A/N: Thanks for the review, penguinsskrp. Takes place at the end of 1x5, when we see Bishop smiling as the Father is being led away, after showing Bishop what Aiden had done.

It was so simple and obvious Bishop didn't know how he had missed it. He'd tried to seduce Aiden back, with the Blood House and then Rebecca. But Aiden's will power was too great, and that hadn't worked. Then he brought in the Priest, for reasons that had nothing to do with Aiden, and look what had happened… The old wisdom of when you quit looking for something you find it , was so very true.

The irony of it was delightful. The things Aiden did out of anger at Bishop, brought him closer to Bishop and the family. The Priest had called Aiden a psychopath; and he himself had admitted Aiden could be an animal. It had been a long time since Aiden had been called either. It had been a long time since he'd deserved to be called either. Sure, he'd taunted Aiden about the state Rebecca had been left in, but that was the Blood Lust, the Hunger. It hadn't been intentional. What Aiden had done to the Priest… That had been very intentional. Very deliberate. Very brutal. The old Aiden. His Aiden.

And the best part, was Aiden didn't even see that every time he lashed out in anger, he was bringing himself back to Bishop. He acted not like the weakling that made Bishop sick (he hadn't been lying about that), but like the Aiden Bishop remembered and wanted back at his right hand, as his most trusted and effective lieutenant. Yes. Anger was the key. He'd have Aiden - his Aiden, not this weak imposter - back soon enough.