"I've said it before and I'll say it again, why are we going to this thing?" Bernard asked as he fumbled with a tie that he was trying to set properly around his neck.

"Because Megamind is an angel and he needs our moral support now stop bitching." Steve replied as he tied his black shoes before standing up and looking over himself in the mirror besides Bernard. "It can't easy having to go to court and speak for yourself, about being hit by a man who claims to be human while it's obvious he's an alien."

"I still can't see it." Bernard mumbled as he tried again with his tie before making an aggravated noise and yanked it off and threw it to the floor. "Have I told you how much I loathe ties?"

"All the time." Steve sighed as he knelt and picked up the tie, "Face me come on." and so he began fixing his boyfriends tie. "I don't know why you have such issues with these things."

Bernard said nothing as Steve fixed his tie. Once it was properly done Steve stood back, and smiled. "My God you're handsome. Do you know that?"

"Takes one to know one." Bernard replied as he looked at himself, then frowned. His hair, normally wavy and wild was combed back and it made him look ten years older then he really was. "...I look like my father."

"Ew." Steve made a face, before giving the man a hug and looked at themselves in the mirror. "Well, despite your similar appearance to that jerk you still look dashing. Now come on, let's go and be photographed and filmed by the media while we attend the court hearing!" he grinned, grabbing his shoulder bag and all but dragging Bernard out of their apartment.

The court house of Metro City was a tall, intimidating building with a Greek influence, large pillars, sweeping door arches and windows gave off a strong feeling of law and if you were walking into that place you were in for a world of trouble. Gathered on the front steps were people from the media carrying cameras, microphones, hand held cassette recorders, and other such things. News vans lined the street and it looked like every news station in the city had turned out for the day of hearing.

Wayne Scott, accompanied by only a middle aged lawyer, was the first to arrive on the scene. He was thus bombarded with flashes of white light as photographs were taken, and the man held up his hand to shield his eyes despite them being hidden behind some sunglasses.

"Mr. Scott are you an alien?"

"Mr. Scott what are your feelings towards your accuser?"

"Do you know them?"

"How do you keep your hair so luxuriously shiny?"

All manner of questions leaped at him, but he pushed through the people easily enough as he trailed after the lawyer and the large doors slammed behind them, banishing the media to hanging outside again.

"Aw man."

"I got a good photo!"

"Did he look shaggier then usual?"

"Of course he didn't shave!"

Meanwhile, around the corner, a black car was parked. Minion, at the wheel, had watched the media's reaction to Wayne and groaned. Sitting besides him in the front was Steve, and in the back was Roxanne, Megamind, and Bernard (in that order). The fish turned himself in his dome so he was looking at his friend. "Are you ready, Sir?" he asked.

"No." Megamind replied honestly, looking so out of place in a black pinstripe suit and white shirt combination. "I am not."

"Look all you have to do is take the stand, tell them what happened, and walk off. That's all." Roxanne said, holding his hand firmly in hers.

"But first they'll cross examine you." Bernard said dryly, "They'll ask you why you weren't working. What would have started Wayne talking to you in the first place? Then they'll bring up your relationship to Roxanne, and no doubt also mention your criminal history. You know. Lawyer stuff."

Megamind paled and his skin turned from its natural, healthy blue to a sickly blue you normally saw on people's lips when they were suffering from hypothermia.

"Bernard!" Roxanne hissed.

"What? It's no point sugar coating it. They're going to tear you apart." Bernard shrugged.

"Not so long as I'm alive." Minion growled, turning to look back at the court house. "All right. They've reserved a park for us at the front, you stay in the car Sir. I'll get out first, give them something to really photograph before letting the rest of you out."

"It's almost like being a super star." Steve mumbled as he watched some reporters talking into their camera lens, and it made him wonder if some were airing live or not. Minion swallowed and slowly made his way around the corner in the car and groaned as some of the cameras turned their attention to the approaching black car. Mouths moving to the cameras most reporters began walking towards the space where the car was set to park.

It was like being assaulted by faerie lights continually flashing you. Steve held a hand up, and Megamind ducked his head down as best he could.

