Starting today and until February 14th, I'll be posting a series of romantic and sweet Bleach Valentine drabbles. I decided to play with a few new pairings (new for me, that is), specifically by taking the characters out of their usual settings; something like a peek at their teenage years or their future selves or nearly completely forgetting cannon and letting them interact without the burden of war and duty. It was a fun exercise.

[Pairing]: RenIchi
[Summary]: Not many people can make Renji speechless; Ichigo can...
[Content/Warnings]: Sex | Fluff
[Rating]: NC-17
[Notes]: I don't write these two very often cos I'm a ByaRen rabid fangirl, it feels almost sacrilegious for me to write Renji without Byakuya. But from time to time inspiration strikes... and they do look sooo good together

Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach and will not make a profit out of this fic. All characters©Kubo Tite

[Of Chocolates, Cards and other Valentine Paraphernalia]

Lack of Words


"Fuck... fuck, oh fuck," Renji groaned just before oblivion took over.

"Yeah," Ichigo answered, "that's exactly what we just did."


Ichigo laughed. "There are more words in existence."

"Oh, really, wise guy?"


Renji just moved on top of Ichigo. Slick, oversensitive skin pressed tightly together. He purred into the sweaty neck, once more for emphasis. "Fuck!"

"Sheesh! I got it already."

"Not sure you do. You. Are. Fucking. Amazing!" Renji emphasized each word with a thrust of his hips. It wasn't doing them much good, but it felt good and was getting the message across; Ichigo's eyes were warm and welcoming and... Renji be damned, if the kid's groin wasn't stirring up again. "Fuck," he whispered in his ear. "You're insatiable, brat."

"Yeah, well, perks of being young and fit."

Renji pressed them closer, his own body responding to the challenge. "Young and fit, heh?"

"Oh, I can feel you aren't so shabby yourself."

"I'll give you shabby."

But Ichigo rolled from under Renji, flipping them over and pinning him to the bed, straddling Renji's hips and sawing his in a maddening slow rhythm. "Aren't you glad we stayed home instead of that ill advised plan of yours to go out on a date on Valentine's Day?"

"Huh, yeah. It just got us to bed sooner." Renji faked sourness.

"And the problem with that is?"

"You have to learn sex isn't everything in a relationship."

Ichigo leaned down to look Renji in the eye and asked, "have you been reading Inoue's magazines again? Cos I could stop doing this right now..." Ichigo eyed him evilly and rolled his erection into Renji's. "...and we can go and do..." His knees spread further apart and the pressure became nearly unbearable for Renji. "... whatever," the word left Ichigo's mouth in a rushed sigh.

Renji gurgled, all train of thought lost.

"I-I... I'll get you for..." Renji hand curled in Ichigo's neck, fingers tangling on orange hair and pulling him down for a tongue wrestle. His other hand stealthily travelled south to Ichigo's balls, fondling and squeezing them with mastery.

"Bastard!" Ichigo hissed.

The controlled sway of hips was momentarily lost and gained and after a few more moments of belligerence, both came into each other's bellies.

"Fucking amazing." Renji reiterated.

"Hmm... if you say so."

"I say so."

Their lips met and stuck together, idly moving from time to time as their bodies cooled and melted, went numb and finally fell asleep.



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