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Chapter 9

2 days later

Grace was in the gym, she was sat on a piece of equipment, having finished her daily work out. Although mentally and emotionally she felt back to normal, physically she still craved for action, whether it be jogging on the spot or sit-ups. It didn't matter to her, it just felt good to be doing something.

Teal'c was stood in front of her, having been training with her again all morning. He had noticed how much better she seemed from when she had broke down in front of him. He liked seeing her back to normal. Well normal except for the physical changes such as her height, the way her body had changed and her hair that had almost been dark seemed to have gone more chocolate brown. The sadness from in her eyes was gone, well almost.

"Have you yet spoken to O'Neill?" Teal'c asked her, knowing it was something she had to do.

Grace looked down at the floor, too ashamed to look him in the eyes. "No. I keep hearing what I said to him and each time I do I feel worse and worse. What am I supposed to say to him, T?"

Teal'c looked at her and smiled, bowing his head at an angle slightly before he answered, "The things you said came from anger within you. I suggest that when you speak to him you speak from your heart, which I assure you is only good and true."

Grace looked back up at him and smiled, a huge smile. Something she had yet to do. "You really think so?" she asked him.

Once more Teal'c smiled before he answered, "Indeed."

Grace laughed as she jumped down from the equipment and brushed past Teal'c, "You'll make me blush." she joked. "Wish me luck!" she shouted back to him before she walked out of the room.

Again Teal'c just smiled and raised his eyebrow.


Grace had showered and changed after her workout and felt much fresher for it and she had what she wanted to say to Jack memorised in her head. She walked out of the changing rooms and headed for his office, still going over the speech she had come up with.

The walk from the showers to his office always seemed to take much longer but today Grace quickly found herself outside his door. She thought about turning round and going back on herself and coming back to his office the other way round, up and through the briefing room, however as she was about to turn around Daniel walked up behind her knocked on Jack's door once and stepped in without being told to. Of course he guided Grace in before him.

Jack was sat in his chair looking over paperwork. "Ever heard of knocking, Daniel?"

"I did." he said simply. He then leant forward and put a report down on his desk. "That's my report on the artifact SG5 found." he told Jack before he stepped back out of his office shutting the door behind him.

"Is it just me or did he seem a little skittish?" Jack asked.

"Isn't he always." Grace said, relieved that Jack was talking to her but worried because she had completely forgotten every word of her speech.

For a minute there seemed to just be silence between them. It made Grace nervous and didn't help any in making her remember her speech. Then, suddenly, Jack spoke.

"Everything okay?" he asked.

She noticed the genuine tone in his voice and it made her smile. "Not really." she told him. She was suddenly lost for words. "Wow…I had this whole great speech in my head and now I can't remember any of it." she said, sounding slightly annoyed at herself.

"You know me, I'm not one for long speeches."

"It was actually quite short, and for some reason had a reference to the Simpson's, well Homer at least. I think you would have liked it." Grace said, finishing with a nervous smile.

"Grace," Jack began.

"No," Grace said stepping forward. "I wanna say this. Just give me a minute."

Jack put his pen down and sat back in his chair.

"As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't quite been myself recently." she said, trying to make a joke but sounding far too nervous.

"You have? I hadn't noticed." Jack replied sarcastically.

"Jack, it was like I was stuck in my body looking out but I couldn't control it in anyway but that still doesn't excuse my behaviour, nor does it excuse what I said to you. I had no right to even mention Charlie and I want you to know that I didn't mean what I said."

Jack sighed, causing Grace to stop talking. He leant forward in his chair, looking down at his paperwork. "I think you did." he said.

"No, Jack, please I never. I would never…"

"Grace," he said, once more silencing her, "I think you did mean it, but you were wrong, I wasn't trying to save you because of what happened…to Charlie. I was trying to save you because you are you." he said.

Grace looked at him. Her head understood the words but her heart couldn't except them, she felt so guilty still.

