Veela Prince

Summary : Harry's life is never simple. So when he walks downstairs to find Malfoy demanding to be his veela mate, what does life have in stock for him this time?

Life was never simple for Harry. To be honest, he never had time to relax and he didn't expect the summer holidays to be relaxing at all.

Harry James Potter was no ordinary boy. In fact, he was a wizard and he couldn't wait to go over to his friend's house for the rest of the summer holidays.

"Boy!" Vemon Dursley roared from downstairs. Harry sighed and Hedwig hooted at him pitifully from her cage.

"Guess I'll have to see what they want now." He murmured before slumping out of the room and made his way downstairs.

And he certainly wasn't expecting to see a blond haired boy waiting for him on the settee.

"M-Malfoy? What are you doing here?" He spluttered and he blushed quickly as he realized how rude he sounded. But yet, he couldn't decide what was worst for him, The Dursleys or Malfoy.

Draco rolled his eyes, smirking.

"Surprised to see me?" He asked and he entwined his hands together, resting them on his lap.

"What the ruddy hell is going on here?" Vernon asked angrily and Petunia and Dudley walked in. Dudley looked nothing more than a fat pig walking on two legs.

Malfoy chuckled lightly. "Patience muggle. You'll find out soon enough." Harry shivered slightly at his voice and Malfoy turned to look at him.

"Just tell us why you're here before we kick you out." Vernon said as he and his family stood next to the fireplace.

Malfoy licked his lips and sat back in his chair.

"I have just recently found out that I am a Veela." A blank and puzzled looks came upon Harry and the rest of the Dursleys and Draco sighed.

"Neither one of you know what a Veela is?" They shook their heads and Draco clicked his tongue shamefully at them. "Tut. Well, I will guess I shall have to explain what a Veela is then. Veela's are a race of semi-human, semi-magical creatures. My grandmother from my father's side was a Veela and only recently we have discovered that I was too. A Veela is very seductive," he whispered and licked his lips in Harry's direction. "But one thing to warn you. Never anger a Veela." Suddenly, Draco's eyes darkened and Harry wondered what would happen if he angered him but dared not ask. He turned to look at the Dursleys and saw them shivering in fright at Draco's dark eyes.

"But why are you telling us this? There is more to it isn't there?" Harry whispered.

Draco nodded.

"You are right. There is more. But I'm afraid you will not like it. My Veela side is getting restless and desperate. I have gone for so long without a mate that my Veela side is dying." None of this went into Harry head. But when he blinked and shook his head his eyes widened in shock.

"Mate?" He asked horrified.

Draco nodded.

"Yes. You Potter will be my mate," He growled.

Dudley sniggered. "Potter's got a boyfriend!"

Harry raised his hands defensively

"Oh no. I am not being gay and that's final. Haven't you noticed that I am dating Ginny at the moment?" Harry retorted.

Draco rolled his eyes.

"Of course I have noticed. And as for that, you will have to dump her in order to be with me. Nobody refuses a Malfoy Potter,"

Harry shook his head furiously.

"I want you to get out," He said, his hand pointing towards the exit and Malfoy looked angry at first, angry at being denied but he quickly hid it and stood up. Smartening himself and getting rid of the dust of his clothes even when there wasn't any.

"Very well. But do not deny it Potter, I will be your mate one day." He said and with a sharp nod towards the Dursleys he left the room. Closing the front door with a bang.

There was a tense silence in the room and before Harry could even move, Vemon grabbed him roughly by the arm and shoved him against the pink wall.

"What was that about?" He demanded, shaking Harry. "Are you turning gay as well?" He said, disgusted.

Harry glared at him. "Haven't you been listening at all? I am not gay and I never will be. Malfoy and I have been enemies since our first year and of course, I am dating Ginny. Now, let go," He hissed and Vemon stood back in shock as Harry quickly pushed past him.

Harry walked up the stairs, taking three at a time and he barged into his room, making the door slam into Hedwig's cage and she hooted angrily at him as he laid down on his bed, shaking.

What had just happened? Draco Malfoy did not just demand him to be his mate at his own home and where the hell did he get his address from?

He was so confused.

Wasn't Draco supposed to be a death eater? Wasn't he supposed to work for the dark lord?

Uneasiness crawled down his spine and he looked up at the ceiling.

He needed to tell someone.

He couldn't tell Ron, Ron would freak out. Not Ginny…not beautiful sweet and kind Ginny.

He suddenly sat up straight and looked across the room, startling Hedwig and he rushed over to his desk, tripping over things on the way and quickly he grabbed some parchment and quill.

Dear Hermione,

Today, something really weird happened. Malfoy visited my house and told me some disturbing news. I can't explain fully on the letter in case it will go astray but could we meet up near Private drive somewhere? Where I first saw Padfoot?

I really need to talk to someone about it and it seems you are the only person who can.

Please respond to me as soon as possible.


Harry reread his letter, when satisfied he rolled it and walked over to Hedwig's cage who glared at Harry.

Harry sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry for all the disturbance but I need you to deliver this to Hermione." Her eyes brightened a bit and she edge closer to the door. Harry unlocked it and she flew to Harry's shoulder.

He walked over to the window, Hedwig ruffling her wings before flying and gently she took the letter out of Harry's hand and flew into the sunset.

Harry sighed.

His life was never simple.