JJ and Emily wrangled up the team and had them sitting in the conference room by noon. Hotch and Reid were the last to join, both looking angry.

"Em, we're suppose to be at lunch. I'm hungry!"

Emily scowled at Reid as he sat down. "Well you'll have to wait Dr. Cranky. We're here planning Penelope's birthday party."

Everyone in the room had a smile cross their face. Well, all except for Hotch. He was wearing his usual stotic scowl, sending it across the room. "Shouldn't we be doing this on our own time, and not working hours?"

JJ grinned at her boss. "We have no case."

"We have plenty of paperwork."

"Oh Hotch, will you take that scowl off your face and have some fun for now?" Emily piped up. "This is for our perky little friend and if she doesn't have a fabulous birthday, the guilt will be on me and JJ."

"Fine, but make it quick."

That night, everyone had their own jobs. Morgan and Rossi were picking up food, Reid and JJ were distracting Garcia, while Hotch and Emily set up decorations at her apartment. Hotch was currently looking out the Livorno window, down to the Capital Building, while Emily struggled to hang a couple streamers above the door. "Hotch! I could use some help over here."

A second later, she felt his presence beside her. "What were you doing?"

"Looking out your window. It's an impressive view."

"Thanks. Can you help me with this? I'm not tall enough to reach above the damn door."

Hotch was behind her not a second later. Emily stiffened slightly when she felt his chest against her back. His hand covered hers, and together they got the streamer to hang. She breathed out a thanks, but stayed in her position. When he didn't move, she turned her head slightly.


She felt his hands place themselves over her stomach. They made their way under her blouse and onto her soft skin. He used his chin to move her curls behind her ear, and his lips soon found the pulse point on her neck. She gave a soft moan, before realizing what was going on, although she made no move to stop him, she moved her head to look over her shoulder.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Have I ever told you that you have very, very soft skin?"

"You barely say hello in the office."

"Well, maybe I can say hello in your bed tomorrow, instead."