"When your mom had you, it was the most unexpected thing to ever happen here and a lot of weird stuff has happened here. I remember stroking your head and watching you look at Sam, knowing she was your Mother." he said smiling, it made Grace smile too.

Suddenly Jack stopped smiling. "When Fifth took you, it killed me to think I wouldn't get to see you grow up, and it confused me because you weren't even my kid, but somehow you felt it. When you came back, I felt like I had a duty to protect you from any danger. I knew Sam couldn't live without you in her life, and to be totally honest, neither could I." Jack said as he stood up and walked round to the front of his desk and sat down on it.

"I know I'm not your father, Grace, but I would be honoured to be. You are as important to me as Charlie was and still is, so don't ever think that the only reason I like you so much is because I lost Charlie. Okay?" he said.

Grace looked at him for a moment, she was lost for words so instead she threw her arms around Jack and hugged him. Jack smiled before he wrapped his arms around her and held her back. "I love you, kiddo." Jack told her.

"Love you too." Grace replied.


Sam was sat in her lab overlooking some sort of experiment. Grace was stood in the doorway watching her. She'd been there for a moment before Sam looked up and saw her.

"Grace?" she said, a little surprised to see her. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah." Grace said as she nervously stepped into Sam's lab. "What you doing?" she asked.

"Its an experiment to see what happens when…" Sam began.

Grace tried to pay attention and understand the scientific words coming out of Sam's mouth but they quickly became jumbled and the confused look on her face told Sam this. She didn't mind she just smiled. "Did you need something." she asked, still smiling.

"Yeah." Grace chirped as she jumped up and sat on Sam's desk. "I wanted to talk to you."

Sam looked at her and smiled, she loved to Grace acting more like her usual self. "Grace, you don't have to explain yourself."

"I think I do. The whole time that Maybourne had me I kept thinking about you. I knew you would come rescue me, and then when you did, you were the first person I hurt. You were the one who I was most angry with, and the only reason that was….was because I was so disappointed with myself. I told you when I first found you that I wasn't a monster but at the first opportunity I got I became one."

"You couldn't help what they made you into, all that technology, I'm surprised you had any moments of control." Sam said.

"I should have fought harder for control."

"Grace, you're only human." Sam said.

Grace looked at her, her words repeating over and over in her head. "That's the thing….I'm only half human. No matter what I will always have Replicator in me. No matter how many times I get hit with a Disruptor."

"Fifth was a human form Replicator, which means you have a hell of a lot more human in you than you do Replicator."

"But I'll never be normal." Grace said with sad eyes as she forced a smile.

"I couldn't care less," Sam said, jumping up onto her desk with Grace, You could have five heads, and ten feet and a tail." Sam began making them both laugh.

"You'd never miss me standing in a crowd." Grace joked, again making them both laugh.

They then sat there for a moment in silence.

"Thanks, Mom." Grace said finally breaking the silence.

Sam smiled and reached her arm out, wrapping it around Grace's shoulder and pulling her into her. She kissed Grace on top of her head before simply resting her cheek there. "Love you." Sam said.

"Love you too, Mom." Grace replied, wrapping her arm around Sam's waist.

Again, they both sat there like that in silence. This time it was Sam who broke the silence. "You keeping the dark hair?" she asked.

"I think it makes me look more sophisticated." Grace replied sarcastically.

Sam just chuckled and jumped down off the desk.

"Besides," Grace began, "Only one of us should be a bottle blonde."

"Ha!" Sam smiled, "This is natural." she said pointing to her hair, "You couldn't get colour this good from a bottle." she said as she grabbed hold of Grace's hands and pulled her down off her desk.

"Prove it with one of you experiments." Grace joked.

"Just cause you look older now doesn't mean I can't ground you."

"I'm sorry. Will you forgive me if I get you some blue jello?" Grace asked.

Sam nodded and said, "You buying?"

They began walking over to the door, "Actually, I was gonna charge it to the base." Grace confessed.

Sam laughed and wrapped her arm around Grace's waist, Grace copied her and they walked side by side to the canteen to get some blue jello.

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