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The war had ended two years ago, and Hermione found that she quite enjoyed a quiet and peaceful life. After the Final Battle, Harry and Ron had gone off straight to Auror Training, leaving her behind to take her NEWTs on her own. Well, not completely on her own since there always was Ginny and Luna to keep her company. But she had found that the castle wasn't the same without her two best friends to piss her off and copy their homework off her. She wouldn't say she had missed Ron's habit of speaking with his mouth full though...

They had tried dating but it didn't last. Mostly because Hermione had quickly realized that she needed someone more mature than the Weasley boy. There was also the fact that she wasn't attracted to him in the least. Of course, she had never told him that, she'd simply told him she needed space to focus on taking her NEWTs and that she wouldn't have time for a long-distance relationship. When he had started to protest, she'd simply argued that she wanted to wait until she was married to put out, and oddly enough, that had done the trick. They had managed to keep their friendship intact and for all she knew, he was now using his reputation to bed as many witches as he could, and she honestly couldn't feel any happier for him.

Her big speech about wanting to stay a virgin until her wedding night was a load of crap though. She had slept with one of her Muggle friends the summer before they had run off on their horcrux hunt and had even had a few affairs during her seventh year and the year following. She just hoped Ron never found out about her lie, she really didn't want to admit the truth: she only liked him as a friend and she couldn't possibly stand to spend all of her free time with a randy teenager barely mature enough to keep his hands off her at the breakfast table. If she ever wanted to deal with a petulant child, she did baby-sitting during the summer. And she didn't volunteer for it.

So that had been the end of it with Ronald. She had come back to Hogwarts and passed her NEWTs with straight O's, to nobody's surprise. She had enjoyed most of her seventh year as a student but had missed Snape's potions class. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone. Yes, he was a snarky, cranky, old bastard, but he was a decent teacher, unlike Professor Slughorn.

However, complimenting Snape (in any way) was not something you would catch Hermione Granger doing ever again. The Potions Master had spent her seventh year at St Mungo's, recovering from Nagini's bite, and then awaiting trial for his actions during the war. After having been cleared of all charges (with the helpful intervention of Harry Potter himself and – she still regretted it to this very day – his best friend, Hermione Granger) Severus had returned to Hogwarts full force. Both the staff and the student body had found that the end of the war had not mellowed professor Snape in the least. He came back even meaner, crankier and more arrogant than before (like that was possible).

Hermione had accepted the post of Transfiguration teacher right after her exams since Minerva wanted to focus on her Deputy Head functions. She had thought that working alongside her former teachers would be weird, but they had all warmly welcomed her as their new colleague. All of them, except Professor Snape, that is. She had spent the first few weeks trying to get him to talk to her; she had done her best, really. She had even asked his opinion on the latest article on Polyjuice Potion in Potions Monthly, and if that hadn't worked, what the hell could? At one point, she had even considered flashing him just to get his attention (and to be honest, also because the look on his face would have been priceless!), but after a while, she had simply decided to leave him be: it was the best thing to do for both of their sanities.

And honestly, at the time she had meant to leave him alone, Hermione thought as she made her way towards the Headmaster's Office. But the man was just so damn infuriating! He had a particular gift for setting her teeth on edge whenever he opened his mouth, but at least she never gave in without putting up a fight. This way she could make up for her six years as his student and it always was an entertaining way to blow off some steam after a stressful day of teaching dunderheads. Sometimes though, Albus and Minerva felt they were taking things a bit too far, thus her appointment with the Headmaster.

She rolled her eyes when whispering the password to Dumbledore's office (Pumpkin Pasty. Really? The man was crazy!) and went past the gargoyle and up the stairs. She entered the Headmaster's office and wasn't surprised in the least to find Minerva and Snape already present.

"Albus, Minerva." She greeted warmly before turning towards the dour Potions Master. "Professor Snape."

"Miss Granger." He replied coldly. "What an honor that you could join us."

"Professor," Hermione growled through gritted teeth.

"I beg your pardon?"

"It is Professor Granger, to you."

"That, Miss Granger, is a title you have yet to earn." He smirked.

"How silly of me. I was under the impression that I had earned it the day Minerva offered me the job." She snapped her voice full of sarcasm.

"Silly indeed," Was his simple reply.

Hermione was just about to snap back when Albus raised his hand in the air, silencing her in an authoritative way.

"That is quite enough with you two." He admonished.

But neither Hermione nor Severus showed the slightest sign of guilt. They simply glared at each other and Albus sighed, knowing neither of them was listening to him. He faked a cough (he had learned a lot from Umbridge) and smiled when he finally caught their attention.

"You both know why I summoned you here. Hermione, Severus told me that you called him a…" He turned to his Potions Master with a raised eyebrow. "What was the exact phrasing again?"

Severus cleared his throat and smirked as he remembered the scene. "I believe it went something like: 'Watch where you're going you cranky old bastard. Although with that nose of yours, I understand why you're always bumping into me. You couldn't possibly see past it.', Headmaster."

Dumbledore now looked directly at Hermione, and to her great distress, she could barely stifle a laugh remembering the occasion. Yeah, that one had been good.

But what a snitch!

"Is this correct, Hermione?"

"Yes, Headmaster. But to be fair, he did make me fall hard on my - to the floor, I mean. As it wasn't the first time it happened, I was merely pointing out to him where his problem lay in order for him to find a proper solution." Hermione answered calmly.

"And I did call her a frigid bitch later that day, Headmaster." Severus added with a smirk.

"Thank you for getting my point across, Professor Snape." Hermione frowned.

"I was doing nothing of the sort, I assure you, Miss Granger. I merely wanted the opportunity to state the obvious one more time."

"Enough!" Minerva snapped. She pursed her lips and both Hermione and Severus knew it was time to stop. "The two of you have caused us more trouble than the students last year! I don't want to hear about your personal issues interfering with your work. From now on, you will both find an appropriate way to talk to each other or will not interact at all. Do I make myself clear?"

"Perfectly clear, Minerva"

"Crystal clear, Minerva."

They answered at the same time, then glared at each other and moved towards the door. Snape went first, only for the opportunity to see Granger struggling to keep calm. He knew she would turn left right after the stairs so Severus stood firmly against the wall on the left side of the exit, waiting for her. Surely enough, Hermione bumped right into him and fell back on the ground. Snape turned lazily and arched an eyebrow as if surprised to see Granger on the floor.

"So, apparently, my nose isn't the problem. Maybe your visibility is somewhat reduced by this hair of yours. You should consider cutting it an inch or two; we could use it as a carpet for the Great Hall." He sneered before walking away without helping her up.

Back in the Headmaster's office, Minerva heard Hermione yell something at Severus and she collapsed on a nearby chair with an exasperated sigh.

"I don't know what we are going to do about these two but they're driving me crazy. I know Severus has a bit of a temper, but I thought Hermione could handle it. I really don't see what the problem is, Albus…"

The Headmaster got up to his feet and started to stroke Fawkes feathers, staring at the lake through his window, apparently deep in thought.

"I believe, Minerva, that things will sort themselves out without our intervention. I didn't see anything I didn't expect." He stated in a mysterious voice. But before Minerva could ask him what the hell he was talking about, Albus had turned to face her, a warm smile on his face. "In the meantime, do try to keep calm and keep them from hexing each other into oblivion."

"You really are quite infuriating in your own way, Albus."

Albus picked up his bowl of sweets and shot her a questioning look. "Lemon drop?"

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