Disclaimer: It all belongs to the Beeb. I'm having fun with Sarah Jane and Handy today. Since Rose seemed to me like the type to decide something wasn't so good once she had it. Sorry to all those Rose fans out there.

My apologies to those who are waiting on A Change for Sarah Jane Smith. It's a bit dark and my muse is in the mood for happy, less serious – dare I say it 'fluffy' stuff. I haven't lost the story – just playing a bit.

"Hallo…" A wide grin crossed the face she never thought to see again. Especially knowing he'd regenerated. "I'd heard you might be running a home for wayward gifted boys and thought you might take me in, Sarah Jane."

"Doctor?" Sarah Jane blinked, then reached out to take his hand, feeling his pulse. His singular pulse. "You… You were sent with Rose. You shouldn't be here."

His hopeful expression fell. "Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for…"

"Oh, it's not that I'm not glad to see you." She couldn't stop herself from smiling at him. "But the Doctor sent you away for a reason."

"He's about as likely to cause the end of the universe as I am." The human version of the Doctor pouted. "Sent me off without so much as a by your leave."

"Come in," Sarah Jane sighed and drew him inside. "This isn't something we should be discussing out here."

"No, I suppose not." The Doctor agreed with a nod and stepped inside the door. "I didn't come here right away you know. I gave that universe a fair try…" He scuffed his shoe along the floor. "Even looked you up." His face turned to a frown once more. "Mrs. Sarah Jane…"

"Dalton…" It came out almost as a sob. She closed her eyes tightly and sucked her lip into her mouth.

"Yeah." He agreed with a nod and watched as she struggled to pull herself together, fighting with his very human instinct to pull her to him and comfort her.

"I just don't understand – you were there with Rose." Sarah Jane met his eyes, bewildered by why he'd sought her out.

"Sometimes having isn't so pleasing a thing as wanting." The Doctor scowled and shook his head. "You know I've fallen on hard times when I fall to quoting from 1970's science fiction telly."

A soft laugh escaped from Sarah Jane. "I don't know. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity in naming my son Luke. The Star Wars jokes around here have been done to death." She looked into his eyes. "So, which one of you?"

"What?" The Doctor looked puzzled for a moment before he made sense of what she was trying to ask him. "Oh, her actually. I really hadn't had much time to adjust to even know whether I was pleased with the situation. It was obvious she wasn't though." His hangdog expression told his tale. "The version of Jack from that universe showed up and it seemed the die was cast." He shrugged helplessly. "Guess me as a human wasn't interesting enough for her."

"Oh, Doctor…" Sarah's voice was honestly sympathetic but it was obvious that she was at a loss for words after a moment. "Well come on then." She moved towards the stairs and started up them. "Let's get you set up in your own room."

"I can stay then?" His expression brightened.

Sarah turned back to face him and nodded her head slightly. "Of course you can, Doctor. I'm not going to turn you out." There was a slight chuckle in her voice. "You can stay until you're on your feet here but I'll expect you to help out."

"Oh absolutely." He beamed. "We can investigate together." He continued to ascend the stairs, not paying attention to Sarah Jane who'd stopped and turned to face him. "You, me, Clyde, Rani and Lukey-boy. It will be absolutely brilliant."

He found himself nose to nose with Sarah Jane – which wasn't something altogether bad. "Not quite what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of making tea, changing bulbs, fixing a fence or two, cutting the lawn." She arched her brow at him wanting to see what his reaction would be.

For a moment he was a bit taken a back, and then he grinned widely. "Oh I don't think that'll be a problem..." He watched as she nodded and turned back to ascending the stairs. "...Mum."

"Hey!" She spun and glared at him. "Enough cheek from you!" He just continued to grin at her. An action which proved to be contagious; she shook her head and grinned as well. "Let's get you settled in before I have a chance to change my mind.