Band's Best Friend Or Is It?

Chapter 1

Joe Lucas sighed happy as he awoke that morning, something was different this morning he knew it but he couldn't pin-point exactly what it was but after moving his arm out from under the body that was beside him, he remembered why he was so happy.

Joe smiled at the figure beside him before proceeding to get up not wanting to wake the still figure but it was impossible for a main big reason which kept him from doing anything.

He was at the far end where the wall was whilst his sleeping partner slept beside the exit to the bed.

"Honey" Joe tried to call to the sleeping figure but it was no use. The figure still slept on.

Time continued to run for a while before Joe decided to edge himself out of the bed.

At the movement the figure beside him moved snuggling closer to Joe.

Now he was seriously stuck both to the wall and on a way off getting out.

"Nick, Nick" Joe half whispered over to where his younger brother slept on the opposite side of the room but he wouldn't hear him. Not with himself speaking as low as he was.

Joe groaned before grabbing one of his socks from his feet, rolling it up in a ball and throwing it at his sleeping brother who awoke screaming about they had it or something but whatever it was, he didn't really care.

Just as long as Nick was awake, maybe he could help.

"Joe, what's going on?" Nick crawled out of his bed a smile on his face at what he was seeing.

He had seen the way that Joe was with the figure that slept beside him, he had known about the thing for weeks but now this was different.

"We fell asleep last night like this and I need to move him before mum and dad come up" Joe begged to Nick hopping he would do something clever.

"Okay but it's going to cost you." Or maybe not.

"How much?" Joe wondered ready to hear the price he would have to pay this time to stop Nick from blurting out the truth to their mom and dad.

"I don't want your money, Instead when Carl "The Shoe" Schuster comes to stay, he sleeps near you, don't you remember the last time I woke up the next morning with itching powder in my pants."

"That was quite... So not funny" Joe stopped himself from what he had been about to say at the look on Nick's face.

He would never forget that time.

However now was not the time to dwell on it as Nick looked like he might blow at any given moment.

"Okay fine you win, now help me" Joe begged once again hearing Nick sigh before beginning to move the figure that was beside Joe thinking how much he would love to get Joe back someway for helping Carl Shuster with that dare many years ago.

Once moved, Joe thanked Nick before hopping up to get ready to go to school just like any other day.

Once he made it to the bathroom, Joe looked at his reflection in the mirror seeing what he feared, there right on his neck in plain view was a red mark. He had told his love to be care-full. What if they were to get caught but he didn't remember himself getting the mark on his neck.

Joe sighed scooping some toothpaste onto the point on his neck rubbing it in until there was nothing more to see.

Just a mark like he had got hit by something.

Yeah mom and dad will believe that, he thought to himself before heading back out to their room to see that the figure was finally stirring.

"Oh no not again. Nick did I fall off the bed again?" His love asked Nick completly clueless about he kept on waking up on the floor off their room.

"Yeah Kevin, yeah you did. It's pretty easy when you're you" Nick's sarcastic tone seemed to pass right over Kevin's head and he smiled a goofy smile.

"Thanks fro-bro." Before standing to see Joe standing there staring at him.

"Good morning" Joe moved over to kiss his love wondering just how exactly he had got so lucky.

Oh yeah that was right, he had worried over it for more than two years before Nick dared him to kiss Kevin and he did it. And Boom instant love.

"Ahem, guys mom and dad are right downstairs" Nick's voice sounded uptight and just about pretty freaked out about the whole situation.

"Don't worry Nick-o, no-one and I mean no-one will ever find out" Joe laughed throwing a arm around Kevin's waist hugging his older brother closer to him so he could smell Kevin's morning smell.

Coffee and muffin's. Just the way he liked him to smell first thing in the morning.

"Joe, Kevin, Nick" Their mom's voice called up to them from the fire poles that they loved to ride down on.

"Coming mom" All three yelled back before heading to get dressed knowing that today would just be a normal day like any other apart from one thing.

Today when they got home, there would be another person in the house.

Their guest Carl "The Shoe" Schuster.