Chapter 5

On the way to the airport, Joe looked out of the front car door window as his dad drove along the road heading towards the airport.

Joe sighed patting his pocket before he realized something, he had forgotten his phone.

"Dad, stop the car, I don't have my phone" Joe pleaded to his dad who did as he was told but didn't turn it back round to head towards the house though it was only ten minutes away.

"You're not getting it back until you fall in love with a girl or even a guy that is not Kevin" Dad retorted back going to re-start the car but Joe placed a hand on-top of his dad's stopping him.

"You know what Dad, I've put up with a lot of crap from you for a while but now you know, I couldn't give two monkey's what you think of my relationship with Kevin, I'm happy. If I wish to be with him or heaven forbid in your house have sex with him then I shall but you can't keep me away from him so turn the car around or I'm getting out and walking back, cause you know I will" Joe said back not stopping for a breath as he said all this to his dad just wanting it to sink in before his dad started the car.

"You're mother wanted me to take you to your aunt's house, I only wish what's best for you."

Joe knew he was speaking crap and voiced it by saying.

"So why didn't you speak up when mom was accusing me and telling, no threatening me with the going away to my aunt's house, who by the way, I have never met ever."

Joe's dad shook his head for a couple of seconds looking like he was trying to work out the best way to say what he had to to Joe.

"Look Joe, I'm not exactly cool with the whole, you dating your brother thing but if you want to then I guess we can speak to your mother but first off, have this."

Joe's dad placed his hand into the breast pocket of his jacket before taking it back out and handing him his phone.

"Phone Kevin, make it quick you know you're mother" Joe hugged his dad smiling before dialing Kevin's number and listening to the dialing tone then the ringer before Kevin's voice sounded on the other end of the phone minutes later.

"Hey Joe, how's the aunt's?" Kevin sounded tried and croaky as if he had been crying for a long while.

"I don't know but dad's bringing me back, we're ten minutes away, he's going to talk to mom" Joe breathed out all in one too exicited about what was about to happen.

"What, seriously?" There was a crash and a loud groan from Nick who minutes later shouted at Kevin to leave him alone.

"Nick please."








Joe listened to the two babbling along before he laughed and Kevin remembered what he was going to say.

"Joe listen, Nick's going to keep mom busy and I'll sit with you in the car until dad is finished talking to her, how does that sound?"

"Great" Joe started to say before looking over at his dad was busy tuning the radio acting as if he couldn't hear what was going on "And Kevin?"

"Yeah Joe?"

"I love you" Joe finished butterfly's in his stomach when he heard Kevin say it back and Nick groan once more about getting pried away from his work then Joe said goodbye and hung up.

"You ready?" Joe's dad said to which Joe nodded and they began to drive back towards the J.O.N.A.S household.

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