Title: Ownership

Fandom: Supernatural

Character: John Winchester

Claim: Supernatural General

Prompt: The Magician

Word Count: 144

Rating: T

A/N: Written for the challenge 78_tarot.

John rubbed his fingers against the buttery metal of the legendary gun. It gleamed in the wan moonlight. It was finally his.

He could feel the weight of it. The power. The responsibility. John could swear he felt heat emanating from the weapon; a magical aura that warmed his blood.

John swore he would do Samuel Colt proud. He would use the gun for what it was intended for: killing the worst threats to humanity ever spawned. Both families, Colt and Winchester had been named after firearms, and John knew that was no coincidence.

Thoughtfully, he raised the gun and cocked it. He did not fire as he did not want to waste the precious bullet inside, but he wanted to see what it felt like regardless. He felt indestructible. Like a magician with his wand.

Now, John had everything he needed. Except revenge.