Minion unbuckled his seat belt, opened the drivers side and got out of the car. More than 90% of those gathered took a sudden, surprised step back at the appearance of a robot gorilla with a fish for a head. Even the cameras stopped taking photos for a brief second before they started up again. The fish made his way around the car, saying nothing as microphones were pushed to his dome.

"Who are you?"

"What are you?"

"Are you an abomination of science?"

"Can you feel your robot suit?"

"Back up, back up!" Minion suddenly snapped, which, most of them obeyed. As he opened the back seat door Bernard climbed out from the front passenger side and folded his arms as he waited. Bernard was out first and some microphones almost smacked him in the face.

"Are you the accuser?"

"What is your beef with Wayne Scott?"

"Please hold all questions until the end of the tour." Bernard said into some microphones before moving to Steve, glaring at those who dared follow him.

"I can't do this." Megamind said from within the car, backing up so he was practically in Roxanne's lap. "I can't."

"Yes you can." Roxanne replied sternly, but still in an understanding tone. "I know you're scared but this has to be done. You can't run away from his, and remember? We're going bike riding after, your first time! You were so looking forward to that." she said.

Megamind said nothing, but then Minion leaned down and held out his hand to his friend. "Come on Sir. We're waiting for you."

The alien sat there, shaking still, but finally, slowly reached out and placed his hand in the metal one of his fish. Gently the fish led him out and once Megamind emerged from the car he saw nothing but white flashing dots. He knew there were questions being thrown at him but he couldn't answer anything. Roxanne was besides him seconds later, taking his hand and walking with him up the steps followed by Bernard, Steve and Minion taking up the rear and blocking most people's views by his size.

"Why is your head so big?"

"Are you deformed?"

"Is it true you attacked a school building full of children?"

"And helped twenty of the state's most hardened criminals escape prosecution thirty years ago?"

"Is this attack on Wayne Scott an attempt to make yourself feel better about your hideous birth defects?"

"HEY!" Minion growled, and the cameras flashed quicker as he reached out as if to strike the man who just posed this question.

"MINION!" Megamind snapped and the fish froze, fist inches from the mans' face who had staggered back, having not expected the fish to lash out. "Get inside. Now."

With more questions, photographers, and cameras going off in their wake they finally made it into the building and the doors shut behind them.

"Minion you shouldn't have done that." Roxanne said quietly. "I know the media can be intrusive but you must never let them get to you, it'll reflect badly on Megamind. You don't want that do you?"

"No..." Minion replied, "But... but he said you had..."

"I know what they said." Megamind said going to his friend and grabbed at his furry forearm. "Ignore them. They're beneath us."

They finally turned and saw what awaited them. There was a metal detector and Megamind paled, before looking at Minion. His whole body was metallic, what if they refused to let him in? Already Steve and Bernard had gone through, and Roxanne slipped through easily enough. Megamind, being eyed by a fair number of guards, hurried through.

Minion stood there, staring at the detector. He looked at a guard. "You're kidding right?"

"Sorry bub." said the guard, "Can't let you though."

"Why?" Megamind asked, the idea of facing this without Minion there in the court room suddenly making the whole thing a million times worse. "Why not?"

"He could be concealing a weapon. Or be a weapon." said another guard, looking at Minion's back and observing all the whirring parts of his filtering system. "Lookit all this stuff."

"W-what if he was just in a bowl of water?" Megamind asked.

"Then what's that thing?" the guard asked, jabbing a finger to the back of Minion's head where a small metal antenna was stuck.

"That helps me understand him and his body is designed so it's received in the same structural microchips and-" Megamind stopped when the guard held a hand in front of him.

"Can it be taken off?" he asked.

"It's attached to his brain. It can't." Megamind replied feebly.

"Then no. Fish has to wait out here." the guard said.

"NO!" Megamind shouted, startling Roxanne. "No he has to come!"

"You wanna start trouble blue boy?" the guard asked, eyes narrowing and hand going to his baton.

