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"Zexion, no. Do not roll down the windows and shout 'We're Back!' to the island. What did I tell you about your seatbelt?" Despite my words, I couldn't help but smile at the excited face of my boyfriend. It had taken almost a year, but we were finally heading home. Home. The Islands. I barely held in a shout of joy at the very idea. We'd arrived on northern shore of the island this morning, and now we had about a half hour long car drive to get to the southern tip and our home. Hopefully Roxas had kept the place up and running or we'd need to find a hotel room until we found a new house.

Buckling his seatbelt, Zexion gave me a pointed look, "There. Happy now? Still though, Demyx, I trust you. You won't get us in an accident." Which was all very sweet of him and even though I kept telling him that whether I was a good driver or not, there was always that risk... And this, that didn't want to get in his head. Working around his logic wasn't always that logical. Of course I didn't tell him that because then he'd pout and deny me sex. Brat. "You think Merlin will let me work in his store? I really want to keep working with books..." He smiled, which led me to smile, "Books are awesome."

I grinned and nodded. "Yes they are. And I'm sure that Merlin would love to have you working there. You'd never be late and you know everything." Reaching over, I gave him a pat on his leg trying to reassure him.

I grinned and nodded. "Yes they are. And I'm sure that Merlin would love to have you working there. You'd never be late and you know everything." Reaching over, I gave him a pat on his leg trying to reassure him. "And I'll hopefully have the music store, but if not, then we'll just see what happens okay?"

Before I could retrieve my hand, he quickly took it, lacing his fingers through my own, "I'm not worried. We'll figure it out. We did great these last couple of months. Normal is something we rock at!" He still couldn't get enough of he word, and considering how long he'd been living with the Org before getting out? I was certain he'd get giddy over the word 'normal' for many years to come. Which I liked because it made me happy to see him be so relaxed and himself. He'd handled the big change extremely well and fallen into a daily routine of regular work in a library without issue.

"You sure you don't mind leaving? I know how much you loved teaching at the music institute." He murmured.

I shook my head. Yeah, teaching had been an amazing experience and I'd had a hard time saying goodbye to all of my students, but...I knew where I belonged. "I loved teaching here as well. Maybe I'll start offering adult classes as well." I squeezed his hand. "I miss my store. Or, I hope it's my store. Roxas may not want to give it up."

"Legally speaking you didn't write off the ownership to him. If he really wants to stick around..." Zexion shrugged, "Hire him or something." And then he growled, "Either way, we are reclaiming our apartment. I swear to god, if he slept in our bed, I will whoop his ass!" Ah... Yes. Trust had been given and received, but Roxas and Zexion getting along without throwing the occasional curse word or threat in the mix? Impossible.

"Hey, you think Axel and Rox ever got married?" I'd been wondering that. We'd maintained the communication blackout this whole time. No messages sent, and obviously none received. Even now after Number One was behind bars and never coming back, we hadn't contacted them. But today? Today was the first time in almost a year we would be breaking the silence.

Sighing, I opened the front door and headed inside. They wanted me to increase the classes I would be teaching next semester and I'd been hard pressed to turn the dean down. I was already teaching more than I thought I would, more than I ever imagined. We didn't need the money and I didn't want more work. Besides. Who knew how much longer we would even be here? I was holding onto the hope that we'd still return to the Island someday.

"Zexy? I'm home!" I called as I reached down and untied my shoes and loosened my tie. That was another thing. Stupid dress code. I hated ties... Before I could take the shoes off, Zexion invaded my personal space, straightening me back up so he could give me a big kiss.

"Hi Demyx! Glad you're home. I missed you all day. I love you and we're having sex tonight." I blinked at the speed he was talking at and before I could ask him why or respond he grabbed my left sleeve and then quickly tugged on it, walking in a fast circle around me as he took of my coat. Throwing it onto the hook beside the door without so much as looking, he then proceeded in untying the tie completely, pulling it off from around my neck, giving me another peck on the lips before he sqautted down to the floor and nearly keeled me over as he started taking my shoes off for me.

Eyes wide, I leaned against the wall, wondering 'what the hell?'. Once he was done he jumped back up onto his feet, grabbed my hand and then dragged me at full speed into the living room, shoving me on the couch before sitting down beside me.

"Now look." I looked at the TV and listened intently to the female news reporter...

"And finally, today is the day we get to hear the verdict on the Xemnas O'Hara trial that has been dragging out for quite a few months now. The Lustitia stepped into court with a strong case and solid evidence to put this man, leader of the Organization, away for life. Yes indeed Ladies and Gentlemen, the Organization is from this day onwards officially terminated..."

My jaw hit the floor and I sat there stunned. We knew that they'd been taken down, but this was the big one. This was the end of whatever threat had held us in hiding for almost a year...

"They've been putting that announcement on repeat over the last four hours!" Zexion exclaimed, "Can you believe it?" He whispered then, shutting off the television before looking at me, "They did it, Demyx. Roxas, Axel, Riku and Sora? They did it!"

