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Chapter 12

It was just getting light outside. It was a time of the morning when birds would usually have started singing their chirpy songsā€¦but not today.

Today the street was silent, which was odd because it was full of police cars and ambulances and people watching the consequences of the chaos that had taken place on what had become a snowy Christmas morning.

Dozens of news vans were pulled up and whilst reporters talked, cameras rolled. "A detective from the 16th precinct, Special Victims Unit, who went missing a little under nine months ago has tonight been found, only to have the situation end in a shoot out that has left two dead." A female reporter stated.

"Police say the shoot out took place in the basement where it is thought the Detective had been kept. We can see that behind the first of the victims are being brought out. The black bag, appropriate for this black event." A male reporter summarised.

"The first victim, a white male, followed by the second victim, a white female." Another female reporter said as she inched forward towards the house, the camera man faithfully following. Both of them struggling to walk through the already thick snow that littered the ground.

The crowd of people that had gathered looked on as the second trolley was loaded into the coroners van. The attention then turned back to the house, everyone waiting to see who came out next. Dozens of cameras began to flash as another trolley was pushed out.

"Detective Stabler can you tell us what happened?" One reporter shouted at Elliot as he was wheeled down the front path towards an ambulance.

"Is it true your partner was taken so her unborn baby could be snatched?" Another reporter shouted.

Elliot ignored all the reporters as he struggled to sit up and look over his shoulder. "El, sit back." Munch said as he walked along side the trolley.

Elliot didn't turn round until he saw the trolley wheeled out behind him. On it lay Olivia, slightly propped up. Her sleeping son tucked into the crook of her arm, wrapped up in the same blanket she was. Fin walked at the side on her, helping push the trolley. His body was positioned so the camera's couldn't get any snaps of the baby.

Olivia looked around. All this time she had imagined she was in the middle of nowhere, that was why no one had heard her cries, that was why help hadn't come sooner. Now she saw she was coming out of a house in one of the classiest parts of Manhattan, not too far away from the station house. A twenty minute drive if that. The house was a terrace, neighbours either side. Yet no one had heard a thing that had gone on in the last months.

She tried to forget that, it was in the past, albeit not the so distant past. She looked down at her son, all that mattered was she had him and they were both safe now.

As Elliot was loaded into the back of an ambulance he saw a familiar face standing in the crowd, a man stood behind her. She was watching him with a smile on her face. She turned to glance at Olivia then turned back to Elliot, a now proud smile on her face.

'Thank you' he mouthed to Stella Andale. She simply nodded back before Thomas gave her a proud hug.

Cragen, Munch and Fin stood watching as Olivia and Elliot were loaded into the back of two ambulances. Once the doors shut they all turned to look at the house. All of them wanted to say something, but none of them could find the words so instead they all stood there in silence as the snow continued to fall on and around them.


10 hours later.

"So he's fine?" Olivia asked the nurse, again.

"Yes, Olivia. I promise you he is fine, fit and healthy. He's a little small but its nothing to worry about." the nurse told her.

Olivia looked at her, then at her son. "Are you sure?" she asked.

The nurse laughed, first time mother, "His breathing is perfect, which means his lungs are great, something you'll find out when he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting a feed. Look, I have to go do my checks, but I'll be back to see you soon." the nurse said with a friendly smile as she turned and walked over to the door, shutting it behind her.

Olivia looked around her room. It was nice, clean, dry, it also had a window, much, much more than she'd had all the time she'd been in the basement. Still, she got up out of bed and walked over to the door and opened it right back against the wall. The cool breeze blowing down the corridor was a reminder she wasn't trapped in the room, she could leave if she wanted too and she could take her son with her.

She turned on her heels and walked back over to her bed and sat down on the edge of it, looking into the cot next to her. Her son lay awake, looking up at her, his expression serious as if he was really concentrating on her.

"What are you thinking about little man." she asked as she reached in and softly stroked his cheek.

"He's memorising your face. I've seen that look five times." Elliot said as he stood in the doorway.

She smiled at him before she replied, "I wish he'd do it when my face wasn't battered and bruised."

"He see's past them." Elliot said as he carefully sat down on the bed next to her, holding his broken ribs.

