"you know your the most innocent of us three here namine" i laughed loudly, the loud music drounding most of it out, roxas was laughing beside me, his dirty blonde hair was spiked up and his blue eyes were rimmed in eyeliner, namine was blushing furiously, her long blonde hair laying softly against her shoulders, her blue eyes irritated

"oh shut up sora" she huffed, i laughed again

"you brought it up not him" roxas smirked, he sure did love to irritate namine, i smiled, they were both so a-like and yet so different, they were my best friends, and always had been...well as far as i can remember, i cant remember anything before my 14th birthday, apparently i fell down the stairs and hit my head on the corner of the wall, knocked me into a 2 day coma and i cant remember anything now...frustrating much! the doctors said i may remember it in time but there unsure

"well im goin to get us another round of drinks" i chuckled

"oh har har" roxas grumbled, i was 19 and both roxas and namine were 3 weeks from being 18, so technically not old enough to buy yet

"not my fault im older than you" i winked as i shuffled around roxas and of the sofa and over to the bar, where i was met by a familiar grin of luxord

"hello sora im guessing your after another round of sake huh?" he grinned, his platinum hair held a faint glow under the changing lights

"yep you know me to well" i grinned, he chuckled and produce 3 green bottles of sake

"cos your here every weekend" he chuckled as he held his hand out, i gave him his money and swiftly returned to my friends, trying to ignore the shooting pain i was getting for...well everywhere

"i need a fag" roxas groaned as i sat beside him, he was dropping me a hint, i rolled my eyes and pulled my packet out my pocket and handed it to him

"you owe me, dont smoke them all this time" i warned, roxas grinned happily and nodded as he pulled a fag out and lit it

"you two are gonna get cancer i swear" namine grumbled, blowing the smoke away from her

"nah were not" roxas chuckled as he blew some smoke directly at her, she coughed before hitting her brother on the leg, hard "ow!" he yelped, gripping his now bruised leg, i chuckled and hi-5ed namine for a good shot whilst quickly stealing the fag out roxas's hand and taking a drag "that was mine" roxas grumbled, i grinned

"who bought them?" i grinned as i blew a smoke ring at him, he just glare at me, everyone seems to think me and roxas are either together or brothers and both are nuts! as for one i look nothing like him and two i already have a boyfriend and have done for 3 years...saix! i felt a shiver run down my spine as i thought about him, he took me in after my mother died, no idea where my father is so saix offered me a place to stay

"erm hello" can a shy voice, we all turned a saw a girl with redish brown hair and violet eyes, she had a little pink dress on with zips, her eyes were carfully looking at namine "could i maybe dance with you?" she asked namine, who smiled happily and stood up

"see told you id get a dance before you two" namine grinned as she took the girls hand and vanished into the dancing crowd, roxas turned to me

"you know everyone sora who was that?" roxas asked, i chuckled and put the fag out and leaned back in the chair, my arms behind my head

"thats kairi simpson, sweet girl, she may look shy but shes head cheerleader at destiny high and very popular, came out a few months back" i explained, roxas nodded slowly and turned back to me with red cheeks

"and erm who is the tall redhead?" he asked quietly, i looked around and found about 5 redheads, making my job so much fun

"narrow it down roxas" i grinned, he glared and nodded

"bright red spiky hair, toxic green eyes, really tall, triangle tattoos under his eyes" roxas explained, i nodded and looked through the crowd, finding said redhead, he was tall with long spiked red hair, his green eyes searching the crowd, beside him was i medium height girl with black hair and blue eyes and at the other side of this redhead was a silverhaired boy with aqua eyes, he was about the redheads height, maybe slightly shorter, i sighed, i actually didnt know them, but i felt like i did

"nope i have no idea who they are roxas" i sighed

"oh bummer" roxas sighed, i grinned

"you like the redhead dont you?" i asked coyly, roxas blushed deep red and avoided my gaze whilst i laughed loudly as i stood up, extending my hand out to him, roxas looked at me in confusion "lets catch his attention then" i grinned, roxas rolled his eyes but didnt argue as he took my hand

"cos people already think were a couple" roxas chuckled as i pulled him onto the dancefloor

"oh well lets fuel the flame a little" i grinned, which grew even wider at the song which had just started "oh yes a bit of jeffree star" i cheered happily, i love this guy especially beauty killer, which is on now!