"They did it..." Relief flooded me and I jumped up whooping and grabbing Zexion to swing him around in my arms. Laughing I fell with him onto the couch. "They did IT!" I shouted, giddy with happiness. Oh Roxas, I knew you could do it. Axel, would be free, Sora and Riku could move on and spend their lives together...

"See!" Zexion shouted through giggles, "Told you we were gonna have sex! Celebration sex!"

"I hope they did." Zexion said, bringing me back to the present as he answered my question. "Axel O'Malley..." He tried, "Sounds kinda cool!" He smiled happily. I remember when Zexion and I had put our names on the mail box in our safe house. O'Malley and Cartwright, he'd been so excited to use his last name for the first time. Because Number One had never had Zexion do a background check on me, or anything to check up on me for that matter, he actually hadn't known my name, only taking the word of Thirteen that I could be trusted. And at this point, no one knew or remembered Zexion Cartwright so it had been okay to use our real names.

"I hope Riku and Sora are at least still together and happy... I have a feeling that Riku likes to brood about stuff." I snorted. Sora sure did have his work cut out for him. Not to mention all of the pent up energy that would build up around him if he didn't get a sparing partner...

"They better be." Zexion said with a curt nod, "Sora's my brother in law, they told me so themselves, so it has to be like that." He laughed then, "Also, Sora is really the only one able to handle the complex creature that is Riku." Turning in his seat some, he watched me curiously, "What do you think Axel is doing now? He was always singing... You think he did something with that? I could see Sora as a coach in the high school... Teenagers are vivid, I'm sure they are capable of tiring out Sora. Oh!" He growled again, so I knew he was going to say something about Roxas, "What if Roxas is letting Axel take care of the music store since Axel is into music and Roxas stole my job in Merlin's book store?"

"Relax. I'm sure that Roxas wouldn't be able to handle working at a book store the way you can. And I don't think Axel is in charge. Maybe they run it together? Or maybe, Roxas works behind the scenes and Axel works the salesman part?" I was starting to warm up to the what if game we were playing all of a sudden. "And Riku and Sora really are teachers at the high school. P.E and Riku could be the history teacher or something. How cute would that be?" Giggling I could just imagine how perfect it would all be.

Zexion nodded his head vividly in agreement, "Yes!" He paused, a frown settling on his forehead, "Woah... Poor kids. Sora would never give the football team a break and Riku? Well, you've seen the scowl he can pull just like I, imagine a kid comes in late?" Zexion shook his head, giggling, "They'll never come in late again after being pinned down by a glare like that."

"Alright." He said, clearly having as much fun with this game as I was, "What else could Axel and Roxas do? Like, when you get your store back and I'm stealing Roxas' spot in Merlin's store because I'm just that much smarter." Dear lord, Christmas was going to be tough. I better make sure they're across the table from each other, "Wouldn't it be cool if Axel worked in the school as well? He'd be really good with kids. And, they'd have fun seeing Sora disagree with everything Red says. Roxas... Well, you better think up something for him because I can't."

"Okay. He's going to be the computer teacher. The kids will never be able to hack anything that he'd come up with and the entire school would revolve around those four guys...think of the fangirls they would have." I shuddered and tried to block out the memories of our own set of fangirls we'd acquired after Zexion had come to the school to pick me up one day. The horror.

"I know that shudder." He said, patting my head, "I kind of liked the attention..." He chuckled as I raised an eyebrow at him, "What! It was fun! I could walk all cool and like, be all smug about you being mine and stuff. And I'd never been more visible in my life."

Rolling my eyes, I winced. "Yeah, but it was the good kind of visible for you and you didn't have to teach them. They'd ask me all sorts of embarrassing things about us! In class!"

"Well, now we have Axel, Roxas, Riku and Sora to out-hot us. No more silly questions for you," He said reassuringly before sighing contently, "I love you so much..." He said all of sudden, no longer on subject. Not that I could ever mind him for changing it if it was to tell me that.

"I love you too Zexion. And here we go!" I couldn't keep the excitement from my voice and I clutched at his hand as we turned down main street and my storefront came into view. "There it is!"

"We're home!" Zexion sounded joyful, following my excitement without hesitation an issue. "Park the car where they can't see, then I can climb on the roof and scare the hell out of Roxas!"

"Zexion... no."


"I said no! It's mean!"

"No it's not! It's fun! Come one, Demyx! Please?"

"Zexion! No! Puppy eyes won't work on me!"

"Damn you and your willpower! I swear, I'll make sure he doesn't get a heart attack. Please, pretty please? We'll eat ramen for two weeks straight if you let me!"

"Zexion, I said no! No means, NO!"

"Fine. If arguing doesn't work, scoot over so I can grope you and change your mind on it that way. Come on, we don't have all day, let me feel you up."