Title: Veela Prince

Author: SeverusHermioneForever

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Warnings: Lots of slash dudes. Weasley bashing.

Disclaimer: Holds up battered copy of the Half-Blood Prince* Nope, I don't own it. Clearly it all belongs to J.K apart from the characters you do not recognise.

Note: For those who are German, Veela Prince is being translated into German. It's also being translated into french by an awesome friend of mine, both links are on my profile as well so go check them out.

It was cold and Harry felt himself flying through the cold air. His wings spread out and he let out a laugh at over how free he was.

Free. Freedom.

He gave a twirl in the air and a back flip before plunging forwards.

Fly little Veela. Fly like the blackbirds in the sky.

Clouds were all around him and lazily, he dipped his finger into a cloud, letting it trail as he flew on. Oh what a delight! He didn't care about what was below or above him, all he cared about was the freedom that he had. Oh, how much he had to pay for it, but for the price of this freedom, it was worth it.

He saw a figure ahead and he smiled and let out a call, knowing who this figure was. Once again, he did a cartwheel and flew faster towards him. The figure smiled and flew to join him and at once, warm lips matched his.

Harry fiercely held onto Black and wrapped his wings around him, both twirling in the sky as they bit and kissed each other.

"Yess," Black whispered. "Come Rouge, Come for me,"

Harry tightly pressed himself against Black and his Veela soared with happiness. Nearly completed...The transformation nearly finished...

And then, Harry felt himself falling, falling into the darkest of holes. Black nowhere to be found.

He panicked. Where was his mate? He let out a strangled cry, but nobody was around to save him.

Fly little Veela. Don't let yourself fall. Fly like the blackbirds in the sky. Fly like the ravens that creep into your nightmares.

And as much as Harry kept trying to fly, his wings felt broken.

A pair of yellow eyes appeared in the blackness and Harry tried to get away, but he couldn't and the eyes came closer and closer.

And he screamed.

Harry awoke with a jolt, sweat formed on his forehead and he quickly wiped it off.

What the hell had that been about?

He looked over to where the others were still sleeping, and thankfully they were still asleep. He took one quick look at the alarm clock and realized he had half an hour before going down to the great hall.

Who was Black? Who was Rouge?

He stretched and made to get ready. Slowly and quietly, he walked out of the common room and to the Owlery, pulling his jacket tightly to keep warm.

It was cold and frosty up in the High tower and he quickly found Hedwig who flew towards him.

"I had an unusual dream Hedwig," He said and he gently stroked her as he sat near the window, watching the grounds below.

He then told her all about it. He eyed the black owls carefully, as though afraid that they will turn into something nasty. Like the yellow eyes.

He sighed and he was about to go when the door opened and Luna Lovegood walked in.

"Oh," She said and she awkwardly looked down at the floor. Harry looked to the right, unsure of what to do.

"I guess..I'll come later," She muttered and made her way out.

"Wait!" Harry said and Luna stopped and looked at him. "You can post your letter, I don't mind."

Luna gave a slight smile. "Thank you," She said and made her way over to an school owl. "How are you?" She asked, the first to break the silence.

"I'm okay, you?"

"I'm better. Are we doing anymore Dumbledore's Army this year? I really missed it last year," She said, watching the owl fly off in the distance and once again, Harry found himself back to the dream.

Fly little Veela. Fly like the blackbirds in the sky.

"No," He replied. "Not this year,"

Luna looked disappointed. "Oh. I rather enjoyed them. You'll make a great teacher Harry,"She walked to the door again but she stopped and turned to look at him.

"Is it true that you are friends with Draco?" She asked.

Harry looked bewildered at her. How did she know?


"It's Hogwarts. News travels fast around here,She gave a slight grin. "So it is true?"

Harry knew that there was no escape in this so with a sigh, he nodded. Luna let out a smile.

"That's great. I hope that one day we can get over the House prejudices,She gave a wishful sigh. "One day,"

"I guess," He said and he, somehow to found himself wishing the same thing. "We are all humans after all,"

She nodded in agreement. "Something's troubling you Harry. Have I disturbed a deep thought?"

He shook his head. But in reality, she had. "No," He said. Luna let out a small smile.

"You're a terrible liar. I have haven't I?" Harry slowly nodded. Not wanting to anger Luna. "It's the Nargles again. They mess around with your head and emotions," She gave a small smile. "Well, I'll see you around Harry,"

"See you Luna," He said and with that, Luna turned on her heels and skipped out of the room, her long blond hair flowing behind her.

Harry sat there, Hedwig still on his arm and he gave a slight shake of his head.

"Guess I better be going then,"He gave Hedwig a quick stroke before she flew off to her stand.

He walked over to the door and once again eyed the black owls and their yellow eyes carefully before closing the door behind him.

Fly little Veela. Let your broken wings fly at last.