"then dance dumb ass!" roxas grinned, i laughed and placed my hands on his hips and brought him closer to me "dont i feel lucky getting to dance with the best dancer at destiny high" roxas grinned as he grinded against me, hey i taught the kid well and yes i am apparently a good dancer or the 'best'! but its only because i have the hips of a woman, which is apparently something to be proud of in the dancing world?

"yeah its only cos i have the hips of a woman roxas" i chuckled as we continued to dance and grind, my eyes occasionally looking towards the redhead, who was watching with an intrested look, i grinned at roxas and wiggled my eyebrows

"hes looking?" he gasped as he got my message, i nodded, roxas bit his lip nervously, thats the thing with roxas he can change from super confident to no confidence so fast it scary

"well arent you going to ask for a dance?" i grinned, he chuckled dryly

"have you seen me?" he grunted, i looked him over quickly

"blonde hair, bright blue eyes, clear skin, good boy and voted one of the most fittest gays at our school" i said smugly, roxas blushed

"i dont know why i got voted that" roxas grumbled

"the school has spoken now go talk to the redhead" i grinned as i pushed him in that direction, he glared at me but continued to walk to him, i just shook my head and walked back to our table, only to see another of my best friends sat there, demyx, he had a mullet thing for hair, which was a dirty blonde colour and ice blue eyes, he grinned happily at me

"hey dude been a while" he smiled as i sat beside him

"it has huh?" i smiled, his face became serious, like it always did when it came to this subject

"your still with him arent you?" he sighed, i nodded "why sora?" he asked

"i have nowhere else to go do i, i know you and zexion said i could stay with you but theres no room, so im stcuk and he would just come and hunt me down" i explained sadly, demyx sighed

"whats the verdict today then?" demyx sighed

"brusing covering most over my body as usual" i sighed, demyx shook his head

"i couldnt deal with him for three years, i dont know how you are, i mean the guy is super abusive, mentally, physically and sexually" demyx sighed, he found out the true nature of my relationship with saix, and it wasnt as happy as everyone thought it was, he was abusive, pretty much everynight, but im so scared to tell anyone

"i have no choice do i?" i sighed, demyx just sighed

"i seriously couldnt do it" demyx sighed, hes tried so much to get me away from saix but it just doesnt work, it just gets me more hurt, demyx really is like the brother ive never had, i nodded in agreement, i dont know how i do it, but somehow i do, i looked onto the dancefloor and smiled slightly as i saw roxas dancing with the redhead, and namine dancing with the blackhaired girl, the silverhaired boy was stood watching his friends with a small smile on his face, i felt my pale slightly as i saw saix heading our way, what was he doing here

"saix?" i asked as i stood up, he smiled, his blue hair was tied in a ponytail and the 'x' shaped scar on his face lifted with his smile, his orange eyes had something to hide

"yeah was in the area thought id drop by" he smiled as he held up a bag, i could clearly see the alcohol in it, i shivered slightly

"oh" was all i said

"ill see ya later then ok?" he asked, i nodded straight away, a rule i learnt the hard way, never disagree with him, he smirked and quickly kissed me before leaving the club, i sat back down and burried my head in my hands

"i soooo wanna punch his lights out" demyx growled, i just shook my head "you ok sora?" he asked, i took my head out my hands and looked at him

"no im not hes gonna be drunk by the time i get home and thats never anything good, the last time he got drunk he strangled me" i muttered fearfully, demyxs eyes widened

"then come to ours for the night!" demyx offered, well demanded "if hes gonna be like that come over" demyx insisted

"i cant he'll go balistic at me" i sighed

"sora seriously you wont let me call the cops on him so do this for me please" demyx begged, i sighed

