Summary: After seeing Sam flirt with Danny all day, Dash takes Danny to his house.

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I'm Yours


His back hit the wall before the door to Dash's room even finished closing. They were tearing at each other's clothes and Danny couldn't think clearly with the way Dash was assaulting his neck. His head tipped back as far as it could go with the wall behind him and held onto Dash's strong shoulders.

"Ugh Dash please," Danny groaned as he wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist after his pants had been ripped off him.

Dash growled and grabbed him by the hair and brought his face to his so that their lips crashed together in a hard - almost violent - heated kiss. Danny felt Dash's fingers pumping in and out of him, making him groan and rub against Dash as best he could so he could take the fingers but also rub his erection that was sandwiched between them.

"Say you're mine Danny," Dash whispered in his ear as he removed his fingers and placed the tip of his cock at Danny's entrance. "Say it!" he barked as he pushed Danny more into the wall.

"Ugh yes! Yes! I'm yours! Please Dash!"

Dash growled and plunged into Danny, both screaming at the pleasure sensation that shot through them. "Fuck! Danny!"

He pulled out and rammed back in; Danny clawing at Dash's back and Dash's grip on Danny's hips bruising. Their lips meeting in again the violent but passionate kiss that said they were each others.

Their joining was fast, hard, practically brutal, but none the less delicious and passionate.

"Dash," Danny gasped. "I'm go-going to co-"

"Come for me Danny," Dash whispered in his ear as he stroked his cock. "Now."

Danny exploded, his come covering their chests and Dash's hand as his ass clenched around Dash's cock, bringing him to his climax.

Danny felt spent in Dash's arms, completely limp, sated, and useless to the world, and in a strength that was only Dash, he carried him to the bed where they both collapsed in an exhausted pile of flesh. Danny curled into Dash's side, smiling when Dash's arm wrapped around him, and immediately fell asleep. Planning to wake up in a while so they could go at it again. Maybe not as hard and fast, but slow and long.