"Hey mike." "What." "Did you hear about todays test?" "Umm." "AWNSER ME." "No." (bell rings) "Oh no." "Good day class." "good day John." "MIKE." "What." "How many times have I told you to call me Mr. Gooda!" " So you want me to call you Mr. Gooda Cheese?" "NO NO NO NO NO!" " Se Mr. cheese gooda?" "NO NO NO NO no no no no." " Nice job Mike, You sent Mr. Gooda," "CHEESE." "to the ER." " Hey you guys are sub is Mrs. You no who." "Good mourning boys and girls." "Good mourning Mrs. Gooda, CHEESE." "So, you must be Jackson." (in a girly voice) "Why, Yes I am." "So, here is your test miss." (boy walkes up) "Madam, I'm done." " Wow Ben ( Pulls Out a peace of paper with holes and grades it) "man, I can just fill in all the bubbels and get all the awnsers right!" And that is how young mike got an A+++ on his test.

Now I did this all for fun so enjoy.