"ok" i whispered, demyx nodded and stood up

"lets go then" demyx said calmly, i nodded and stood up, we walked out the club after saying our goodbyes to roxas and namine, me getting an odd look from the redhead and silverhaired boy..almost hurt really? me and demyx walked through the streets in silence and soon we arrived at his and zexions house, he opened the door and i walked in as saw zexion walk into the hall, he smiled slightly, he had blue/silver hair that was semi-long and covered one of his eyes, he had dark blue eyes and was about my height

"hello sora been a while since i saw you" he smiled, i nodded, i heard demyx shut the door

"soras staying here tonight" demyx said calmly, zexion and demyx shared a long look before zexion nodded

"im guessing saix is getting drunk again huh?" zexion sighed, i nodded shakily

"yeah" i whispered

"well dont worry feel free to stay as long as you desire" zexion smiled, i nodded and walked into the livingroom, it had 3 sofas and a huge tv 52inch with huge speakers, an xbox, wii and ps3 with all the games and extras like the wii band sets and what not, zexion is a top doctor, considering hes only 21, its that photographic memory he has, makes him super clever and very very wise, and demyx is a top dj at a very popular club called heartless number, when roxas and namine turn 18 we can all go there at last, its amazing

"the guys are coming over later too" demyx smiled, i raised an eyebrow "oh yeah i have a new band" he grinned, i shook my head

"what happened to the others?" i asked

"they ditched me so now i have some new guys came over from twilight town" he grinned, i shook my head

"hope there good" i sighed

"they are now all we need is a singer" demyx smirked

"dont even go there demyx" i warned, demyx pouted and zexion just smirked and shook his head before picking his book back up, was he reading a child called it again? "seriously zexion get some new books" i smiled, my only answer was zexions middle finger

"cousre he would get new book, he would marry that one if he could" demyx chuckled, zexions eyes glared at demyx over the top of his book, demyx just grinned at his boyfriend, they have both been together for about 4 years and know eachother so well its scary, but there pretty perfect together, they balance eachother out, zexion has the brains and demyx has the fun, i heard the door open followed by three sets of laughter "and here they are" demyx grinned, i looked and saw the same three from the club

"guess who got themself a hot little boyfriend!" the redhead grinned, so that would be roxas then hes on about

"welldone" demyx chuckled, he turned to me "meet my new band mates, the cocky ass redhead is axel, the silverhaired is riku and the blackhaired is xion" demyx grinned, they all smiled at me, i returned it

"nice to meet you im sora" i smiled, they all nodded, again axel and riku seemed to look hurt? odd people much

"so who is this new boyfriend of yours axel?" zexion asked as he closed his book

"roxas smith" he grinned, zexion nodded, same as demyx, who turned to me and chuckled

"i may not know you axel but if you hurt roxas i will fucking kill you" i warned seriously, axel raised an eyebrow whilst xion and riku just laughed

"you have been warned" demyx grinned, axel nodded

"erm yeah havent i just" axel chuckled, sounded sheepish to me

"so who wants a drink?" demyx grinned, every hand in the room shot up, except for me

"ive had way past enough already" i chuckled, demyx chuckled

"sounds about right" demyx grinned as he walked into the kitchen, i sighed calmly and leaned against the sofa and sighed, trying to relax, god saix is going to destroy me when i go home, i felt someone sit beside me, i turned and saw xion sat beside me, the other 2 had vanished

"hey you know namine dont you?" she asked, i nodded "is she lesbian?" xion asked, i chuckled

"yep dont worry she doesnt just dance with anyone, as if me or roxas would let her" i grinned, xion giggled

"dont i get a warning like axel?" xion smiled

"trust me namine is alot more smart than roxas so youll be fine" i smiled, xion giggled

"very opinionated isnt she?" xxion smiled

"very and very quickly angered like roxas and me" i grinned

"your not related to them are you?" xion asked

"no but i look alot like roxas i know" i smiled

"you do indeed" she smiled, demyx walked back out and hand a sake to zexion and xion and placed on beside me

"come on dont be a sour puss" demyx grinned, i rolled my eyes and grabbed the sake and took a swig, i sighed and began to fiddle with my hands "hey dont even think of lighting up in here" demyx warned, i chuckled

