Haruhi moaned as she started rubbing her head.

'How much longer is he going to take?' she thought. She looked at the time. It was getting late and by this time all her kids and her husband would be at least getting ready for bed. She gave off a sigh. This was the third day in a row she had to miss spending an evening with her family because her opponent was trying to stall the obvious; that the clients she was representing were going to win. A woman was suing a company owned by two brothers because she apparently slipped in their parking lot that they were not keeping well maintained. Haruhi however had found proof that she had been drunk and the company had nothing to do with her slipping, and the parking lot was in fact well kept. However it seemed that each day her lawyer had something new to argue and would try to get Haruhi to settle out of court. Haruhi though had been able to disprove whatever the other lawyer had to argue.

"Your honor," Haruhi said finally. "My opponent has no new evidence to back up his client's claim. All he's doing is bringing back up the same information time and time again, and all of this has been disproving time and time again. Now unless he has some sort of new evidence to really back up his client's claims, I move for dismissal and that you rule in favor of my clients."

"Wait, but your honor," the other lawyer started to protest.

"No she's right; you haven't shown us any sufficient real information in the past three days. All you've done so far is present the same information over and over again. So I have no choice, court rules in favor of The Sakus, Case dismiss," said the judge as he banged his gavel.

As Haruhi started to gather up her work, she could hear the woman shouting angrily at her lawyer about them loosening the case.

"You told me that they'd settle out of court!" she said.

"Well I figured they would until what's her name was able to point out that you were actually drunk and none of your claims were really valid," said her lawyer. His client groaned as she stormed over to Haruhi.

"I hope you're proud of yourself. Because of you, I have no way of paying for my injuries and the Sakus gets away," she said. Haruhi looked over at her.

"The Sakus didn't do anything. They were not responsible for you tripping. You were drunk, end of story," she said as finished gathering up her stuff and walked out of the court room with her clients.

"Thanks for helping us out Mrs. Hitachiin," said one of the Saku brothers.

"It's no problem, you didn't do anything wrong," said Haruhi.

"Well in either case I'll just be glad to get home," said the other brother.

"Oh, me too," said Haruhi.

The house was dark and quiet by the time Haruhi got home.

"Welcome home Ma'am, may I take your things?" asked Emi with a warm smile.

"Yes please," said Haruhi. Normally she didn't want to make the servants do anything for her, but she was just so tired that she willing let Emi take her coat and brief case from her.

"Can I get you anything to eat?" asked Emi.

"No, thank you, I just want to go to bed. I'm so tired," said Haruhi.

"Rough day?" asked Emi.

"Yeah, just like it's been for the last time three days. These people really didn't have a case yet they insist on pushing it. Luckily I was able to convince the judge to just drop it all ready, so it's done and over with!" said Haruhi.

"Oh that's good," said Emi.

"Yeah, good night Emi," Haruhi said as she walked up stairs. She didn't go straight to her bedroom. Instead she went to check on her kids.

First she went into her one year old baby Hiroko's room. The baby laid in her giant crib sound asleep. Haruhi smiled at the sight. Although Hiroko looked like Haruhi mostly, for some reason out of all her kids, she was the only one that seemed to be getting red hair like her dad. Haruhi gave her a gently kiss on her forehead before tiptoeing out of the room.

Next she stopped off at her four year old twin sons' room. Her two sons looked so mush like their father except for they had more brown hair like her. Both boys were also fast asleep in their beds. They looked so sweet and innocent but Haruhi knew better. She walked over and gave the two of them a kiss on the forehead as well. She also went and picked her son Ryoji's stuff dinosaur up from the floor and put it back onto the bed with him. She doubled check to make sure her other son Masayuki hadn't dropped any of his toys onto the floor as well before she walked out quietly.

When she came to her oldest daughter Kotoko's room, she groaned. Her 11 year old daughter was still up in bed reading. She didn't even see Haruhi walk over to her until Haruhi turned off the lamp next to her bed. Kotoko looked up at her mom.

"Oh uh, hi Mom," she said timidly.

"What have I and your father told you about staying up all night reading?" asked Haruhi taking the book away from her.

"But it hasn't been all night yet technically," said Kotoko.

"Kotoko, don't play smart with me. You know you shouldn't still be up this late. Now go to bed," said Haruhi. "You can have this book back tomorrow."

"Fine," said Kotoko annoyed as she laid her head back down to go to sleep.

"Good night honey," said Haruhi giving her a quick kiss.

"Good night Mom," said Kotoko shutting her eyes. Haruhi smiled and walked out of the room.

When she got to her room, it was dark, but Haruhi could see Kaoru all ready in bed.

"That's looks so good right now," muttered Haruhi as quickly got out of her clothes and into a nightgown. She went and sat down on her bed, moaning at her aching back from the uncomfortable chair she had to sit in during the trial.

Suddenly she felt an arm come around her wait and pull her down. She gave off an "Oof," as she felt herself hitting Kaoru's chest.

"Welcome home," he whispered into her ear.

"I thought you were asleep," said Haruhi.

"Hmm I was," said Kaoru.

"Did I wake you up, I'm sorry," said Haruhi.

"It's okay, if I was asleep, I couldn't do this, said Kaoru as he went and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. Haruhi sighed happily.

"How'd it go today?" asked Kaoru.

