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Danny looked behind him and again shook his head. It was the championship football game and surprisingly they were in it. It wasn't that they had a bad team, but since Danny's entered high school, the football team had a habit of making it all the way to the semifinals before losing. So the fact that they made it, was great, the fact that they were winning so far, even better.

He was sitting with Sam, Tucker, and Jazz in the stands and behind them was his parents, the Baxters, and Vlad and his lover. It was easy to see how his dad and Vlad used to be in college before Vlad's obsession with his mother got in the way. Vlad was actually dressed in jeans and button down shirt with a coat on since it was winter. He was cheering with his dad and Mr. Baxter; they were the loudest in the stands. Mrs. Baxter, mom, and Kostas were mostly quiet with their own talking, though there was the occasional outburst from his mother and had Danny groaning each time. He was sure they were going to be kicked out with her language, especially when Mrs. Baxter joined. Kostas spoke in rapid Greek at some points but Danny was sure there were a few swear words in there.

"Dude, I think we're gonna get kicked out if they keep that up," Tucker whispered.

"Yeah," he snorted. "I'm sure. Though, I can hear some of the things the other team is saying all the way over here and if we get kicked out, so do they."

Danny's been feeling real good all day. The pep-rally had got his blood pumping in excitement, didn't help that Dash had been practically beaming the whole time. After they got out of school halfway through the day, Dash had dragged him to his house and had his wicked way with him for a few hours before he had to go back to get ready, dropping Danny off at home on the way.

Then when he got to the stadium and made it inside, Dash had ambushed him under the stands for a little good luck kiss. The smile on Dash's face had him smiling himself and he had deepened the kiss for a little extra luck. They hit the last ten minute mark and they watched with dread as the other team made a touchdown.

"Damn it!" Mr. Baxter cursed and if Danny heard something worse out of his mother's mouth, then he didn't say anything.

"Calm down. We have ten minutes, something could happen," he said.

Vlad ruffled his hair, which Danny hated and tried to bat his hand way, before speaking. "Oh, Little Badger, they're fourteen points up."

"Well, Fruit Loop, have faith. Crazier things have happened." And he looked at him with a raised eyebrow, a move he learned from the man himself. A silent agreement went between them because yes, crazier things have happened. They were both halfas after all.

The stands cheered and booed as the game continued, at one point Danny thought a mob was going to take out the referee when he made a certain idiotic call, but another referee quickly remedied that with fixing the call. Casper high came up nine points and all they needed was one touchdown to win the game. Just one.

They were at the forty yard line and Casper High had the ball.


The ball snapped back and Dash caught it, and looking for an open man, he threw the ball to Kwan right before someone tackled him. Kwan caught the ball and turned, ran and dodging other players he made for the end of the field. Danny saw a player coming from his side and going for the tackle, he took Kwan down hard. But not before Kwan stepped over the line for a touchdown.

The referee blew the whistle with his arms up in a touchdown and the crowd went wild. Danny cheered and hugged Sam and Tucker, and then squeaked when he was lifted in the air and bounced up and down. He looked at who had him and laughed when it was Mr. Baxter, grinning from ear to ear.

What happened afterwards was just mayhem and before Danny knew it he was again being lifted in the air but this time by a freshly showered and beaming Dash. Smiling back, he wrapped his legs around Dash's waist and kissed him back, sucking on the insistent tongue that passed his lips. "Congratulations," he gasped when he finally pulled back. "You did great Dash."

"Thanks Danny."

"Uh-hum!" They both looked over to see the others looking amused and Danny blushed as he unlocked his legs and slid down Dash's wonderful hard body. Dash just smiled back while keeping his arm around Danny and against his side.

"Hey guys."

"You did great Dash," Mrs. Baxter cried before rushing forward and enveloping him in a hug. Danny finally pulled a bit away from Dash so his parents could give him a hug and Danny's parents could congratulate him too. Vlad didn't know Dash but he still stepped up to give him a handshake.

"Thanks. Listen, there's a party to celebrate at Kwan's house, can we go?" And again Dash pulled him against his side. "The others too?" he added with a nod to Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. Danny knew that Dash still wasn't a big fan of Sam, she neither a fan of Dash, but he wasn't leaving her out of the celebration.

"I'm fine with it," mom said with a glance to dad. He looked reluctant but eventually nodded when his mom gave him the elbow to his side.

