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"Uhm, Zero? You wouldn't mind helping me tonight, would you?"

Zero regarded Yuuki with a blank stare, hiding everything with a carefully built mask that he had constructed in the last three weeks. Neither she nor Cross knew what had transpired between him and that filth, and he didn't have any intention in explaining everything to them. Yet, he could see the blatant worry and curiosity shining in Yuuki's red eyes so much like that pureblood's.

The teen shifted a little awkwardly, switching her books in her hands. "The girls have been getting harder to hold back these past two weeks, and it's probably because you haven't been around for a while, you know?"

He wouldn't admit it out loud, but Zero did feel a little bad, abandoning his prefect duties for so long. It wasn't healthy for him to just go to class and then wallow in self-pity afterward for the remainder of the day. Besides, Yuuki was obviously trying very hard not to corner and interrogate him on his depressed mood, so he owed her that much.

"Of course," he agreed without looking at her, standing up and gathering his notebooks. "I'll see you then." Without another word or protest from Yuuki, Zero was able to leave in peace.

He walked in silence back to his room, the breeze a little warmer today. Yet, snow still covered the ground in a sloppy mess, and Zero couldn't help but wish for spring to come sooner. Spring was supposed to bring change and the hunter desperately needed something to break him out of his monotonous cycle and so that he could perhaps…forget.

Sighing he swung the dorm's front door open, the wood echoing as he closed it behind him. Things would never change...and he certainly would never forget. There should be no point in hoping, Zero knew that.

But still…underneath all the rage and hatred for that pureblood, Zero couldn't believe it. It had taken him a week and a half to realize that it was there, buried deep underneath, but it was undeniably there. The minute he grasped the fact that he felt terrible for reacting so horribly to…Kaname, he…

Zero unconsciously slammed his door close, trying to put his mind on other thoughts like his homework and prefect duty later on. He nearly chucked his notebooks onto the desk, trying to distract himself by perhaps "accidentally" breaking his table lamp. But no such luck came, and the silver haired teen growled under his breath, flopping face first onto his bed.

He should just shoot himself now; end all these confusing and angry thoughts that wouldn't stop pestering him.

Never trust a pureblood; they're all the same, he kept telling himself over and over again, hoping to sink back into his old self and old views. 'Kaname's no different, the proof's right in front of you!'

His mind went back and forth, giving him a headache. At last Zero couldn't help but groan aloud to himself, "Then why am I still so unsure?"

Zero wouldn't admit it, but Kaname was on his mind night and day. And it wasn't all just hate and spite. No, his wicked, wicked mind kept replaying all the tender, soft and heartening moments he and Kaname had shared. He couldn't help but look back on them fondly, completely forgetting why the guy was such a bastard in the past, even for just a second. In a way, Zero found himself craving for the other if he let his mind drift off for too long.

He scrunched his face up against his pillow, feeling his throat tighten up. What was wrong with him? Kaname's stunt should have him hating the pureblood's guts, not spiraling him into a pit of confusion.

Going with the sudden urge to just move, Zero got up, hoping that getting himself ready for prefect duty would be enough of a distraction.

Surprisingly enough, what Zero was dreading didn't happen. Though, he couldn't be sure whether it was the fact that he tried his hardest to keep his back toward the line of vampires, determined to scare the girls to keep them back, or if Kaname never even walked through the hallway of humans.

If he was there, Zero had an inkling that he'd be brave enough to talk to him. He would do that. But there was never a tap on his shoulder or even that pureblood aura boggling his senses. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Zero just hoped that he was concentrating hard enough on his duty to ignore Kaname.

Yes, he must have just been trying hard enough to ignore the pureblood…Kaname wouldn't get all weepy or depressed like him, confining himself away. That was Zero's job for the last three weeks. Besides, he was pretty sure that Kaname really hadn't developed any feeling for him…he just took Zero's state to his advantage. Yes, that was it.

These thoughts were reassuring to Zero for the time being, and he was glad to have made it through the night with Yuuki; she once again refraining from asking questions. Zero was happy that she decided to act as she normally did. That set his mind more at ease.

As their duties ended, Zero decided that he'd give the report to the Chairman, explaining to Yuuki that she deserved some rest. She obliged, and it left him to make the quiet but short walk to his adoptive father's home.

As usual, the man was awake at this hour, waiting for Yuuki to come and give him the report that nothing was out of place this night. He refrained from rolling his eyes when the man jumped out of his chair enthusiastically as he made his unexpected entrance.

"Zero! I didn't know you were working tonight," the Headmaster exclaimed, being smart and choosing not to give the silver haired teen a hug.

Zero nodded. "I think I've been gone long enough. Besides, she asked me saying she needed help."

The man had taken his seat again, nodding, his big smile sobering up a little. Zero was sure that he understood the double meaning of his words, but he didn't acknowledge it. "Everything in order tonight?"

"Of course," the lilac eyed male replied with a sigh, his eyes drifting onto the scattered paperwork on the Chairman's desk. "What's all that?"