"It's over finally, the judge ruled in my clients favor," said Haruhi.

"Oh good, excellent," said Kaoru, "So no more late nights?"

"Hopefully not," said Haruhi.

"Good, I've missed you," said Kaoru.

"I know, I've missed you too," said Haruhi. "And I've missed the kids. How were they today?"

"Uh, well they were" Kaoru started to say.

"What happened?" asked Haruhi. "What did the boys do now?"

"How do you know it was the boys?" asked Kaoru. Haruhi shifted her head and looked at him. Kaoru sighed.

"They may have somehow got some yellow paint dumped onto their nanny," said Kaoru.

"And what else?" asked Haruhi.

"And some red paint," said Kaoru.

"And?" said Haruhi.

"She quit," said Kaoru.

"What?" asked Haruhi as she sat up. "She's only been here for five months!"

"Well, Hikaru and I had a lot that quit a lot sooner then that," said Kaoru.

"And that's something to be proud of?" asked Haruhi. "You really need to talk to the boys."

"I do, they just don't listen," said Kaoru. Haruhi sighed as she lay back down next to him.

"They're too much like you," she said.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," said Kaoru giving her kiss on her neck. Haruhi giggled.

"And you know they're not the only ones that can be naughty. Kotoko has a little evil side to her too you know and Hiroko has shown signs of being a little evil."

"What, no, not my little baby!" said Haruhi. "But you're right about Kotoko. I caught her up again reading."

"What, not again," said Kaoru. "I'll talk to her about that too, after I try and talk to the boys."

"Why don't you let me try and talk to the boys? Now that the case is over I may finally get some free time," said Haruhi as she rolled over to face Kaoru, both smiling at each other.

"Well hopefully you can make some more time with me too?" asked Kaoru as he kissed her.

"Of course I will," said Haruhi kissing him back. The two of them soon feel asleep peacefully next to each other.

The next morning Kotoko sat calmly at the breakfast table reading, when a hand came down from behind her and snatched the book from her hands. She sheepishly looked up to see her father who was looking down at her mad.

"Mom ratted me out huh?" she said.

"You keep staying up late reading, I'm just going to have to take all your books," said Kaoru.

"Hey I could be staying up late doing a lot worse of things," said Kotoko.

"What is this you're reading anyway?" asked Kaoru looking at the book.

"Some sort of manga. A friend from school loaned it to me," said Kotoko. "I don't think it's really that great."

"What is this junk?" said Kaoru flipping through the pages. "It's like every other word is moe. What kind of author is this?" He looked at the cover and let out a disgusted groan. "At least that explains all the referance to moe."

"What?" asked Kotoko.

"I don't want you reading this stuff. It'll corrupt your mind," said Kaoru.

"What is it?" asked Haruhi walking into the room holding Hiroko.

"This manga, look who the author is," said Kaoru showing her the cover. Haruhi looked at it.

"Wow, she became professional manga writer? It suits her," she said.

"What you know her?" asked Kotoko.

"Renge Houshakuji, oh yeah," said Kaoru.

"She was our self appointed manager of our club back in high school," said Haruhi.

"Really, wow," said Kotoko.

"You're it!" they all suddenly heard Masayuki shout as he and his brother suddenly ran into the room.

"No Fair, You Cheated!" shouted Ryoji chasing him around the table.

Kaoru, Haruhi, Kotoko, and even Hiroko watched run around for a bit.

"Here," said Haruhi handing Hiroko to Kaoru.

The minute the boys ran past her again, she immediately grabbed and caught them easily by their collars.

"Mommy!" they both said happily when they finally realized who it was that had caught them.

"What's this I hear about you dumping paint on your nanny and her quitting?" asked Haruhi.

"Daddy told us the story of how he and Uncle Hikaru did it once," said Masayuki.

"Yeah it sounded like fun," said Ryoji.

"Oh really?" said Haruhi casting a glance to Kaoru real fast before looking back down at her sons.

"That wasn't very nice boys. You should know better. Would you like it if someone where to dump paint on you?" asked Haruhi. The two looked at each other.

"Yeah, that'd be funny!" they both said. Haruhi sighed.

"No it wouldn't be. Because then you just have to take a bath afterwards," said Haruhi.

Both boys' eyes suddenly got wider.

"No, No Baths, We Don't like Baths!" they shouted.

"I know, so maybe you should think about that before you do something mean like that again got it?" said Haruhi.

"Yes Mommy," said the boys.

"Good," said Haruhi letting them go and helping them on to their chairs.

"So Mom, are you going to be in court again today?" asked Kotoko.

"Nope, the case is over, finally," said Haruhi.

"Did you win?" asked Masayuki.

"Of course, Mommy always wins! Mommy's the best!" said Ryoji.

"No I've lost a few cases once and while," said Haruhi.

"Did you lose this one?" asked Kotoko.

"No we won," said Haruhi.

"Yay, Mommy won! Mommy won!" shouted the twins.

"You won't be taking on any other big cases for a while right?" asked Kaoru.

"No hopefully. This one wouldn't have gone as long if the lawyer hadn't kept prolonging it like he did. Some people just don't know when to quit," said Haruhi.

"So, hopefully you'll be able to be home more now?" asked Kaoru.

"Yeah, hopefully yes," said Haruhi smiling at her family who all smiled back, even Hiroko.