"No, no he doesn't!" Roxanne said, grabbing Megamind and pulled him to her protectively while Minion glared angrily at the guard, fists ready. If that guard even pulled that baton out it'd be ripped out of his hands and used against him before he knew what happened. "Megamind, he can't come in. It's the law, and we have to obey that law even if it seems stupid."

"But... but.." Megamind started, but stopped himself. He looked to Minion, who was still glaring at the guard, then back to Roxanne. Being brave was something that Megamind hadn't normally been associated with, but he had been making his small baby steps over the past few weeks, he was getting better. The idea of facing something so striking without his best friend though still scared him but he knew he had to push through it.

"It'll be all right, Sir." Minion said, finally looking to the blue alien. "I'll be waiting out here."

Megamind nodded slowly, before Roxanne led him down the hallway to where the court room waited. They could hear the shuffling of feet and people talking long before they reached the large wooden doors. Steve sighed, and smoothed out his tie before doing the same to Bernard.

"No fear, Megamind." Roxanne whispered. "Don't show them."

He nodded and the doors were pulled open. Megamind walked besides Roxanne, in front of Bernard and Steve, and they walked as a group into the fairly crowded court room. Just who all these people were Megamind didn't know, nor did he care. All he wanted was to go up there, plead his case, and then move on with his life. He spotted Wayne, who looked tired and strained. He hadn't shaved recently; his beard was brown with flecks of grey, showing his rapid aging over the past few weeks.

Megamind never wanted all this. Wayne had offered to pay for the medical expenses, but the Warden, on his authority as Megamind's surrogate father had pushed for a court hearing. If Wayne truly was an alien he would have to admit to it whilst under oath, or have evidence there of come up. That would show if he truly was a threat to society since if one punch from him could shatter a man's nose and break his jaw, along the other injuries, then they had to take that into serious consideration. Justice had to be served, truths revealed.

The court hearing began but Megamind wasn't really here, at least mentally. He barely listened to what those loud lawyers were saying, or what was going on around him. All he was are of was Roxanne's hand holding his own, resting gently on her leg. God, she looked beautiful today. She was wearing a lovely red dress that had a black belt under her chest that stretched to her waist, and it had a tasteful neck line which got ones attention but it didn't mean her body was out on full display like some women would. He gave her a small smile when he noticed she was looking at him, expression one of concern.

"Your honor we ask to call Jude Percival John Doe to the stand please."

Those words sucked all the air out of Megamind and he sat in his seat, rooted to the spot. It took Roxanne and Steve prodding at him to finally move him. Getting to his feet, Megamind made his way up to the box besides the Judge's large bench. Stepping up the small steps he stood there, and began to sit but stopped when another man approached him holding a black book.

"Place your hand here." he said. Megamind did. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and only truth so help you God?" he asked.

"Yes." Megamind replied, despite not believing in the deity. Finally he was allowed to sit, and he did, and learned the seat was very uncomfortable and warm. He fidgeted.

"Mr Doe," a lawyer stood and walked towards him.

"Megamind." he said.

"Excuse me?" the man asked.

"P... people call me Megamind..." he said.

"...Mr Doe," the man continued, "Could you explain to us the events concerning the date in question, August the 5th?"

Megamind decided he didn't like this man very much. But he started. "Well. I was home, and-"

"Why were you home?" asked the man. "Why weren't you at work like you normally are?" he walked to a table and lifted some papers. "According to these you've never taken a sick day in all your eleven years working for Metro Cover."

"I..." Megamind started, and swallowed. "I just... I couldn't go in."

"Why? Were you sick?" the man asked.

"Sick in my heart." replied the alien.

"Pray tell us why?" the lawyer asked.

Sighing, Megamind looked at the black microphone he was speaking into. "For the past few weeks, Roxanne Ritchi had been becoming my friend. I normally don't make friends too easily so it was kind of a big deal for me. She didn't know I felt strongly towards here and when I admitted to this the night before she informed me that she was to go out with Wayne Scott."

"So you took the day off." the lawyer stated the obvious. "Because the woman you wanted wasn't interested in you."

"...yes..." Megamind whispered.

"Could you repeat that?" the lawyer asked.

