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Summary: Olivia thinks she's met Mr Perfect, funny, good looking, cares for her… but she soon realises he is anything but perfect and by the time she does, it could be too late for her and her unborn baby.

Disclaimer: I don not own any of the characters, they belong to Dick Wolf.

Chapter 1

The day Olivia first met Daniel 'Dan' Kennedy started out as one of those days when you wish you had never gotten out of bed. Her alarm had gone off hours early and she had been unable to get back to sleep. So she'd spent the early hours of the morning refolding all the clothes in her drawers and sorted her closet. She had then cleaned her empty fridge before moving into the bathroom to clean in there too.

Finally it had gotten to a reasonable enough time when she could start getting ready for work, which always started with a shower. She stood running her hands over her wet hair as the water ran over it. She couldn't help but scream as the water suddenly turned bitter cold. It felt like knives stabbing her all over her naked body. She stepped away from under the spray but slipped, falling flat into the tub, smacking her face on the rim of the tub.

She cussed loudly as pain shot through her head, the cold water continued to fall on her body, sending cold shivers all over. She practically crawled out of the tub, wrapping a towel around herself. She used the sink to help herself get to her feet. She looked in the mirror and sighed at what she saw, a small cut along her cheekbone that was already beginning to bruise. "Great," she muttered to herself before leaving the bathroom. She needed a caramel latte, double caramel latte…extra tall.


The third time round and the coffee guy had finally gotten her order right. She was wearing sunglasses to hide her blackened eye, god she bruised like a peach. She paid the guy and took her drink. She spun round on her heels and before she knew what had happened, felt sticky hot latte soaking through her shirt, oozing down her cleavage, burning.

"Shit!" She heard. She looked up and was about to scream at who she had bumped into and then she saw his face. "Shit," he said again, "I'm so sorry." he said before reaching over her shoulder and grabbing some paper napkins off the counter.

Olivia stood, mesmerised by the mans face, he was dreamy, and she never thought she would think those words about a guy but he had her lost for words. She jumped back out of her thoughts when she felts hands wiping across her chest.

"Whoa, hey!" she said stepping back.

"Shit!" The guy said again.

She already loved the way he said that. She suddenly realised she was smiling, like a fool, so she immediately stopped herself, meaning she was now frowning at the guy.

"I wasn't trying to feel you up," he protested, making her smile again. "I was trying to clean you up." he said, his strong British accent stunning to her.

"Sure." she said taking the napkins from his hand and wiping at the latte herself. Why? Why had she wore a white blouse today? It had been something she had found at the back of her closet whilst cleaning it this morning.

"Bugger, look at you bloody shirt." The man said.

"What's up with it?" she asked, a little offended.

"Nothing, it's lovely, except for the fact that its covered in tea."

"It's latte… Was a latte." she corrected him.

"Let me buy you another and then let me take you somewhere to buy you a new shirt and I'll pay to have that one dry-cleaned?"

Olivia looked at him, a little confused, a look that was evident on her face.


"Name?" Olivia asked firmly.

"Daniel, Daniel Kennedy. Yours?"

"Olivia... Benson." she replied.

"Please, let me buy you another drink Olivia… and a shirt."

She was a little hesitant, but she really needed something to make this day worth having gotten up for. "Thank you… Daniel."

So yes, the day Olivia Benson had met Daniel Kennedy had gone from being a bad day to a great day, that had then lead to a great date, that had lead to a fantastic night, and from there everything that had involved Daniel Kennedy was perfect.

But now, as she opened her eyes, she saw nothing but blackness. Had she opened them? She brought her hand up in front of her face, she couldn't see it there. She turned her head, nothing, she couldn't see a thing not a shadow, not a spec of light. Nothing. What was going on?

Suddenly and with a loud clunk, a fluorescent light flashed on above her. It was bright and stung her eyes, she rolled onto her side and hid her face against a pillow she had not known was there. She put her arm over her face in an attempt to shield out the light that was determined to hurt her.

She suddenly felt a hand touch her shoulder. Slowly she moved her arm away. When she looked up, blinking a few times to try to adjust to the light, she saw a familiar face.

"Hello Olivia."




Olivia walked down the street next to Daniel, he had bought her a new drink which she happily drank. "Look, you don't have to buy me a new shirt. I have a spare in my locker at work; actually I have about five spares."

"Messy job?"

"It can be."

"Let me guess, you're a kindergarten teacher?"

"No, I'm not that great with little kids. That's usually my partners department." she said.

"You're married?" he asked, fixed on the word 'partner' that she had used.

"No, I'm a cop. Detective at the SVU."

"Special Victims." Daniel said knowingly.

"Yeah." she replied, "What do you do?" she asked.

"I'm a paediatrician." he told her proudly.

Olivia stopped and stared at him. She began to wonder if this was all a dream. Was he too perfect? Without thinking, she took her sun glasses off to look at him better. Straight away Daniel stepped closer, gently touching her bruised cheek. "That looks nasty. How did it happen?" he asked, examining her.

"I fell in the tub this morning. It's nothing, I'm fine, really."

"It doesn't look fine. Will you come to the hospital with me so we can have it checked out?"

"That's really not necessary, I'm fine."

"I just bought you a new drink and I'm going to buy you a new shirt and I'm also paying your dry cleaning bill, so you kind of owe me." he said smiling.

"You spilt a drink on me first." she argued, still smiling at him.

"Ok, well if you come to the hospital with me now, I will take you out tonight. Your favourite restaurant, anything." he offered.

Olivia thought about it for a moment. "Fine." she agreed.


Daniel had seemed and acted like Mr Perfect and had continued to do so for the next several months. She should have known it was all too good to be true.

Now, as she looked at Daniels face as he watched hers - her changing expressions - she couldn't help but feel sick to the pit of her stomach. She did not know where she was. She had no idea how she had got here, wherever here was, and now she really thought about it… she had no idea what type of man Daniel was.

"Where am I?" she thought out loud as she looked around.

"My basement." he told her.

She could see that it was a reasonably large brick room. In the corner was an old and rickety looking staircase. The ceiling was low and she could see not one window, but a bricked up area that she assumed, by the difference in the brick work, had once been a small window. The floor was just dusty concrete.

The only furniture in the room was a chair in the corner, the double bed on which she sat and a bedside cabinet. A shower cubicle in the other corner of the room, a yellow curtain tied up on it, the only privacy it would offer, a toilet nearby the shower. There was also a small table and a chair and a few cupboards fixed along one of the walls. However, they were locked with cold shiny metal padlocks. It was cold in the basement, eerie.

She nodded her head, she had guessed it was a basement of some sort. "Why?" she asked.

"You have something that belongs to me." he said, placing his hand on her stomach, "My baby."


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