"How you feeling?" she asked him. She felt so guilty that he looked so battered, his face just a map of bruises, although he hid it well, she knew he was in pain.

"I've been worse. You?" Elliot replied.

"Surgery on my shoulder went well, no complications and they think it should heal quick." Olivia replied simply.

"Liv, I meant how are you after all that's happened, after everything that went on in that house." Elliot began.

"I need to forget about it all now, El. I have to be able to move on so that I can be there for my baby." Olivia said, like it was a speech she had memorised. Truth was there were lots of things that she didn't think she would be able to forget so quickly.

"Have you thought about counselling?" Elliot asked, hating how patronising it sounded like he was being.

But Olivia smiled, she knew he was just looking out for her. "I'm talking to Huang in the morning, afterwards, who knows, but it's fine, you don't have to check up on me."

"I'm not asking you as a shrink, I'm asking you as a friend, a best friend." he said, looking at her, his eyes glassy, like he was close to tears. "If there's something I've learned its that we don't say enough to each other about how we feel for one another." he said, getting her attention one hundred percent, except for her hand that rested on her baby's tummy.

"Liv, you're my best friend, in the whole world. I should have told you that a long time ago, and I never really did. The whole time you were gone, I wouldn't except that you were dead because I could still feel you alive. I know that probably sounds stupid." Elliot said, suddenly a little embarrassed.

"It's not stupid. You're my best friend too, but you're not just my best friend you're my family. I thought about you everyday whilst I was stuck in that basement. I knew you'd come rescue me." she said, "Took your time, if I do say so." she joked.

Elliot smiled and slowly reached up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, careful not to hurt her or himself. Olivia turned to face him and wrapped her arm around his neck, pressing herself right up against him and holding him tight, but not too tight so it would hurt his beaten body.

"Thank you." she whispered after a few moments.

"For what?" he asked, his face nuzzled next to hers.

"For keeping your promise, and getting us both out of there."

They both pulled away and looked down at the baby who still stared up at Olivia, his eyes more sleepy looking now as he slowly drifted back off to sleep.

"You gonna let me hold him?"

"On one condition." Olivia said.

Elliot looked at her, confused but with a smile on his face. "You say yes when I ask you to be his godfather. You're the person who I would most trust to take care of him if I couldn't."

"Deal." Elliot said happily as he reached up and picked the tiny boy up, making him look even smaller in his huge hands. He tucked him into his arm and began softly stroking his stomach, lulling him back to sleep. He looked up at Olivia and watched her watching her son. He loved to see how she gazed lovingly at her child. "He really is perfect." he said.

"I think so too. God knows I never though I would get to hold him in my arms, or get to kiss him." she said as she reached over to stroke his cheek.

Olivia suddenly shifted back as she began coughing. She had been given meds for it but they hadn't had chance to really get working yet.

"Come on, get back in bed." Elliot said as he stood up, the baby safely tucked in one arm. He waited for Olivia to get back in the bed and then pulled the blankets up over her before placing the baby into her arm.

He pulled a nearby chair up next to her bed and sat there, his body protesting at all the movement, he just ignored it though. Right now, he didn't want to let Olivia or the baby out of his sight.

"Not that I want you to go, but you should be in bed resting too." Olivia said to him.

"I'm on a ward with a guy who snores like a bear. We're not all as lucky as you to get our own private room." Elliot joked.

"You should have a baby, then you'd get one."

"I think five's enough, besides Kathy has the babies in our family." Elliot joked.

"Speaking of family." a voice said from the doorway.

Both Elliot and Olivia looked up to see Kathy stood in the doorway, Eli in her arms and Maureen, Kathleen, Dickie and Lizzie stood around her.

A smile spread right across Elliot's face as he got up and walked over to his family. He wrapped his arms around all of them in a family hug. He pulled away and took Eli from Kathy's arms as he placed a soft and loving kiss on her lips.

"Merry Christmas." she whispered to him.

"Merry Christmas," he said back to her.

"Did you check my room first?" Elliot asked.

"Nope, I knew you'd be here. You two have nine months of work to catch up on." Kathy said with a knowing smile.

