"L'Arc! Wake up wake up wake up wake up!"

"Huh..?" I said confused. That voice…could it be..?

"You've been asleep for 500 years! Time to wake up!"

"Cecille..?" I asked.

"We all left messages for you for when you woke up." Rastan's voice this time.

"Don't worry about us, L'Arcy boy! I'm sure you'll never forget me! I mean, how could you?" That one was Leslie.

"Hey! Remember me? I'll live my life and become a legend! Look for my name in the future!" Definitely Serge.

"I've decided to go back to sleep after five years. Maybe we'll bump into each other in the future when I've grown up!" Cecille's voice said, in her usual giggly tone.

"I've decided to live my life out in this generation. I was proud to help Rex's son." Rastan.

"I've decided to find a nice 'bo' to take care of me! Oh, and help Shelly with the Republic." Good ol' Leslie.

"And I'll be that 'bo' ol' L'Arcy boy!" Serge and Leslie..? I can see that happening.

"Oh, and Alf said he's going to make the Meridian Empire a welcoming place for you when you wake up. Meaning you will be welcomed as a hero." Rastan explained. Good. I deserved to be welcomed as a hero after all I've done.

"We hope you have a wonderful life when you wake up." Everyone said together.

"What about Ryfia? Did she forget about me?" I said as I fell from where I had been sleeping/floating for the past 500 years. "I can't believe she didn't even leave me a message…"

"Who said I forgot about you? Didn't I tell you I would be waiting for you in the future?" It can't be…Ryfia? I looked up and saw her, with her purple hair and white mini dress. She hadn't aged a day… but how? Had she gone back to sleep or something?

"Ryfia..?" I asked stumbling towards her. As I got closer to her, I tripped, and she caught me.

"Who else would it be?"

"I feel so stupid…it took me 500 years to realize it, but now, I'm never gonna let you go." I said hugging her tightly.

"Oh, L'Arc…" She said hugging me back.

"So, shall we? Let's go look at the world we fought to protect." I said taking her hand and leading her out of the Holy Land of Noir.

"Mm!" She replied.

When we stepped out into the daylight, I had to shield my eyes for a few minutes (I was in a cave for 500 years…). The world looked different than I remember. In a way, it was happier, and less tense. "Ryfia?"

"Yes L'Arc?"

"How are we supposed to get down from here? I don't see Cecille The Brave anywhere…and we're 1,000 feet in the air." I said confused, and I had reason to be. Without a lightship, there was no way out of this place.

"That's why I had this put here!" She said, leading me to a teleportation device.

"Smart." I said, impressed. She, of all people, who didn't know what an inn was, thought of that. "Will this lead us anywhere we want to go?"

"Yep! Just say where you want to go and it will teleport you there! Before you woke up, I looked around at all the towns and these are everywhere, even the skywalks!" She says sounding impressed with herself.

"Sweet." I said, "Okay, let's see here…let's go to Diamant in the Meridian Empire."

It started to hum and sparkle around us. Then, WHOOSH!