Roxanne stood before the towering building with some apprehension. It was twenty storeys all, and black as night. Despite getting through her job interview seamlessly, she couldn't help but shake that nervous feeling that everybody encountered when they were about to begin work at a new company. Having grown sick of her last job ou in the middle of nowhere, Roxanne Ritchi had packed up all of her belongings, bought a one way ticket out of there, and arrived in the big city.

Metro City was very, very big. Far bigger than she thought it would be. But still, she had made her bed and was going to sleep in it. An apartment was found, rented, and then came the job hunt. After a week of not finding work she had signed up with a temp agency which would find her work based on her credentials and experience, which got her a few soft jobs across the city but had finally, landed her a job at one of the work safety companies.

Basically if people injured themselves at work, they would lodge a claim with the company and if accepted they would manage all medical expenses and help them return to work.

Once the morning orientation was given, Roxanne was shuffled along with another small group to different floors. They were all separated and sent to different floors since, to Roxanne's surprise, the entire building was owned by the company. Arriving on her floor, 10, Roxanne was greeted by a very unenthusiastic man.

His hair was something else, wavy and styled up high that made him look taller than he really was. He wore a tan brown suit with a blue shirt underneath, and had round glasses at the end of what could be considered a button nose. Roxanne thought he was cute at first, but then he spoke.

"Welcome to Metro Cover, or as I like to refer, seventh layer of Hell." his voice was dry and low and seemed to suck any and all enthusiasm out of the room.

Roxanne blinked, before laughing slightly. "Oh, thanks. Roxanne Ritchi." she held her hand out.

"Bernard Dunnings." he reached out and shook her out stretched hand a moment. "You've been shown how our system works then?"

"Hmm hmm. Simple enough, number crunching." she nodded and followed him as he walked around the corner from where the elevators were and entered the office space with a swipe of a security pass. The doors opened, revealing a floor of cubicles. Grey partitions and walls separated everyone, and you could see people's various personalities leaking through due to whatever they decorated their cubicles with.

"Now you're going to be in the new claims lodgment department. You'll be keying up all new claims, daily prescribed medical certificates and in your down time you'll be doing invoices." Bernard droned on as he walked her past a few cubicles, occupants either too busy typing to look at her but there were a rare few who stuck their heads up to see the new person on their floor.

"What area are you in?" Roxanne asked.

"I'm in travel and chemist. Paying back the workers what they're owed through calculating how much money is in a single kilometer that they travel and paying back their medical bills. Thrilling I know." he replied dryly. "But this got me away from my desk for a while, and I welcomed it."

She glanced at a cubicle they just passed, which had to be Bernard's desk since it was decorated very simply save for a single photograph of Bernard sitting with another man who had really dark skin. Judging by how closely they were sitting, and the smiles on both of them that wasn't just a best friend there.

"So let me give you a brief tour. Questions at the end." Bernard said and began showing her the floor. There were separate departments who all managed their own things. Claim lodgment, travel, chemist, invoice, reimbursements, recoveries, and the mail room. The mail room was at the far end of the floor, and Bernard sighed as they approached. "And this is the zoo, aka the mail room."

"Hey hey!" a voice erupted and from the sorting mail room stepped a short red haired man who was on the pudgy side. "Who's this now? I didn't get any message about a new girl on our floor."

"That's because you're never at your desk, Hal." Bernard replied with a roll of his eyes. "Roxanne, this is Hal Stewart. He's the weasel who hits on all the girls. Even the married ones."

"Hey shut up." Hal shot back before turning to Roxanne and smiled, raising an eyebrow. "So, how're you, Roxanne was it?"

"Fine." Roxanne replied curtly, definitely getting a creepy vibe off of this guy.

"I'll say." Hal replied with a grin.

"Okay Hal you can go back to sorting mail now, you know how hot you make me feel when you're sorting the mail cart." Bernard replied, voice still as flat and dry as anything yet it seemed to freak Hal out enough to running back into the mail room and muttering about gay boys. "He's fairly harmless but if he asks you for a hug just say no."

