"You've been a bad influence on my daughter!" Ivan calls out when he hears the door clatter. He is positioned in his very favorite chair, surrounded by maps, plans, and seven open books; in other words, he is perfectly content.

She laughs, and he hears her in the kitchen; probably putting down some dinner she decided she had to make for him. He's perfectly fine, of course; just because he's a studious bachelor doesn't mean he can't take care of himself.

"Really," he continues, at the same volume, "she's more like a Fire Adept than a Wind. It's clearly your fault."

Jenna appears in the doorway, with a distant smile hanging around her face. "I think she's quite a lot like Sheba."

His mouth quirks up, and he laughs, pushing up his glasses as he does so. "I suppose you're right."

"When am I not?" She unfolds the letter that he hadn't noticed her clutching, and shoves in his face. "Speaking of Karis, I finally got Isaac's letter. I wondered how long it would be until he let us know what was going on."

Ivan quickly scans the note, and his still-youthful brow furrows. "If it was anybody but Isaac," he sighs, "I'd be mad at him for sending my daughter off on an adventure without even asking my permission."

Jenna leans against the wall and takes the letter back, folding into her pocket. "I'm sure they'll get caught up in all kinds of trouble."

"Matthew will probably get them talked into helping everybody they meet," Ivan murmurs, his eyes sparkling at her.

"Well, Karis will probably find some boy to fall head-over-heels for," Jenna counters, raising her eyebrows at him with mirth.

Ivan grumbles, "She better not," and Jenna giggles. She leans over and messes up his poofy hair.

"Are you afraid of your little angel leaving you?" she teases gently.

He smirks. "I'm more afraid for the boy that would take her away."

"Overprotective daddy doesn't suit you," she says with glimmering eyes. "Anyway, papa wolf, are you going to eat or what? This stew won't stay warm forever."

He follows her, but can't resist one last jab. "Are you going to be a dragon of a mother-in-law when Matthew meets the girl of his dreams?"

Jenna turns back to face him, and shows her teeth. "I won't disappoint."