Title: I Creamed My Pants (Severus' POV)

Rating: Definitely M

Main Character/s: Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Summary: Ron and Hermione slip under the invisibility cloak and follow Harry to his detention with Professor Snape where they get a huge shock.

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A/N: Wow it's been a while since I've read this story and reading it now I could see how…long the beginning was in the previous chapter. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Severus cast a tempus and felt his blood heat in anticipation when he saw the time. Harry should be done any minute for his "detention" and he couldn't wait. Ever since Harry's seventeenth birthday where they first made love, they've been all over each other. They weren't in their honeymoon stage as that had passed the previous year when they started dating, but they still couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Not to mention the fact that Harry was a seventeen year old, so of course he wanted sex more and more. And Severus, well, it wasn't any problem for him to keep up. He was in his prime for wizards and just the thought of getting his hands on that young skin had him primed and ready for the young man.

But now, they were fulfilling each other's fantasies and it was Harry's turn. Of course, Harry also planned for Granger and Weasley to "discover" them at the same time. That alone diminished his arousal, but it came back quick as he got everything ready because he knew as soon as they were in character and he got Harry naked, he would block out everything else around them.

He couldn't wait.

Checking to make sure everything was ready; he sat behind his desk, grabbed his quill, and precisely at eight there was a knock on the door. Steeling himself, he called out, "Enter!"

Harry opened the door and Severus suppressed a smirk at the way his glasses back on and looked like the annoying brat that he taught time ago. It diminished the power of his eyes, but as long as he could in fact see those glowing green eyes then he was happy.

"I'm here for detention sir," Harry said shyly.

He saw a peek of shoes slip past Harry, but didn't show that he had seen Granger and Weasley slipping in. He stayed in character.

"Thank you for stating the obvious Mr. Potter," Severus drawled from behind his desk. He sneered. "Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to shut the door?"

Harry blushed prettily and turned to shut the door before turning back to Severus and walking up to his desk. "Sit down Mr. Potter. We have much to discuss."

"Yes sir," he mumbled and sat in the chair that was had been placed in front of the desk.

Severus leaned back in his chair after putting down his quill and looked at Harry. He contemplated how he should go about this and spoke, making sure to drawl his words with a low voice, knowing what it did to Harry.

"Mr. Potter, it seems that detentions aren't doing anything for your behavior, rule breaking, and you aren't improving your technique in brewing a potion. As loath as I am to say this, you do excellent when it comes to theory but you are horrible at actually brewing a potion."

"But sir, it was Malfoy! He keeps throwing things in my cauldron to mess it up."

"Mr. Potter," he snapped—'Merlin this was easy to play!'—before adding a growl to his words, "I will not tolerate any lies. Furthermore, I wish to inform you that with all the detentions you're receiving, and with you dismal attempt at potion brewing, I'm going to have to fail you."

"But sir!"


Harry snapped his mouth shut and stayed silent.

"However, I have come up with a way for you to raise your grade, because Merlin knows if I tried to fail you I wouldn't hear the end of it from my coworkers."

"Really! Oh thank you sir. What is it?"

He had to refrain from saying that he had an oral exam for him as that was just way too cliché and Severus Snape was anything but cliché. So, standing up from his desk, he walked around until he was standing right in front of Harry. He was right at his stomach and just knowing what he was going to do next, it sent his blood on fire and filled him with anticipation. His gut clenched just thinking about those pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock.

Severus eyed Harry up and down before ordering, "On your knees."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise before meekly questioning, "Sir?"

"I said on your knees Potter!"

Harry hesitantly lowered down to his knees and looked up at Severus. He eyed the young man again before moving forward. Severus had to control himself before he showed his hands which trembled with excitement. Severus started opening his robes and then unzipped his pants before pulling out his half hard dick.

"Suck me Potter." When Harry hesitated, eyeing Severus' cock, Snape fisted Harry's hair and jerked him forward until his cock was rubbing against Harry's pretty pink lips. "Suck me now, Potter."

Harry glanced up at him before he slowly wrapped his hand around Severus. He nearly moaned at the "innocent" touch and the way he whispered, "It's so big," before his pink tongue came out and licked Severus' head.

He licked at him like a kitten drinking milk before finally wrapping those lips around his cock, stretching to accommodate him. So tight, wet, and hot. Harry hesitantly bobbed his head, sucking and slurping. Severus couldn't stop himself from moaning and groaning, nearly losing control when Harry hollowed his cheeks.

Merlin the man had a talented mouth.