"Ugh. I'll just wear a sign around my neck saying 'No', how's that?" she asked as he walked her away from the mail room.

"You'll do fine." Bernard said before groaning. "Oh great. Wayne."

"Wayne?" Roxanne asked before turning her head to see they had walked up to a very tall, handsome looking man. He had board shoulders, a shit eaters smile, and wore a pale white suit with a pale gold shirt and white tie. Despite his arrogant air around him Roxanne felt her face flushing.

"My ears are burning." Wayne replied with a charming smile.

"Sigh. Wayne Scott, Roxanne Ritchi, the new girl to claim lodgment." Bernard introduced. "Wayne acts like he's the floor manager but he isn't, so don't feel intimidated."

Wayne laughed and smacked Bernard on the shoulder, which made the skinny man almost fall over. "You know I like you Bernard, always so dry and hilarious! People love this guy despite trying to come off as a cold customer." he said to Roxanne who could only dumbly nod her head and smile.

"Who says cold customer anymore?" Bernard asked as he led Roxanne away.

"Later you two!" Wayne called after them with a wave.

"God he's such a brown noser." Bernard muttered under his breath, pulling Roxanne out of what addled head space she had tumbled into.

"He seems nice enough." she said with a shrug.

"It'll wear off quick." replied Bernard but then grabbed Roxanne's arm and began to walk her quickly past a corner of the floor they hadn't been to yet. "Eyes ahead, don't look away." he hissed quietly.

"What, why, what is it?" Roxanne asked and allowed her eyes to trail to two cubicles which seemed to be off to the side and abandoned, they only had one working light above them both as well.

She saw two name tags on the front of either cubicle, reading 'Megamind' and 'Minion'. Each cubicle was full of paperwork, stationary, and boxes of archives. From within she could hear rapid fire typing from the one marked Megamind, and slower typing from the one on the right named Minion. But it seemed the occupants had been well aware of someone passing since the rapid fire typing stopped and a hand gripped the cubicle wall and a head stuck out.

Megamind was incredibly thin and lanky, wearing black pants that looked too short on him, and a tie that ran all the way down to his waist. He had a small black goatee, impressive eyebrows, but not a hair upon his head. Upon his nose was some thick black rimmed glasses, the bridge that ran across his nose was taped with some masking tape, completing the image one hundred percent. The man was also blue. This surprised Roxanne so much she gasped, which drew out the other occupant of the sister cubicle. It was a fish... in a gorilla robot suit. But he too was wearing a tie, since it was company law, and it was bright red and seemed far too short on his massive torso.

"Megamind and Minion, the freaks of the floor. They do the work nobody else wants to do. Don't make eye contact." Bernard said quickly but a robot hand suddenly reached out and stopped in front of the two, halting them. "Crap."

"Well well well, Bernard." Megamind said as he approached the two as he lifted his glasses up to the top of his head in one quick movement, and he was followed obediently by the giant gorilla bodied fish. "Who is this? Is this the new girl we all heard so much about?" he asked as he clasped his hands together.

"Megamind." Bernard said through gritted teeth.

"Oh I like your dress," the fish then said which made Roxanne step back in alarm, eyes wide. "Don't worry I don't bite. Hard." joked the fish before laughing to himself but stopped when Megamind smacked his chest with his hand.

"What's wrong, bat got your tongue?" Megamind asked the quiet woman.

"It's cat. Not bat." Bernard said.

"Really?" the blue skinned man blinked and it was now that Roxanne realized his cranium was double the size of a normal human being. Just what kind of city was this?

"Why are you blue?" Roxanne blurted, unable to help herself but then smacked her hand over her mouth and felt her face turning red from embarrassment.

All around them a series of cheers, or groans, suddenly erupted so loudly it made the poor girl jump in alarm and look around wildly. Megamind looked around as his fellow work-mates began exchanging money and grins, then rolled his eyes to himself.