"Yes." he said louder, into the microphone.

Roxanne, sitting besides Steve, groaned. So they were going to drag this out, weren't they? Bernard had warned her, and she should know since his father had been a lawyer and he knew some about the justice system.

"I hate that man." Steve muttered.

"So explain to us, what you were doing on Grundle Street at around 12:20 in the afternoon." the lawyer continued, beginning to pace in the space available.

"Well. I felt I needed some air, to help clear my head." Megamind said, "So I went for a walk. That's when Wayne showed up."

"And what did he say? What mood was he in?" the lawyer asked.

"He said we needed to talk." Megamind replied.

"Of?" probed the lawyer.

"Roxanne." answered the alien, and rubbed at his forearm. "He said that she'd broken it off with him that morning. That... that she told him she had made the wrong choice, and that she liked me."

"Is this Roxanne here with you today?" asked the man, who no doubt knew the answer to this question already.

"Yes." Megamind replied and when told to point her out, he did. Roxanne frowned at the lawyer and those who turned to stare at her.

"So because this woman decided she had made the wrong decision, Wayne Scott approached you, obviously mad over the situation. What happened then?" the lawyer asked.

"He grabbed my arm. He asked why she'd want me over him." Megamind admitted.

"Did you try to pull away? Get away from him? Call for help?" the man asked, stopping in front of Megamind from his pacing.



"I knew it was fruitless." Megamind replied. Before the man could ask that stupid question again he continued. "I knew because Wayne was stronger than me. Not just because of our physical differences, but he really is stronger than anyone else alive on this planet because he's an alien like me."

This caused chatter amongst those gathered, and the judge had to bang her gravel to silence them all. "Order in the court!" she shouted.

"An alien like you. That's a fairly strong accusation Mr. Doe." the lawyer said.

"It is because it's true." Megamind cut in.

"And how do you know this?" asked the man.

"Because I met him on the day I left my planet. Our planets," he leaned closer to the microphone, looking to the Jury of twelve people. "They were being sucked into a black hole. Both our parents used their last resources to send us into space. Wayne travelled along side mine for two weeks before we arrived on this planet. He landed in the Scott Manor and I..." Megamind trailed off, eyes darting to Roxanne then back to the jurors.

"Where did you land?" the lawyer asked.

"Metro... Metro City State Prison for the Criminally Gifted." Megamind mumbled.

"We refer to exhibit H, a copy of the newspaper on the day after this landing stating a baby breaking twenty of the prisons criminals' out." the lawyer went so far as to pick up the newspaper, concealed in a plastic bag. "Now, seeing how no foster home, church, orphanage or adoption agency would touch you, you were kept on in the prison is that correct?"

"Yes, but I don't see what this has to do with-" Megamind started but was hushed.

"You met Wayne Scott again, but well before Metro Cover. Where?" asked the man.

"...Lil' Gifted School for Gifted Kids." Megamind admitted.

"The school you bombed, correct?" the lawyer said a little too quickly.

"It wasn't a bomb it was a paint bomb!" Megamind shouted as the crowds began to chatter again. "I didn't do it to hurt anyone! I never did anything to hurt anyone!"

"Your second day in the school you started a fire. True or false?" snapped the lawyer.

"It was an accident I wanted to make pop corn like Wayne did!"

"Property damage, two smashed windows." the lawyer continued, "Running away from the school. Stealing supplies. You had quite the record and you weren't even ten years old yet. What led to all of this, all this hostility?"

"They never accepted me! None of them did!" Megamind snapped angrily, voice shaking. "I was the outcast! The black sheep! Last picked for everything! Wayne was the one in charge of them all, he was the one to pull me into 'line' and send me to the time out corner! Every day they found new ways to exclude me and I finally had enough! So I got the chemicals and paints and made the paint bomb! Just so I could make them all blue like me so I wouldn't be the only one anymore!"

"And then?" the lawyer asked.

"And then I was suspended! I wasn't allowed within a school again until I was fourteen and on parole." Megamind growled, hands now formed into fists on the arm supports on that uncomfortable chair. "I paid for my crimes! I got better! I've never done anything bad since then!"