His fingers gripped Harry's hair tighter, keeping his head still as he thrust, bucking and fucking his mouth by thrusting his cock deeper into the tight wet heat. Felt so good.

Harry peeked up at him and Severus knew that mischievous look and barely had time to prepare for the little twisting heat that nearly sent him over the edge.

Growling, he pulled out of Harry with a pop and stepped back. "Stand up," he ordered and knew that Harry could see that his little trick had earned him a rougher love making. His Harry liked to test his control.

Harry stood up and Severus vanished his clothes with a swish of his wand, making Harry stand there completely nude while he stayed completely dressed, except for his pants opened.

He took his time to look at the flushed nude body before him and didn't even hide licking his lips in hunger. He was hungry and he wasn't about to wait to have a taste. "Bend over the desk."

The young man bent over the clear desk, displaying his wonderful ass. Harry's body was wonderful; muscular from Quidditch, flushed and hard with arousal. He was sex and temptation on legs. Temptation that Granger and Weasley dipped into.

That thought almost had him send a hex to the couple in the corner, but he remembered Harry wanted this, so he pushed the thought away and turned his entire focus back to Harry.

He stood behind Harry, cupping and rubbing his ass before he spanked it. It was spontaneous, and he didn't regret it. The scream that came from the young man hardened his cock and made it twitch. The pale globe pinked at his hand and the sight slammed pleasure through him like a train. He raised his hand and spanked him again, Harry crying out and clutching onto the desk. Again and again he spanked Harry's ass, his hand coming down and filling the room with his smacks, Harry's globes reddening by his hand.

Eventually he stopped. He cooled his hands with a simple silent spell and soothed his cooling hands over the red stinging flesh, Harry's sigh letting him know that he loved it. His mark stained Harry's ass red and he loved it. No one else, no one else spanked Harry. Not even the two voyeurs in the corner. No, that was his, along with Harry.

"Beautiful," Severus murmured lowly.

Harry gave a small little moan and when he looked, he saw how hard Harry was from his spanking. He was rock hard, practically dripping wet, and the way the younger man's body vibrated under his hands, he could tell it was taking a lot for him not to rut against the smooth clean wood.

"Please," he heard Harry whisper. A plea that sang to Severus.

"Please what?" Severus asked as his hands spread Harry's ass cheeks. The little pucker winking, begging to be filled. He felt that hunger spread through him again, he could just taste Harry's begging hole and made a promise to taste him as soon as possible after this. So delicious.

He silently lubricated the hole while Harry moaned, "Please." Severus circled Harry's waiting hole and pushed his thumb in. His thumb pushed in and out slowly, letting Harry get used to it but not giving him enough to touch his prostate and send him over. Not long before he added his other thumb and started stretching him, Harry's moans spurring him on. His hips bucking back onto his thumbs just adding to the pleasure. He couldn't wait to get his cock inside him.


"Please what Potter?" Severus growled with an unexpected spank. It just happened.

Harry cried out and clawed at the table. "Fuck me! Fuck me please!"

"Such a dirty mouth for such an innocent," Snape drawled. 'Innocent my arse.' But none the less, he coated his cock with lubricant and thrust into Harry. Hard. Without pause.

Harry cried out again as he grabbed onto the edge of the desk for something to hold onto.

The fucking heat! The tightness! It nearly crossed his eyes. Severus moaned as he leaned over Harry's spread upper body and slowly pulled out before thrusting back in fast and hard.

"Look at you," Severus growled in Harry's ear. "I wish the world," moan "could see you now," Severus said as he started pounding into Harry. He couldn't hold back with the way Harry was bucking back on him and tightening his muscles. "See their favorite savior," moan "bent over a desk for his - Fuck! - professor. Taking my cock," he emphasized by grabbing Harry's shoulders and ramming into him. "Taking my cock like some whore."

Harry moaned out loud at his crude words and his ass clenched tighter around Severus' cock. Soon, when he couldn't hold on much longer, he wrapped his hand around Harry's cock and started stroking him to match his thrusts and soon. Harry released all over his hand and desk while Severus released in Harry, coating his walls with his cum and marking his from the inside out.

Severus slumped against Harry's back, draping him with his body and tried to catch his breath. Harry was panting beneath him, his lungs working to gather air.

Once he caught his breath, he chuckled as he remembered Harry's little innocent act from earlier. He loved when Harry was mischievous and initiated things, but he also loved it when he played the innocent act. It was what he imagined Harry would be like if Severus had gotten to have him first and take his virginity. And Harry knew all of that and used it in a time when Severus was supposed to be in control.

