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I don't know how many of you were waiting for it, but here we go again. The return of Sarah Jane and Handy... Oliver he's reminding me. Carrying on with their life and how they manage it with everything that happens on Bannerman Road.

I'm posting this as a teaser at the end of Taking in Strays as well as the first chapter of Life As It Happens so that those of you who were following Taking in Strays have an easier time finding it. :)

"Oh, that smells good," Sarah grinned as she pulled the roaster out of the oven with her mitt covered hands and set it on the stove top, "If I do say so myself." For someone who'd set the kitchen on fire when she attempted something more complicated than tea and toast or sandwiches she felt very proud of herself.

As she turned, feeling the skirt swish around her legs, Sarah caught a glimpse of her reflection in the door. "Your younger self would be so ashamed of you. Some feminist you turned out to be." In truth, after spending so long alone, without a family, Sarah Jane Smith revelled in having a family now. "Not too shabby though, Sarah Jane, as long as you don't go trying to outrun Krynoids in it. Those days are long over." She smiled and smoothed her skirt, "Sometimes I can almost see what Oliver sees in you. I wonder what Jo will think when she meets my fellow. Probably think I'm robbing the cradle and she couldn't be more right."

As she finished bringing out the food, she pulled off her mitts. "Alright boys, there's still a division of labour. I'm not about to play June Cleaver." She murmured to herself then set out to find where Luke and Oliver had gotten off to. As they weren't trying to hide, it didn't take long to find them. The scene brought a smile to her face. "Junior indeed," She said softly, not letting them hear her.

Tools were spread out on the floor between Oliver and Luke, while her son activated his sonic and made adjustments. "I do like your focusing mechanism, Junior. Very clever."

"I was going to try to make it blend in, but I think it might be able to," Luke grinned as he flipped the mini lightsaber end over end in his hand and pressed a button which extended a small green glowing rod, "Hide in plain sight. No one is going to think it's weird if I have this 'toy' around with me. I'll just blame it on Clyde."

Oliver shook his head. "Well so long as you don't let Obi Wan Clyde con you into making him one." He finished making adjustments on a very familiar tool. "Pink is more your mum's shade but somehow it just lacks something in a sonic."

"Is the distress signal working?" Luke reached out for the new lipstick.

"Pretty keen on that function, eh?" Oliver grinned and nodded as he let the boy take it. "Ours, they're special because no one is the same as the last. Your mum's is a work of art in miniaturization. Full range of features plus a distress signal that activates ours." He watched as Luke triggered the signal with a tap and turn. Instantly both Luke's mini-lightsaber and Oliver's more traditional screwdriver, yet still unique with its rotating focus loops at the front, activated and gave off a low but very noticeable hum.

"I'm not incapable of taking care of myself," Sarah had been enchanted by their seeming father-son moment, but when they started veering too close to cosseting her it raised her ire.

"I'll go get her old one so you can retrofit it." Luke commented as he got to his feet, passing Sarah Jane but brushing a kiss to her cheek as he did.

"Oy, sucking up and leaving me to the executioners axe. Not cool, Lukey boy. Not cool at all." Oliver called after him. "We just worry. You know that, love." He got to his feet. "And it's a very pretty lipstick."

Sarah's heart melted as he called her love, but she fought hard to hang onto her anger. "And I don't worry? Oh, sometimes." She let out a noise of exasperation.

"No, I know you do." He held out her new lipstick, deactivating the signal waiting for her to take it. When she gave in and did, he twisted his own sonic in a new way. Suddenly the new lipstick activated and hummed just as his had. "See. And Luke's does the same if he activates the distress signal. And K-9 can focus in on it like a homing beacon."

Sarah suddenly felt very silly. "Well, you might have told me," she smiled slightly then punched him lightly in the arm. "So he can call us if he needs us."

"Yep, two parents to the rescue, no waiting." Oliver grinned and moved closer winding one arm around her waist. "So, do you like it?"

"I do," she leaned up and claimed his lips, their kisses had become more passionate in the weeks following their adventure with the alien book and Oliver's choice, though they still had their own rooms having yet to spend the night together.

