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Summary: Vampires Edward and Jasper are partners in crime who make a game of their hunt for human blood. Their brotherly dynamic is threatened when Edward meets Bella and is tempted to start playing by his own rules. Vamp/AU/OOC.

Rated M for violence, coarse language, and sexual situations.

This is NOT slash. Edward and Jasper are my main characters, not a pairing.


Chapter 1: The Spice of Life and Death

The fire cracked. Bright red and orange embers scattered upward then fizzled out just before touching the ground. I took a long haul off my cigarette, finishing what was left of it, then flicked the butt into the crackling blaze. My eyes focused past the flames to the tent directly across it, and I narrowed them in contempt. The sounds of grunting and moaning that came from beyond the canvas enclosure was beginning to grate on my last nerve.

"Ohhh, Jasper... Yes! More. More!... Oh, Fuck... FUCK, YESSSSS!"

"Oh, baby... You're so warm... so wet... so... good..."

I rolled my eyes at the overlapping carnal blather and fished another cigarette from the breast pocket of my jacket. I fired it up and sucked back a hard drag.

"Will you just get it over with, already?" I grumbled bitterly under my breath. Smoke spilled from between my lips as I ranted, then I blew out what was left from the side of my mouth.

I turned my head sideways and glanced at my own tent from the corner of my eye. There was nothing but silence coming from it, and that appeased, yet aggravated me at the same time. I scowled at the fact that I was out here all by myself with nothing to do but listen to the sounds of my brother and his latest conquest fucking like there was no tomorrow. Well, for one of them there wouldn't be, but that was beside the point.

By the pitch of the bitch's moaning I gathered that my wish would be granted shortly. The shriek that next escaped her mouth was so piercing it could have sliced the black right off the night sky. Whether it was a cry of intense pleasure or one of extreme pain I had yet to determine, but knowing better, it was probably a mixture of both.

Then I smelled the blood. I instantly became hypnotized by its delectable aroma, but the nuisance of my situation briskly shook me out of my momentary daze.

Inside the tent, I could hear Jasper sucking back his red wine. I seethed in jealousy, for my own chalice had been already drained. Lifting my hand up to my lips, I busied my mouth with my cigarette instead, and suffered through my envy in silence.

A few moments later, the curved door flap of the tent zipped open and Jasper emerged head first. Exiting the tent, he pushed off his knees and stood to his full height. He was shirtless, wearing only faded blue jeans. His wavy blond hair was a wild mess, tousled across his forehead, and blood stained his lips and both sides of his face. He tongued the corner of his mouth, then licked the sticky remains of his kill off the end of his thumb.

I narrowed my eyes at him when his gaze met mine, and I continued to nurse on my cigarette. Jasper peered at me oddly and wiped his face clean. My hostility confused him but he chose to dismiss it. Walking around the fire toward me, he shook his head and pointed a thumb back toward his tent.

"There's no way that chick was a virgin before tonight," he said. "Not a chance, unless she masturbated daily with a thermos-sized dildo or something."

He stopped walking a few paces short of where I sat, then stared off into nothingness, distracted by his own thought. He grinned at the idea.

"Would you fucking stop thinking about that shit? I don't need to see it!" I snapped, squeezing the inside corners of my eyes. My ability to see and hear thoughts was just as much of a burden as it was an asset when it came to the contents of Jasper's mind. It was a constant fucking porno in there.

He looked down at me and smirked. The red hue of his irises were amplified by the glow of the fire. "You're just bitter 'cause yours didn't let you in her panties," he assumed.

Did I fuck the girl in my tent? No. Did I get what I ultimately wanted from her? Fuck yes. Her veins were drained and my belly was full. Mission accomplished. End of story. As far as I was concerned, anyway.

"She would have let me," I argued defensively, unsure why I even felt the need to justify myself.

"Wait. So you didn't even try to fuck her first?" Jasper sighed with disappointment. "Don't you like pussy, Cullen?" He grabbed the concert t-shirt he had discarded earlier and slipped it back on. The Rolling Stones seemed to be mocking me as well.

"That psycho Barbie would not stop blabbing! The only way to shut her mouth was to rip it off."

"Uh... You didn't consider stuffing your cock in it first?"

I groaned in exasperation. "You're such a whore," I threw out. I didn't hold resentment toward Jasper for it, I just didn't have the patience to prolong the wait like he did to obtain what I craved most. Blood. Hot, succulent blood.

"And you're an impatient newborn!"

I rolled my eyes and flicked the ashes from my cigarette. True, I hadn't been a vampire for very long. Jasper changed me into one only two years ago, but I was far from acting like a newborn. I had already outgrown that stage. Newborns were wild and undisciplined throughout the first year of their new life, and my behavior had nothing to do with self control. I simply went after what I wanted and didn't feel the need to waste my time with the preliminaries. Jasper, on the other hand, was all about the extras. He craved sensation and he soaked it up as often as he could.

"Can we just get out of here?" I huffed, standing up.