Just went to show that Harry may be the bottom but he sure as hell had the conrol.

Severus leaned up to hover over Harry who turned his head to look at him. "It's so big?" he questioned as he stared down at Harry, smiling. And Harry smiled back.

"Well, yeah."

He shook his head and pulled out of Harry, who moaned, and cleaned them up before turning Harry over and scooting him further onto the desk so he was lying down. "Nice virgin act," he said as he leaned over Harry to give him a kiss as he removed Harry's old glasses. He didn't want anything distracting his view of Harry's eyes. "I almost believed it."

Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him, long and slow, before Severus pulled back. "So…" he asked, "did I fulfill your fantasy?"

"Yes Sev," Harry smiled as he got off the desk and started looking for his clothes while he merely tucked his spent cock back in his pants.

"I have to say I'm a little disappointed in you Harry. It was such a cliché."

"Well excuse me," Harry huffed as he came out from under the desk with his clothes. "But when you asked me about one of my fantasies I was spent, exhausted, and in the process of falling asleep. And whose job is it to make it not a cliché?"

Severus thought back to that night when he asked for one of Harry's fantasies and oh Merlin was that a wild night. Luckily it had happened on the weekend so they didn't have to make an appearance in the morning as they wouldn't have been able to. Severus was sure Harry sucked some of his brain through his cock and he was sure he knocked Harry's ability to stand while thrusting into him.

He shook his head to clear it to watch Harry step into his pants. "Yes that was a fun night."

Harry shook his head. "You know I worry about you sometimes. I'm starting to think you're obsessed with sex."

"I have to with a seventeen year old fiancé."

Harry smiled, like he always did whenever Severus called him his fiancé, and zipped up his pants. "Yes. I'm just surprised you can keep up with me old man."

His eyebrow shot up. "Old man?" He was no old man.

He stared at Harry with a look that said, "I'll show you old man," and when he took a step forward, Harry giggled before turning and running. Severus right behind him on the chase. "Brat," he said and followed after the little minx, quickly catching him with a tackle that took them to the couch.

Pinning the young man down, his long fingers ran over Harry's midsection and tickled him.

Harry's laughs filled the room and Severus basked in it, tickling him more. "S-Stop! Sev!" he laughed.

"Say it Harry," he said, continuing to tickle Harry without mercy.

"No!" he shouted between laughs.

"Say it."

Harry shook his head back and forth, his laughs still falling from his mouth before finally he cried, "Severus Snape is a sex god!"

Smirking, he stared down into the smiling face of Harry Potter and leaned down for a kiss, a proper kiss that melted him from the inside out. Harry's arms wrapped around his neck as he deepened the kiss, lazily licking his tongue and tasting his mouth.

Severus wrapped his arms around Harry and picked him up, carrying him to their bedroom and laying him out on the bed. Granger and Weasley had left with the door locking behind them automatically, so that was taken care of. They didn't have to worry about Harry having to rush back to the dorm yet since now Granger and Weasley knew. And the fact that they didn't try to curse Severus was a good sigh.


He took Harry's pants right back off before removing his clothes and slipping in next to Harry, the younger man instantly turning to him and lying practically half on top of him. The brat loved to drape him while they slept, not that he was complaining. It was comforting, even more so as Harry's little finger thread through his hair.

They talked a little about the voyeurs and how they watched them. He hadn't wanted to and he knew he had been taking a chance of getting hexed by Harry's protective friends but Harry had wanted Weasley and Granger to see how they were together instead of them telling them. Severus thought it was a long shot, but when he hadn't been hexed, he knew Weasley and Granger were either in too much shock or they accepted them together.

"Yes, well, it was a onetime thing. Don't expect it to happen again. You're mine now and I'm not going to share you." He tightened his arm around Harry and kissed him to emphasize his point.

Harry smiled with a hum when Severus pulled back and, again, Severus was struck with how beautiful Harry was. Sometimes he wondered how he got so lucky to not only go on a date with Harry, for him to stay with him, but also for him to accept his wedding proposal.

"Okay," Harry whispered before tucking his head under Severus' chin and instantly falling asleep. Severus chuckled and kissed the top of Harry's head before staring up at the ceiling.

They weren't planning to marry until Harry graduated and even then they planned something very small, only family and close friends. But it wasn't so much the wedding he was looking forward to but the life after. Severus smiled because he knew his life with Harry was going be fun and full of surprises. He held onto Harry tighter as sleep took him and sent him into dreams about a life with Harry that he couldn't wait for.

The End.

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