[Summary]: Ganju and Hanatarou's plans of a quiet Valentine's Day get spoiled by everyday events.
[Word Count]: 640
[Content/Warnings]: Fluff | Future fic
[Rating]: PG
[Notes]: Althoug I admit I prefer seeing Hanatarou with KenpachixD I quite liked seeing him with Ganju. Future for the boys, Hana is a 3rd seat and Ganju has gone to Shinigami Academy.


Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach and will not make a profit out of this fic. All characters©Kubo Tite

[Of Chocolates, Cards and other Valentine Paraphernalia]

Spoiled Valentine's Day




"Err...I know it's a bit early..." Ganju said hesitantly.

Hanatarou nodded for him to continue.

"... but I was wondering what your plans were for Valentine's Day?"

"Oh, I really haven't thought about it. There are still some weeks till then, right?"

"Yeah, I know but I'll be swamped with exams for the next few weeks and kinda wanted to plan things in advance, it's all."

Hanatarou smiled at Ganju's commitment to Academia and to them. After struggling for years to accept his brother's death and the Shinigami's lack of blame for it, he had enrolled in the Academy with a stubbornness to succeed and prove to everyone he was as good as his brother. Hanatarou was extremely proud of him.

"Well, anything special you wanna do? We could go out to dinner."

"Yeah, sounds good and maybe after go out drinkin'?"

"Brilliant! It's a date."

Ganju kissed Hanatarou to seal the deal and he melted with the gentle but insisting touch and they ended making love right there in the living room.

Hanatarou should've known that plans made with so much time in advance never had a chance to come to fruition. He wasn't sure if it was the Valentine madness or just a strange coincidence of weird events but this day had been increasingly hectic and filled with the most awkward cases.

First it had been the Academy girls that had gotten into a fight over who'd given more chocolates to Hitsugaya-sensei. It'd been ugly: bruises and cuts, chocolate and lots of ice. The only way Hitsugaya had managed to separate them, or he had lost his temper, Hanatarou wasn't quite sure which.

Then it had been the exploding chocolate boxes, courtesy of 12th Division. Their latest creation gone wrong that Mayuri-taichou vehemently denied with his sly grin. The truth for Hanatarou was a bunch of singed and mildly burnt Shinigami.

And just as he was preparing to go home, five Academy trainees had just arrived after a drill gone wrong. A more vicious Hollow than they had expected. As the third seat of Fourth division, Hanatarou was more than needed and wouldn't skirt his duties for a cosy night out with his boyfriend, no matter how much he wanted it.

As the injured students started flooding the emergency room, a dark grip took over Hanatarou's heart; these were Ganju's classmates. After two serious cases of reiatsu draining, a mild concussion and a few broken limbs, Ganju was the last one in, conscious but with a broken leg. Only then did Hanatarou breathe easily again.

"Sorry for spoiling our Valentine's Day," Ganju said with a dejected face.

"I'm not sure this is spoiling it. I don't think I would've been able to get out of here in time for our reservation. We've been swamped all day. Really, what a strange day." Hanatarou fluffed Ganju's pillow and sat by his bed.

"Still it's not..."

"Shush..." Hanatarou put a finger to Ganju's lips. "You're here, mainly safe, I'm here-"

"Mainly awake."

Hanatarou chuckled. "Yeah. And I can get some food, it won't be tasty as in a restaurant but there's miso soup for certain and I can find out what else is in the menu today."

Ganju twisted his mouth in disgust. Hanatarou paid him no mind and continued, "you can't have alcohol but a nice warm tea won't be so bad, neh?"

"Only you to see the good in all situations."

"It won't be a usual Valentine's Day but it will be one we'll remember. Going out to dinner and a drink we can do anytime."

"Yeah." Ganju yawned, settling down on the bed. "Will you stay with me? The night, I mean."



After they'd eaten, Hanatarou lay on Ganjus's good side, his smaller form spooning protectively behind and they drifted off to sleep.