(Part 2)


Most days it feels like I've got it all. I mean you can't beat immortality, stunning good looks and a cock to die for. But lately, I've been so… fucking… bored.

So, I am on a different kind of hunt tonight. Not for a kill. Not for a feed. I want some real excitement. I want a good party. A bloodbath. And the last time I had that kind of fun was back when I was a newborn vampire.

Wild. Reckless. Unpredictable. That's exactly what I am going to obtain. Tonight, I'm on a hunt for a partner in crime.

And this guy will do perfectly.

I like this fucker, and not only because his hot temper tastes like fucking ambrosia. The way he just pummeled that guy into the floor was impressive, even for a drunk bastard. His anger and resentment were beautiful, turning his fists into iron, spilling all that delicious blood out into the open, making the whole fucking room smell like my best wet dream. I'm getting a hard-on just thinking about it.

Pretty, brooding guy's pain tolerance isn't very high. He passes out almost immediately after I bite him, which is actually a hell of a lot better for me. I don't need any unwanted attention drawn my way, especially when it looks like I'm murdering someone, which on this rare occasion is actually not what I'm doing.

I pick him up off the ground, hook his arm around my neck and carry his dead weight along side of me. Anyone watching would assume that I'm just hauling the drunk loser home. A block up the street I find Alice, my sexy Mustang, and put Pretty inside on the back seat. I sit down next to him and shut the door.

I nudge the guy so I can reach into his back pocket and I pull his wallet out as an automatic motion. After a kill it comes naturally to pilfer cash and anything else I could see as useful. All I find in his wallet is eight dollars and a condom. I pocket the chump change and toss the useless prophylactic out my window. I slide his driver's license out from one of the pockets to gather his information.

"Edward Cullen. 356 Worthington Avenue, apartment 3B," I read aloud then look up at the guy. I can hear his heart galloping like a spooked horse. He's still passed out and sweating way too much for my liking. He slumps sideways, pressing his soaked forehead against the leather seat. It makes me cringe.

"Alright, Cullen, let's take you home so you can sweat on your own shit, okay?"

I climb into the driver's seat and start the car, thankful that Worthington Avenue is only a few minutes drive away. The last thing I need is three days worth of sweat and piss stinking up the inside of my baby. The Change is a bitch and there's no way in hell he's doing it in my car.

Six concrete steps on the side of his building take me down to the front door of his apartment. A pitiful, weather worn, wooden plaque nailed to the wall has "3B" scrawled on it by a thick Sharpie. How fucking depressing. I'm doing this guy a major favor.

I half hope for someone to be inside so I have something to eat. I didn't drink enough from Cullen to satisfy my appetite, but the plans I have for him take precedence over my growling stomach, at least for now.

I use the key I find on him to open the door, and unfortunately, the place is empty. Dinner will have to wait a little while longer.

Pushing a pile of clothes aside, I set Cullen down on his couch right by the entrance. He moans a bit but then falls silent again.

I take a quick scan at my immediate surroundings and shake my head. "What a shit hole," I utter in disgust.

I walk down the short hallway into his bedroom. There's no evidence of a female living here but one was definitely here no more than a day ago. I can smell the unmistakable scent of sex leftover on the sheets. My mouth waters and my stomach clenches again. Sex and killing usually comes hand in hand with me. Considering the amount of self pity I felt from Cullen I knew without a doubt that he had nothing left in his life. I'm pretty confident that whatever bitch was here had sucked Cullen's dick for the last time and would not be returning. Too bad, I think, lifting the sheet to my nose. I inhale its scent... She smells delicious.

Screw it. I need to feed. I need to fuck.

I walk back to the living room. Cullen hasn't moved an inch and the cushion beneath his head is quickly absorbing the sweat off his forehead. I stare at the open gash on his neck where I bit into him and the scent of his blood jump pushes my urges over the edge. I need to get out of here before I finish him off.

"Stay," I command him, knowing he can't hear me. He won't be going anywhere in the state he's in.

I hold still and listen. A female voice is nearby. She's next door, all alone. The one-sided conversation she's having tells me that she's on the telephone, or talking to herself. Either way, it's perfect.

I go and knock on her door, praying to fuck that she's hot. I'll fuck her either way but I'd rather not have to struggle to keep stiff.

Her footsteps approach. The door opens and an attractive woman in her early twenties opens the door with a telephone against her ear.

I flash my smile and work my magic. I don't even have to say a word. I lick my lips and with a cock of my head I slowly scan the entire length of her body in appreciation.

"I'll call you back," she says into the phone before she hangs up.

A slow smile spreads across her face like a mirror image of mine and I know that I have her in my trap, making her feel what I'm feeling. Hot, horny, hungry. All she feels is a deep, aching need to cum.

Ten seconds later I have her bent over her kitchen table. I fuck her until she moans, then I rip into her neck for my dessert.

Pure bliss. Doesn't get any better than this.

After finally slaking my needs I head back to 3B.

"Jesus, Cullen. That's some sweet pussy you had living next door!" I say to his unconscious body upon my return to his apartment. "I hope you fucked that at least once in your pathetic human life."

I sit down on the coffee table in front of the couch, facing Cullen. His eyes are closed and he's shaking from the highest fever he'll ever have.

"But you don't need to worry about that anymore. What you have here is over now," I said, and smile in anticipation of what's to come.

"You and I are going to have a lot of fun together… brother."

(To be continued...)