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There was something earnest in Dean's eyes that I tried to ignore. I had to focus, I needed to pack, and Sam and Dean's arrival had made my leaving fortuitously easy.

Just then I remembered what Gabe had said… there was a hell hound around. I could only imagine it was for me. And just as the memory came to me I heard a screaming howl in the distance. It came from behind the Cullens house.

I expected it would head straight for me, being outside I'm an easy target. The barking got louder and without a word I snatched Baby's keys out of Dean's hand and ran to the back of the car trying to open the trunk.

What I didn't expect at that moment was for Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle to spin around towards the house and start growling.

"What the fuck is that thing?!" Emmett spat out. Sam and Dean hadn't even had time to react yet. Their faces aghast at the Cullens protectiveness.

"You can see it?! Guys KILL IT!! Before it kills us all!! IT'S A HELL HOUND!!" That was all I could manage to scream at them before it tackled Jasper to the ground. Carlisle backed up in front of Sam and Dean, trying to push them back to where I was, but ready to fight it if necessary.

Emmett slammed into its side to get it off of his brother and managed to hold it to the ground.

"Grab it's head!" he roared at Jasper. I'd never seen him look so furious. It was so strange seeing them fight an invisible force.

Emmett dug his fingers in to what I think was it's torso, black blood oozed on to his fingers and down his arms.

Jasper was on the ground beside Emmett, shoulder to shoulder, he seemed to be trying to pry it's mouth open. In a frenzied furore he roared into the air and sharply pulled the hounds jaws open with a crunching snap, irrevocably killing the creature.

Silence followed.

"Holy shit." Someone whispered. Dean and Sam had ended up either side of me behind the car. Carlisle leaning against Baby seemingly lost for words. Edward had come out on to the house steps when I started yelling and looked to be frozen in terror at what he was seeing.

Emmett and Jasper had collapsed on the ground still somewhat surprised at the creature appearing.

"Wait a minute!" Emmett's arm shot into the air, finger pointing to the sky.

"You can't see this?!" He exclaimed dumbfounded and raised his head to look at me for an answer.

"No human can." I whispered in reply, breathless from anxiety that one of them may be hurt, no matter how fruitless the thought was.

I walked over to them slowly, if only to see if something would happen. Somehow hoping a shape would appear among the torn up grass and black blood.

"Esme's gonna be so pissed you messed up her lawn." Jasper chuckled up at me, full well knowing she blames most messes on Emmett. I put out a helping hand to him to get up off the ground which he curiously took.

"What do we do with it?" He questioned.

"The same thing we do with everything else… Salt and burn."

2 hours later

The pit crackled as Jasper threw another log to the flames. We all stood at the edge, downwind as none of us could stand the stench emanating from what was left of the hound.

The girls had just returned and Emmett was regailing them on his act of bravery, as he so joyfully put it. Dean, Sam and I were off to the side of the yard. They felt jittery beside me, probably full of questions.

"So you must be Sam!" If I didn't start no-one would have.

"So you must be Bella." He grinned down at me.

"I've heard a lot about you." I watched his eyes quickly dart over my head to Dean, a somewhat mischievous smile played on his face.

"Oh? Dean, tell you the time I knocked him out for 3 hours?"

"Oh come on that's a stretch..." Dean started, he never did get over that.

"A stretch?! What did he tell you? Half hour?" Sam nodded, still grinning like an idiot. "Yeah right. Bobby and I had dinner done by the time this idjit got his ass up off the floor."

Sam had started cackling now. The Cullens mostly looked amused and Dean somewhat embarrassed.

"Come on Dean. I didn't hit you that hard!"

"Yeah yeah... Alright, that's enough." That just made Sam laugh harder.