"Can you just have some fun, please?" Jasper countered, and stood directly in front of me. "Edward Cullen, don't be sullen," Jasper's lip twitched at his intentional rhyme.

"I'm not sullen."

Jasper gave me his best 'who are you trying to fool' look. There was no point in lying. Jasper possessed the incredible ability to sense emotions as well as manipulate them. He knew how I felt just as well as I knew what he was thinking.

He reached into my jacket and swiped a cigarette from my pack. After tucking it between his lips he pulled a lighter from his back pocket, cupped his hands around his mouth and lit his smoke.

"You're frustrated as fuck, man," Jasper observed. "When was the last time you got laid? It's no wonder you're such a brooding bastard all the time," he accused with a twisted grin stretching across his face.

"Get off my dick." I brushed him aside, shoving his shoulder with mine.

"Well, someone should be on it!" he threw back. He caught me by my elbow, making me turn back to face him, then pointed at a large rock behind me. "Sit."

"I've already been sitting around forever waiting for you to finish up. I'm leaving."

"Siiiiit, down!" he insisted, his tone bordering on aggression. He pushed his index finger in the center of my chest and heaved me down onto the rock.

I glared up at him like an unwilling disgruntled child. It probably wasn't the best way to negate his previous newborn comment, but whatever.

Jasper squatted down in front of me and clicked his tongue. The slight trace of aggression vanished completely from his expression, and he peered at me like he was an all-knowing genius that was preparing to bestow his wisdom unto me. "Edward, little bro... I'm not a big fan of sushi," he said.

I shook my head, confused by his peculiar statement. "The fuck are you talking about?"

"I prefer having my meal heated up before I eat it. Tell me, what do you think happens when a chick gets horny?"

"You fuck her six ways to Sunday."

Jasper laughed. "It's simple biology, Cullen. Her heart pounds more quickly. Her blood flows faster. It gets warmer. It gets... seasoned," he explained, then licked his lips as though his words had placed flavor on them. "You gotta take your time and play with her a little bit. Get her all riled up first. It'll make her taste hot and spicy. Then tear her throat out. Learn a little patience, and as an appetizer you get someone to play with your dick. Is that so terrible?"

I relaxed my frown, reluctantly allowing my irritation to turn to intrigue.

"You're pissed off because you know I'm right," Jasper continued. He reached sideways and snatched one of the girls' backpacks and began to rummage through it as he continued to speak. "I don't care what your mommy used to tell you. You should play with your food before you eat it, and let it play with you, too. Savor your meal for once instead of constantly swallowing it whole. That's all I'm sayin'. Oh, Marlboro's! Sweet!" He pocketed the smokes he found, along with some cash, then stood up and tossed the bag onto the campfire.

I had to admit, Jasper had a way with words. Vampire or not, I was still a guy, and though I refused to admit it to him, Jasper had a good thing going. So maybe I was frustrated, and yeah, maybe I had been my own cock-block lately. I never really looked at it the way Jasper was describing, and the mention of hot seasoned blood got me salivating again.

Jasper grinned smugly, sensing that I had surrendered to his advice. "Am I turning you on, Edward?"

"Fuck off." A laugh escaped me despite myself. Shit.

Then he started to sing.

"I wanna kiss you all over..."

"Stop it."

"... and over again..."

"Jas..." I warned.

"I wanna kiss you all over. Till the night closes in."

"Get your face away from me!"


I sprang forward and tackled my brother, nearly sending us both into the fire.

"Ohhh, yeah! Come on baby, pour some sugar on me!" Jasper teased as we wrestled, using an exaggerated version of his Texas drawl.

Within seconds he infected me with laughter, and both of us were howling as we pummeled each other.

I gained the upper hand in our rumble, and with what was meant to be a playful shove, I inadvertently sent us both slamming into the side of Jasper's car. His laughter abruptly cut short and turned into a hostile snarl.

"Mother fucker!" he growled, pushing me off him. He spun around and smoothed his palm across the shiny black metal, meticulously checking for any dents. If there was anything Jasper loved more than blood and fucking girls to death, it was his '67 Mustang Fastback.

He sighed in relief when he confirmed no damage had been done. Our bodies were hard like stone so it really was a miracle that the impact had no ill effect on his precious vehicle.

It was Jasper's turn to narrow his eyes at me. Holding his thumb and index finger an inch apart, he indicated how close he came to losing his shit, and gave me a threatening glare as he stood up. I felt a wave of his aggression from deep within my chest like an invisible punch.

Fun time was over.

"Let's go," he said, opening the driver's side door. "Take care of that, will you?" he added, pointing to the tents.

I picked up the kerosene lanterns and tossed one inside each tent. They both set ablaze, and would eventually incinerate the evidence of our kills.

I made my way back to the Mustang and slumped myself into the passenger seat. From the driver's side, Jasper slanted a look in my direction. A slow smile crept back to his face and he shook his head, cursing me under his breath. With a turn of his wrist the engine roared to life, and I watched the burning campsite in my side view mirror until it disappeared into the distance.

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