"Just be safe and we'll see you tomorrow for breakfast at IHOP like we planned," Mrs. Baxter added.

Danny didn't miss the wink Mr. Baxter gave Dash or the look his own dad sent the blonde. "Dad," he hissed and snorted as he tried to look innocent.

"Come on guys," Dash said and they all headed to the parking lot, chatting about the game and how it felt to finally win a championship. The three slid into the backseat while Danny took the passenger, smiling when he looked over Dash and remembered what they did on that front seat. Dash smirked back and followed the traffic all the way to Kwan's house that was already blaring music and filling with people.

Danny was about to get out of the car when Dash's hand stopped him. He looked back at Dash but he wasn't looking at him. "You guys go ahead and party. I just want to talk to Danny a bit."

He sat silently while the others got out and smiled when the door closed and Dash leaned over for a kiss. "I remember what happened the last time you did this," he said against Dash's lips with a smile.

"Don't worry," Dash assured with a smirk and flick of his tongue to his lips, "I won't molest you in front of Kwan's house."

His snort was cut off by Dash's lips and tongue. He sighed as Dash tipped his head back and trailed his lips down to nibble on his neck. "I saw you in the crowd," he said.

Wow. The crowd on their side had been large, it's amazing Dash could have found him, especially with how small he was and some of the people in front of him hadn't exactly been average height. "Really?"

"Hmm," he hummed, soothing his tongue over his pulse, "could find you anywhere in a crowd."

"Wow, how cheesy," he chuckled, shortly moaning when Dash bit his neck, his fingers that were threaded in his hair giving him a short yank. "It is," he persisted.

"Yeah, well, if we lost it would have been your fault."

Danny pulled back and stared at Dash. "Are you serious? Are you… You are serious. How the hell would it have been my fault while I'm up in the stands and you're the one on the field?"

"Every time I looked up, there you were all perfect and glowing and so sexy. It's distracting. So…if we lost, it clearly would have been your fault for distracting me."

He glared at the look on Dash's face. Like he made sense and he didn't understand why Danny wasn't getting it. "You-You are the most idiotic person I've ever met," he said with his arms beginning to wave the more he got going. "Really, I mean, are you really that desperate to place blame that you would blame me. I would have loved to have seen that. "Dash, what happened out there to make you lose the game?" "Oh, it was my boyfriend. He was up in the stands, looking perfect. So really, don't blame me. Blame him." Mob coming my way because everyone would listen to the quarterback and then you'd have to protect me, though I wouldn't want your protection for putting me in the position in the first place. I can't believe you. You Neanderthal jackass, blaming me for something I can't control. And I am not perfect. I mean, honestly, how you think me—"

"I think we should get married after college."

"—Danny Fenton, perfect. I don't get it. And another thing…" He blinked as he rewind and finally caught on to what Dash just said. "Y… What?"

"Yeah, I think after college we should get married. Nothing big and definitely not right away since we would want to make a bit of a living before that. What do you think?"

All Danny could do was blink. What the…? "Are you high?" he asked, narrowing his eyes to look closely at him. "Do you have a fever?" He raised his hand to put it against Dash's forehead. "Or did that last tackle knock something loose?"

Dash chuckled and grabbed his hand from his forehead, kissing his knuckles. "I'm serious Danny. We graduate this year, and then we're going to Miami for college with scholarships together. I think that a year or two after college that we should get married. You know, something simple; your family and my family, our closest friends as our guests, the court marrying us and then a reception at either your house or mine."

He tilted his head as he stared at Dash. "You're serious?"

"Yeah," he smiled.

"So…is this a proposal?"

"More like a proposal to propose to get married."

He didn't know why, but he found himself nodding his head and slowly grinning at Dash. "Yeah."


"Yeah," he nodded and laughed when Dash beamed and grabbed him in a tight hug. Call him crazy but all that sounded like a great plan. Now, if they actually went through with it was entirely different, because yeah he loved Dash, but he knew that not everything was going to go smoothly with them when they made it to college. Too much change to adjust to. But he had faith they were going to be fine.

Pulling back, he softly kissed Dash. "Love you. Now, let's go party."

Smiling, Dash got out of the car and came around to wrap an arm around him as they made their way to the party. And Danny smiled when Dash said, "I love you too, Danny," before they opened the door.

The End.

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