The Headmaster appeared flustered for a wild moment, momentarily confusing Zero. "Well, uhm, the Association needs a chaperone for a vampire event…"

Pushing his hands into his pockets, Zero sighed again. "I'll do it," he said as casually as he could, though his response seemed a little clipped to his ears.

That caused a surprised look on the other man's face. "…Are you sure? I mean…I could get-"

Zero waved him off, averting his eyes. "It's fine."

"Zero you shouldn-"

"Really, it's fine."

The man in slippers regarded him with a weary look, and Zero knew that he was worried about him. Really worried. Especially since he had kept quiet ever since he regained his memories. But the way Zero saw it now, the only way to move on would to start doing his duties and fulfilling his responsibilities like normal.

He conversed with the other nobles like he was supposed to. He replied with the right words that they wanted to hear. He offered compliments and asked questions regarding the others' opinions on the council's various issues. But in reality, his mind was on the hunter near the back of the large ballroom.

To say the least, Kaname was startled that Zero had decided to chaperone for the Association. He had been pleasantly surprised the other night to see the silver haired boy working with Yuuki for the prefect duties, but he hadn't expected Zero to have jumped right back into his hunter obligations so readily.

However, the most pleasing thing was that he could not sense one ounce of hate radiating off Zero.

Yet Kaname stayed a conscious distance away, just to test Zero in a way. He could tell that the hunter's eyes drifted onto him every now and then, and that he tended to shift his feet and unconsciously look down if he passed too close. But despite the fact that he could not sense any hate or alarmingly strong dislike, Kaname couldn't help but admit that he was a little disappointed to find only confusion surrounding the other. At least he was thinking…

He was currently talking to a level B noble of considerably high status, smoothly talking his way through some of the politics that the other wished to discuss with him. The man seemed rather eager for his own opinions, and Kaname gladly gave them, knowing that the vampire only wanted to take his ideas and say that they were his own later on. He couldn't help but let his gaze drift over the man's shoulder to gaze idly at Zero though.

Even though he hadn't really seen Zero for three weeks straight, Kaname still couldn't find a way to suppress his feelings for the other. He could mask himself in front of others, but alone he didn't fare as well. He ached to just touch Zero, to have him near. He missed the tangy taste of his blood, and he didn't know how many blood tablets he would consume in a day. But now, finally seeing Zero…

"Are you alright, Lord Kuran?" the man asked, breaking out of his enthusiastic tale.

Dark red eyes flickered back with hardly any effort, Kaname securing a casual air about him in disguise. "I apologize; I've been discussing many subjects tonight. If you wouldn't mind…?"

The man made a quick bow, but Kaname could tell that he was confused by his response. "Of course, Lord Kuran."

Curtly nodding to show his thanks, Kaname felt that all too familiar flare well up in his stomach. He made sure he wasn't walking too briskly as he made his obvious way toward Zero, who straightened the moment he spotted him. He could tell many eyes fell upon him as he snatched the hunter's arm and pulled him through the nearest doorway and down the hall away from curious stares.

He found an empty room and locked the door behind him, acting uncharacteristically as he nearly slammed Zero up against the wood, pressing their bodies together.

"What the hell are you-!"

"Quit acting like you're surprised. You wouldn't have come if it weren't for-"

"Get the…get…get off!" Kaname could hear the silver haired teen's protests grow weak as he attacked the other's neck, his hands sliding down to hold Zero's hips. He grinned into the pale flesh as he felt Zero start to melt under his touch.

Zero shivered, his hands futilely trying to pry Kaname off him. But even he could see that his brain wasn't about to agree with him. "Why?"

Their faces were suddenly very close together, their breaths intermingling. "Why not?" Kaname teased before practically smashing his lips against Zero's in his real response.

Zero couldn't help but respond back; it was no use fighting. He knew he would never get a straight answer even if he decided he wanted to be apart from Kaname. And that question's answer was becoming clearer and clearer with every passing second.

They parted, and Zero could feel Kaname pulling them both down, his back sliding against the door until he was seated. The pureblood leaned into him, and the lilac eyed vampire could help but let his head drop onto the other's shoulder. His mind still buzzing with heavy confusion on whether or not this was the path he wanted to take, but somewhere deep down he knew the answer.

"I couldn't help it," Kaname muttered to him, "I promise no lies."

Was that enough? This small, underlying apology he just offered? Zero was certain that he couldn't be totally sure on that; not with everything he knew Kaname to have done in the past. But he was confident that he wasn't lying now. That was a small comfort of sorts.

He would be able to make the choice most definitely now. Kaname wouldn't pester him in the future if he said no, but he was sure that regret would leak into his life. It would be a burden, but he could probably live with it. But if he said yes…

"Do you think it'd work?"

Kaname pulled back, showing him that sincere, open half-smile Zero guessed was reserved for his eyes only. His heart beat a little faster as he deciphered the look he was given, and his hand unconsciously reached out for Kaname's arm, almost like he was afraid the other would leave.

"It did once before, did it not?" the pureblood murmured softly, leaning in for another kiss that easily made Zero's decision for him.

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