the street was ominously quiet for a Saturday night, even small towns like this had some sort of nightlife. Nothing. Not even a little old grandma with an umbrella. There were no cars and not a person in sight, the shops were closed.

I found the Sheriff's house with ease and slipped into the driveway behind a beat up red Chevy pick-up truck. The rain was lighter here, but I still had to get out of the car to look around.

"Are you sure this is the right place, Dean?" Sam groaned out as he stretched his back and legs against the side of the car. He was looking pretty intensely at the front door.

"Yeah, why?" My eyes swiftly picked up Sammy's reason for questioning, the door was half off its hinges and the lock splintered away from the wood of the door. I crouched a lil' and went into soldier mode, quietly backing up the trunk of my car to retrieve a weapon of some kind. I grabbed my 44' and gave Sammy his and ran up to the front door with him on my heels.

"There's no-one down here." I gave my brother a nod as I walked out of the kitchen, after checking out the back windows.

"I'll check upstairs, keep an eye out." So far the only casualty had been the door. So, they'd either possessed someone or they had an objective. The old stairs creaked noisily making it impossible for a stealthy entrance. Everything was clear upstairs, except one thing. The handle was broken on the second bedroom door, only ajar an inch or two. I shouldered it open gradually and surveyed the room. It was a total wreck, like a bomb had gone off. The bed mattress was upturned its sheets shredded, the floor was riddled with feathers from the quilt and the pillow. The small desk, which I presume was in the corner, was smashed; bits of random debris from around the room had been shattered and destroyed.

"Jeez." I mumbled to myself. "Hey Sammy, come take a look at this." I heard his heavy footfalls up the stairs and silence behind me. I heard him swear to himself as he took in the disaster.

"You think they were looking for something?" he asked, moving bits and pieces around near the bedside table.

"Either that or someone was really upset." Yep, that's me always making light out of a shitty situation.

"Hey, see that?" He pointed to a small bag to his left at the end of the bed, made from an ugly green curtain by the looks of it and a leather string tie.

"A hex bag? So she does know…" Dad must have left a few things for them to follow as well, we never taught her that.

"Dean, please, can you tell me something? I'm completely in the dark here." Sam looked at me again, like in the car. He was getting annoyed.

"You remember that girl, the one that came to Bobby's a few months ago saying that Dad told her to come there if anything bad went down, or if she found something out that could help us?

"Yeah her name was Rebecca or something. Dude, you know I was only there for about an hour then you sent me off to go deal with a haunted house, which wasn't really haunted." He glared at me, knowing I sent him away on purpose. I liked training Bella. Not just that. I liked her. After the first few days at Bobby's, she finally opened up, especially when she had a gun in her hands. She was a smart ass, like me. Always quipped at everything I said, swore when she hurt herself and stared at my ass every time I left the room. I chuckled in my head and smiled a little… Just like I did to her, my god she had a great ass…

"Dean… Dean! Hello, anybody there?!" My eyes focused on a picture of her and her father on the top of the intact drawers at the end of her bed. I slipped it out of the shattered frame, looking at her closer, hoping she was still alive; I folded it quickly and shoved it in my pocket.

"Come on, we've gotta move, I feel like we're being watched."