"fine ill be on your backyard if you need me" i smirked, i stood up and walked out onto the backyard with my sake, the garden was huge, it had a pond at the far end with a pattio and decking with a large wodden garden swing on it, i sighed and sat down on it and pulled my fags out my pockets and lit one, i sighed happily, smoking always helped calm my nerves down, i layed my head back and gently swung, i gazed at the sky, it was a clear night so you could easily see the stars and the moon, it was beautiful, i took another drag and blew a smoke ring over me, watching as it vanished in the air

"want some company?" came a smooth voice, i tilted my head forward and saw riku stood with a sake in his hand, i smiled

"sure if you dont mind me smoking" i smiled, he smiled slightly and for some reason my heart skipped a beat?

"nah i dont mind, axel smokes all the time so im used to it" he grinned as he sat beside me, i nodded and took another drag, i blew it out away from riku, just to be nice

"how you liking it here?" i asked

"its nice used to live here a few years back" riku replied, i looked at him

"really why did you move?" i asked, he frowned

"parents got a job, axel was adopted by us when his parents died" he explained, wow thats really nice

"wow luckly him, all my familys dead now" i sighed, riku turned and looked at me in shock

"really?" he asked, i nodded

"yeah my mom died 3 years ago" i explained, stubbing my fag out on the grass and taking a swig of my sake

"wow im sorry must of been hard" he sighed, i nodded

"it was really hard but you gotta look forward not behind or youll trip over whats infront of you" i sighed, my moms favorite saying

"very true" riku sighed, taking a swig from his sake, he was so easy to talk to, like i had this a thousand times over before

"your really easy to talk to" i smiled, riku smiled slightly, we just continued to talk, turns out he plays the drums in demyxs band, axel and xion are guitars, same as demyx, and that him and axel had grown up here as kids, really close with eachother, they really did class eachother as brothers, it was nice of rikus family to take riku in, most people would of let him get taken away, i bet riku did alot of begging though, we could of been talking for hours to be honest, he so easy to talk to that ive nearly told him about saix sevral times

"so you used to teavh kids how to dance?" i smiled, i was sat facing him now, same as him, both our sakes had long gone and were thrown on the floor

"yeah" he smiled "some were really good actually" riku chuckled, i grinned

"probably, everyone has to be good at something dont they?" i smiled, he chuckled and nodded

"true that" he grinned, i had gotten used to the way his smile made my heart flip, it wasnt a possability unfortunatly, saix would make sure of that, which is a shame cos this riku seems like a really nice guy, not to mention bloody gorgeous but im completely trapped, but i can always have more friends, thats the one thing saix cant ban me from, thank god for that, i sighed happily and looked at my watch, it was only 2:30am

"2:30am not bad" i smiled, riku nodded

"this is usual for me and axel" riku chuckled, i nodded, i sighed as much as i wish i could i will have to get home soon or itll be so much worse tomorrow, i closed my eyes and shook my head slightly, hopfully he wont be to drunk or it could get bad, i nearly jumped when i felt someone kiss me, i knew it was riku but it wasnt like anything id ever felt, saix was always rough and demanding and well just not nice, this was soft and gentle, i couldnt help but respond, even if it was only slightly, it felt familiar, probably had done this when i was younger but i cant remember anything before my 14th birthday which is not helping right now, damn if saix caught me doing this hed kill me, thinking that snapped me out my daze and i pulled back, shit!

!i have to go" i muttered quickly before standing up and walking back inside, i saw that everyone was asleep, i shook my head and quickly walked out the house, quietly closing the door behind me, i walked home, my head spinning, riku...a guy i barely even knew had just kissed me, and i fucking loved it, i turned onto my road and saw the light at mine and saix house still on, so he was still up, i gulped and slowly knocked on the door, i felt the bile in my stomach swirl as i thought about how drunks hes going to be and what im in for, i heard the door unlock and saw saix open it, a sly smile on his face

"welcome home" he grinned, his voice slurred slightly, he pulled me inside and slammed the door shut...