"Man, I thought she'd hold off to ask him till lunch at least!" said a dark skinned man.

"First minute, I knew it!" said a woman who was getting some money from those sitting around her and looked quite victorious.

"It's a bet we all put on when new blood starts." Bernard explained to Roxanne, "How long it takes until they ask why he's blue or why Minion's a fish. Since you only asked why he's blue and didn't question the fish only a select few of us has won any money." he leaned in and stage whispered, looking at Megamind as he did. "That includes me, so thanks for that."

"Uh..." Roxanne started but was interrupted.

"I am blue because I come from a distant planet that was sucked into a black hole and the last soul survivor because my parents sent me off into the universe in a tiny pod with my Minion for company and protection." Megamind launched into his little speech. "I landed in a correctional facility and once earning my stripes and getting out due to good behavior I entered society and worked my way up the ladder and ended up in THIS dead end job."

"If you hate it so much why don't you leave?" Bernard asked.

"If you hate it so much why don't YOU leave?" Megamind shot back.

"It's so nice to meet you Miss Ritchi, I hope we get to talk a lot more in future!" the fish said to her cheerily, before grabbing the blue alien's shoulder. "Come along Sir, they wanted those reports by three pm and it's one!"

"Fine. We shall continue this later, Bernaaaarrd." Megamind slurred the name before turning and marched back to his cubicle, and Minion vanished into his own.

"Yeah. You're best ignoring those guys." Bernard said as he turned, "Let's show you your cell."

He showed her to a cubical that was just in the line of sight of the corner of freaks. She thanked him for the tour and when he held out his hand and asked for a tip she told him that when the zombie's upraising to wear sensible shoes. Calling her a smart ass, Bernard left. Roxanne spent the rest of the day learning the system a little bit better, typing up claims and medical certificates. Doctors writings were even harder to read than she ever would have imagined. Most of them looked like chicken scratches.

Either way Roxanne met a few new work friends in her area, and did her best to avoid the people who just rubbed her the wrong way. Hal turned out to be as creepy as Bernard had told her since it wasn't an hour after meeting her that he out right approached her and asked if she wanted a hug, then went on to explain that his hugs had magical properties and that any girl he hugged ended up either winning the lottery or finding her true love within a week. She had laughed this off forcefully, and then told him to leave her alone.

Naturally he did not, but at least she had survived her fist day in this new job of hers.

As she was getting into the elevator at the end of the day the doors were just sliding shut when she heard someone running up. Instinctively she pressed the open doors button but then regretted it, since who should walk into the elevator with her but the blue alien and his fish in a robot body.

"Thanks!" Minion thanked her as he took up most of the room in the small elevator and Megamind slipped in besides Roxanne.

"S'nothing." she replied quietly.

"So, first day. What'd you think?" Megamind asked as he pulled off his glasses and slipped them into a glass case and popped that into a small backpack he wore.

"Good. Yeah." Roxanne nodded, eyes on the numbers which showed how quickly they were approaching the ground floor.

"You lie." Megamind grinned, putting his hands into his pockets. "You're beginning to wish you'd gotten another job already am I right? I'm right aren't I?"

"Not really. It's just the first day. So far so good." she said, glancing at the blue alien and having to resist the urge to stare too hard for too long since no doubt he wouldn't like that. Yet at the same time...

"Oh Sir remind me we need to pick up some dinner before we get home. Our fridge busted again." the fish spoke up from behind the two.

"How about sushi?" Megamind asked.

"You're hilarious Sir." Minion replied dryly before the two burst into joined laughter over a joke Roxanne obviously wasn't privy to. The elevator doors slid open and the two stepped out, the two pausing to throw a wave to the girl.

"See you tomorrow!" called the alien before the two walked off and Roxanne quickly exited the lift before she would get stuck going back up to the top floors.

It had certainly been an interesting first day... She almost worried over what the next day would hold.