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"No she's practically living with them; we tried to warn her that they were dangerous, that she shouldn't be near them so much. But the woman's as stubborn as a goddamned mule!" I would've laughed at his last words, I should've, to humour myself. Even I regretted the word that left my lips next, I didn't want to hear them, but I needed to ask.

"She's not… One of them? Is she?"


"No, she's not." This 'chief' seemed disgusted, yet relieved that she wasn't.

"Will you let us go? If she's with vampires, we want to help her, to get her out of the situation. We just want to keep her safe". I was aware I was layin' it on a little thick, but I had a feeling we didn't want to see these guys angry.

"Yeah, but only cause of what your Dad did a few years ago…"He trailed off as if to say something more, but Dean cut in.

"Look as much as I want to go down memory lane here, I'd like to get to Bella while she's still living." The chief looked irked, but shook his head as if we weren't worth his time and sighed.

"Yeah, sure. The Cullen's house is on the outskirts of Forks, 'bout a 20 minute drive from the main road to the west. Just watch out for the drive way and don't mention us." They walked off, Seth walking backwards, mock scowling at us.

As they disappeared, we heard howling a few miles away. I picked up our guns and turned to follow Dean back to the hotel.


I hung up the phone from calling Charlie, he was in La Push already and getting him to stay there was easy after I'd told him what happened. I walked through the backdoor, just in case any stragglers were hiding in the trees, feeling someone follow me.

"Why didn't you tell us?" 'That wasn't the voice I expected', as I spun 'round to face Jasper.

"Would you have believed me?" I retorted, raising an eyebrow. After a short moment of staring at me, he smirked.

"Probably not. I thought you were insane enough to begin with when you entered a house full of vampires, completely aware of the things they could do to you." I chuckled a little, as Carlisle, Emmett and Edward came out too.

"They're all alright, I asked the girls to take them to the hospital though." I nodded and smiled wearily at Carlisle, and then quickly turned away wishing someone else was here.

"I need to leave. I need to get away from you, so they don't hurt you too." I frowned, saddened by my own words.

"We can protect ourselves Bella, you as well, if you'll only let us."

"I can't, Carlisle, there are things out there, stronger than any of you, and I'll be damned before I let any of them hurt you. So I'll leave. I'll go one way and you go the complete opposite. You need to stay away from me." I turned back around to see Edward and Emmett staring at the ground, heavy disheartened frowns on their faces; Carlisle looked at me passive in thought. I knew I was right. They knew I was right. I just hoped they'd comply. I stared at Edward for a time, as everyone went quiet, silently hoping he'd let me go without too much of a fight.

"Do you hear that?" Jasper said, breaking the peace. I went into my hunter mode again, as I watched confusion fill his face.

"Hear what?"

"I haven't heard one of those engines since the 70s." Emmett said turning his head to look through the front window of the house. 'Engine? 70s', my eyes grew wide, I couldn't stop the word that left my lips next.

"Dean", I whispered to myself, knowing they heard me. "A Chevy?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah", Emmett answered. "Sounds like an – ".

"Impala" I looked at Emmett, full-blown hope in my eyes, and broke out into a run through the middle of the house, navigating carefully through the kitchen, around Edward's piano, past the couch to the front room, through the front door.

I gasped, delighted I could hear it now, the rumbling growing closer up the drive way. I stood on the top step bouncing on the balls of my feet, grinning in pure joy. Then I saw it, a flash of silver and black, the head lights on low, the familiar hum of the low v8 engine I'd come to adore. But, something was stopping me, a dreadful feeling in the back of my mind, as I backed up to the door frame. A mask of sadness and shame filling my face and my smile diminish. A war started in my mind.

'I left him, and he wouldn't welcome me back, after the way I left him that day'.

'If you left him, then why is he here?'

'No, you shouldn't get your hopes up'

'But… I think, I lo-.' It stopped, the rumbling engine cut off and I heard the familiar squeak and slam of the passenger doors. My eyes roamed for the one person I both wanted and didn't want to see.

"Hey Bells"

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