Luke cleared his throat loudly, causing his mum and Oliver to split apart blushing. "Got it." He came down the rest of the stairs and handed the retrieved tool to Oliver.

"Thank you, Junior." Oliver grinned as Sarah rolled her eyes. "You know you could stop protesting. We both know you like it when I call him that."

"Put away your toys, boys. Tea is ready and you need to set the table." Sarah glanced back at Oliver with a flirting glance then disappeared back through to the kitchen.

"Right then," Oliver nodded at the boy he'd come to think of as his son. The pair of them scooped up the various bits and pieces they'd left in the middle of the floor and found a space for it on an end table, before following Sarah into the kitchen and looking to the task that she'd set out for them.

To anyone looking in they would have appeared to be an average, normal, if somewhat eccentric family on Bannerman Road. That thought had Sarah smiling to herself as she watched the boys tuck into their food then start discussing the latest science show they'd watched on the telly. Her boys. Her men. The thought never ceased to bring a smile to her face.

After gorging themselves on the meal that Sarah had cooked, Oliver stood "That was brilliant." Oliver claimed Sarah's lips as he passed her on the way to the sink with the dishes. "Wasn't that brilliant, Junior?"

"You're laying it on rather thick." Sarah pointed out. "You're doing the dishes, Oliver dear."

"Wouldn't think of getting out of it." Oliver shook his head.

"It really was brilliant, mum." Luke said as he stood and followed Oliver to the other room. "Dad's right." He disappeared wondering how long it would take to register with his mum.

For a few moments, Sarah Jane fixated on the puzzle of what the pair of them could be trying to get away with and missed what Luke had called Oliver. When it did register, she followed the pair of them into the kitchen. "First Junior and now Dad is it? Is this some sort of hint? You know traditionally the man asks." She certainly hoped it wasn't because they weren't sharing more than a few very passionate kisses yet and she wasn't ready for another rushed marriage, even if this one wasn't being prompted by the Pantheon of Discord.

"Didn't think you were much into tradition, Sarah Jane." Oliver said with his back to her. He could hear the trepidation in her voice. "When I decide it's time to ask you, you'll know." He turned after drying his hands and leaned against the counter, crossing his ankles.

"Good to know." Sarah's eyes narrowed as she tried to figure out what they were up to.

"Mum," Luke met her gaze. "I guess… I was sort of worried that you wouldn't be happy that I wanted to call Oliver Dad." He shrugged slightly, while Oliver looked at her son with open affection.

"And this was your way of asking me?" Sarah Jane couldn't keep the amusement off of her face. "For a pair of clever men, you are still men aren't you?" She walked to Luke and took his shoulders. "I'm very happy you care as much for Oliver as I do, Luke. You feel strongly for him, just like I do." She ducked her head, a bit embarrassed by her admission, "So then why would I be unhappy that you want to call him dad?"

Oliver sniffed and grinned at Luke, "See I told you. She's completely dotty for me."

"And that's all there's to it?" Sarah looked at Oliver seriously. "No plots to determine if he's genetically yours, or…"

"That stuff doesn't matter." Oliver said, drawing himself up then turning back to the dishes. "Junior and I need to load his car for the return trip to Oxford tomorrow."

For a moment she considered volunteering to help, but then realized that Oliver and Luke needed to continue to forge that father-son bond that she had found so enchanting. "Alright then, I'll leave the pair of you to it. I can see where I'm not wanted." She grinned then turned on her heel, "For the record, I am not dotty about you, Oliver."

Everyone in the room knew she was lying through her teeth.

It was sometime later when Sarah woke after falling asleep reading on her couch in the attic, her senses full of the scent of Oliver and the feel of him cradling her to his chest. "Could have waked me," she yawned, then in complete opposition to what she'd said she snuggled further into his chest.

"I know," Oliver said looking down at her with affection. "You're just too adorable when you're sleeping."

"Mmmm," she sighed contentedly then murmured. "Love you, Oliver."

Oliver's heart raced, even though she was still mostly asleep and probably not aware of what she'd said. Knowing she wouldn't hear, he murmured in answer. "I love you too, m…" he stopped midway through the word he so wanted to put there then continued, "… Sarah Jane."