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We all stepped out of the circle and found ourselves in the city of Benetnasch. The place had changed immensely since I last saw in. The damage done in Ignacy's attack had been long repaired and I could see that this town had advanced much further then any of the others I had visited so far.

"It's... Beautiful! Just like how it was before!" Ryfia gasped, running deeper into the city.

"C'mon, L'Arc," Cecille said. "She may be 516 years old, but we still can't let her wander off alone," we all followed Cecille after Ryfia into the city. As we were approaching where the church used to be, I saw Ryfia staring at something in awe. I wondered what it was and rushed ahead.

When I turned the corner, I saw why.

A huge statue. Bigger then the one in Carbunculus, this one made of gold and silver. It was huge, but what really amazed me was the detail put into it. So much stuff came together in the sculpture, it almost hurt to look at it.

On top, I was on the statue, two gleaming emeralds acting as my eyes. I was sitting on a throne, my hand supporting the weight of my head which was resting on it lazily. My face was one of triumph. Below that, Ryfia and Adele stood, their staffs crossed to make an X. Below their staffs, Alf was kneeling, his hand across his chest as if addressing royalty, which I found funny since he isroyalty. On a layer below that, Leslie and Serge were holding hands. In their other hands, they held out their weapons, as if fighting invisible enemies. Niko and Clyde stood to either side of them, just out of range of their weapons. Under them, Dynos was giving Cecille a piggy-back ride and Paula and Luna were helping Rastan fight Luze. Weiss stood off to the side, his cursed arm exposed. On the bottom of the statue, miniature versions of the Twelve Rogress formed a base for the rest of the action.

It was amazing. The entire thing amazed me. I couldn't look away. Everyone was captured so beautifully and since the entire thing was made of gold, silver, and precious gems, it seemed like there should have been more people here to look at it.

"Wow," was all I could say.

I was drawn back into reality when Cecille sighed sadly, "Dynos..."

"The statue is quite beautiful. How I would enjoy meeting the brave warriors that fought alongside you," Raina said.

"I'd love to meet Leslie," Leilani said.

"And Serge," said Seff.

"Paula, Luna and Rastan would be cool to meet, too," Lily mustered a smile.

"Wait!" Cecille shouted. I caught a hint of hope on her voice, but I didn't know what that was about.

"What is it?" Seff asked.

"Allwise," she said. She noted our confusion, and explained, "The Infinite Maze of Allwise. It's a giant place where you can speak with the dead, see them and fight alongside them once more. If we went there, we could see everyone else!"

"For real? Everyone?" Ryfia asked, awe flooding her voice.

"Let's go, then! What're we waiting for?" Leilani squeaked.

"Where is this maze, anyway?" I asked.

"By the New Moon Inn. You can meet us there once you pick up Lily's weapon," Cecille smiled. "The Moon Inns are still here, right?"

"Of course," Seff answered. "Although they're mostly used by mercenaries nowadays."

"Good. Well, let's get going."

We went back to the pentagram after taking a look at the rest of the city.

Raina and Lily went back to Carbunculus while the rest of us went to the New Moon Inn to see this 'Allwise Maze.'

I said my order, and the pentagram started to hum. The swirling light filled the air around us...



We appeared in front of an old building with a shingled roof. Around us and the building to one side was a maple forest, and on the other side, we were perched over a cliff, overlooking the sea. One part of the cliff jutted out past the rest, and right at its end, was a more complex pentagram, already humming with energy.

"Whoa! What is that?" Leilani yelled, pointing at the pentagram like she had never seen one before.

"The entrance to the maze?" Ryfia guessed.

"Exactly," Cecille replied, running over to look at it closer. We all followed her.

We waited for a while for Raina and Lily to return, and eventually they did. Lily was carrying the scythe she had picked out, only quite a bit smaller.

Without saying a word, we all entered the pentagram. It was different from the others. Instead of humming and flashing... We just appeared in the maze.

The maze was huge. It was infinite nothingness with swirling, twisting, and turning platforms hanging around in random spots, each with pentagrams of their own at the end and beginning.

I finished looking around and finally saw what was standing right in front of me. In her human form, Allul was standing calmly in her green dress and blue hair.

"Who's she? One of your friends? She wasn't on the statue," Seff said.

"She was on the statue," I corrected. "She's a Rogress."

"NO WAY!" Raina screamed with excitement. "She's a...?" she pointed at Allul with a shaky hand.

"L'Arc. Welcome to the Infinite Maze of Allwise. You know full well what goes on here, correct?" Allul asked.

"Yes," I answered. "I know that here, the dead live. I also know that not just humans exist here. Monsters as well." I was hoping I was right. Allul was always correcting me and it irked me. A lot.

"Half right," she said, still absolutely no emotion in her voice. "But now, you will run into no monsters. The scars of their hatred have faded and the wounds of their rage have healed." Why the hell did she always have to speak in metaphor?

"Right..." Cecille said, sounding confused. "We really just want to see our friends."

"Of course. But you'll have to find them on your own," and with that, she disappeared in a swirl of snowflakes.

"How?" Ryfia asked. "This place is HUGE!" she screamed the word huge, but there was no echo, only proving her point on how huge it was.

"We'll find a way," I said, starting down the first winding path.

We went on, going from platform to platform, pentagram to pentagram. The little monsters that scurried around didn't bother us at all, and in fact, seemed friendly even.

I was about to give up after about the 20th pentagram, but at the other end of this one, I was overjoyed at what I saw.

Looking in the opposite direction was a couple, leaning on each other. The man had long orange hair and black suit lined with green. The woman had pink hair tied in a ponytail to one side and was wearing pants with one leg cut short, revealing white fishnet tights.

Ryfia, Cecille and I all yelled in sync, "Leslie! Serge!"