Elliot smiled back before he kissed her again. He then placed an arm around Dickie's shoulder and held him close, he wanted to hug each of his daughters only to find them gone from the door and surrounding Olivia, all gazing down at the baby. Kathy quickly joined them.

"Hey Olivia, it's good to see you safe." Kathy said, softly placing her hand on Olivia's shoulder. "He's gorgeous." she said as she looked down at the baby.

"Thanks." Olivia replied.

"Can I hold him?" Kathy asked.

Olivia smiled and nodded, if there was one person she would trust with her child, after Elliot of course, it would be Kathy. She was the most fantastic mother Olivia had ever seen.

Kathy gently took him and stroked his head as she gently swayed side to side. "I love them when they're this small." she thought out loud.

"Gee, thanks Mom." Lizzie said, rolling her eyes.

"Relax, I love you just the same no matter what size you are." she said as she kissed her on the head.

"What are you guys all doing here. I told you to stay at home and enjoy Christmas day." Elliot said, attempting to scold them but failing miserably, he was in fact to happy to see them all.

"It's Christmas, Dad. You spend it with the whole family, not just part of it." Kathleen said.

"Yeah, and friends too." Maureen said as she held Olivia's hand.

"Plus they all wanted to see Liv's new baby." Dickie confessed.

"Dickie!" They all complained.

Elliot just laughed and wrapped his arm around his son and hugged him again.

"We wanted to see you all." Kathy said handing the baby back to Olivia. "We're just glad you're all okay." she said as she kissed her husband again, truly thankful he was ok.

Olivia watched them, she noticed how the children looked on, seeming so happy that their parents were so happy and in love. She liked knowing that they were a happy family once again.

Her attention turned back to her own family. Her son lay in her arms, once more his eyes open, as much as he could, he looked ready to fall back to sleep. His expression was less serious, he wasn't concentrating on memorizing his mothers face anymore he was just staring at her knowingly, knowing that she was his as much as he was hers.


5 months later.

Olivia was lay in bed, she was just coming out of what had been a deep sleep. She rolled over and brushed her hair off her face before checking the time. It was a little before 5am. She was just about to close her eyes and go back off to sleep when she heard her son begin to cry.

With a smile she pushed the blankets back off herself and got up out of bed and walked out of her room and into her old spare room. It was now her favourite room in her whole apartment.

She walked across the nursery floor, the cream carpet soft beneath her bare feet. She reached her son's varnished wooden crib and held onto the side as she looked over, gazing down at him.

Christopher lay there, he'd kicked off his custard yellow coloured blankets off, but his thick cream onsie was enough to keep him warm, as soon as he saw Olivia he began smiling. He kicked his legs and excitedly punched the air with his tiny fists and made funny gurgling sounds until Olivia scooped him up.

"Someone's getting heavy." Olivia said as she walked over the rocking chair in the corner of the room.

Beside the comfy rocking chair was a small set of drawers, they were full of clothes she had bought for her son, as was the wardrobe in the other corner of the room, on top of the cupboard was a small lamp, the light from it was soft and soothing. She got comfy in the chair and allowed her son to feed whilst softly rocking on the chair.

After a moment he stopped feeding and just happily snuggled up against Olivia as she continued rocking on the chair, lulling him back off to sleep. But before he drifted off he did what he usually did, he simply gazed up at Olivia. When he had been a baby he has always looked so serious, concentrating, as he had gotten a little older his expression had changed, he smiled when he saw her, or just watched her with smiley knowing eyes.

Olivia smiled back at him and gently stroked his soft, chubby cheek. "You weren't hungry you just wanted a cuddle." Olivia said with a loving smile, she wasn't bothered if he woke her up every five minutes for a cuddle, she'd happily cuddle him all night long.

Christopher looked at her and smiled, a late night snack was always good, but he always slept best when he was in his mothers protective arms. With his head resting on her breast, he began closing his eyes ready to doze off to sleep.

Olivia lifted him up so she could place a soft kiss on his head. "Love you, baby boy." she said. "Always have, always will." she confessed to him before his eyes closed fully and he fell back to sleep.

"Sweet dreams, son." Olivia whispered before she closed her own eyes and continued rocking the chair.

The End.

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