"Until now." the lawyer replied simply. "Here you are, criminal record well and truly estimated before you even struck puberty. Problems holding a job. And now you accuse Wayne Scott of causing you grievous bodily harm as well as being an alien like yourself. Where is your proof?" he asked, "What physical proof could you have that could-"

"Stop it, stop it!" Wayne, suddenly, had stood up. The man besides him had been trying to keep him seated but it had obviously not worked. "This isn't about him, stop bringing him into this! He's right. He's right!"

"Silence! Silence!" called the judge, slamming her mallet loudly. "Mr. Miles you keep your client under control or we'll sentence him with disrupting a court hearing!"

"I punched him and I'm sorry for that! I didn't mean to hurt him and I forgot my strength, Megamind, Jude, I never meant to hurt you!" the man continued despite the chatter and court room noise. "I should never have hid what I was, but I was so afraid. I didn't want to be shunned like you, I was a coward and hid behind an image of myself that was a lie. You, you're the bravest man I've ever met and you're not even a man!"

"Get him out of here!" the judge ordered and some police came rushing into the room.

"No! This is about me, this is about whether or not I'm an alien! Well look!"

Wayne suddenly lifted into the air, and hovered just out of the reach of the police. People all around gasped in shock, and mobile phones were already recording what was happening as well as cameras snapping photographs. The man hovered there, eyes on Megamind, and the two aliens stared at one another amongst the chaos of the humans beneath them.

"...thank you." Megamind mouthed, to which Wayne bowed his head before slowly sinking back down into the crowd.


"That was the craziest thing I've ever seen." Bernard said, "Can you believe it?"

"You were right." Steve smiled at Megamind, who was sitting between Roxanne and Minion.

"Why is everyone so surprised to hear that?" Megamind asked with a weak, tired smile. "He's been an alien since the day I met him."

"I guess they just couldn't believe it. He looks so much like us." Steve shrugged before sipping his tea. "Guess he showed us."

"You were so brave up there." Roxanne finally said, looking at Megamind. "That lawyer was such an ass, the way he cornered you into admitting your history like that... it was like he was trying to make the people distrust you because of who you are and how you started life here."

"It's what they do all the time." Bernard muttered. "Bring doubt into the equation and Wayne would have walked out free of any charges. They would have seen Megamind as an ex-convict with a score to settle and nothing more, nothing less. I hate the legal system."

"So do I." Minion frowned.

"Well. That's over with now," Roxanne smiled, "And we're all alive, we all made it. Steve, Bernard, thank you so much for coming with us you know you didn't have to."

"S'what I told him." Bernard said, but smiled faintly when Steve snaked an arm around his waist.

"He couldn't pass up the opportunity of seeing his handsome mug on the television and in the newspapers. So darn vain." he grinned, nosing Bernard's cheek gently.

"...can we go bike riding now?" Megamind asked, almost desperately, wanting to get out of his black suit and into something more his style.

Roxanne laughed, and kissed him. "Yes. Yes we can."


"Wow, you made it?" Roxanne asked, as she observed the helmet that Megamind would be wearing. It was made, by hand, and had all the proper padding needed.

"I had to." Megamind said as he tied his strawberry Chuck Taylors as he sat on the grass of the park. "There's nowhere in the world I can buy a helmet, or hat, that suits my head right off the rack."

"And what's this?" she tapped the little black device on top of it.

"A camera." Megamind said. "I've never ridden a bike before, I wanted to film it."

"Aw!" Roxanne grinned. "Now, Minion should be back with your rented bike soon." since she already owned a bike she had brought it with her. Luckily the city and park offered hiring bikes, you simply had to deposit a few notes and you always got them back when you returned the bike at the end of the day. This way Megamind could ride a bike, but they would have to get one with training wheels since he'd never been on one before. "There he is!"

Sure enough Minion was fast approaching, carrying with him a blue bike with training wheels. "The last one! I was very lucky." he admitted as he set the bike down in front of his friend. "Nice color huh?" he asked.

Megamind scoffed and touched the handle bars, feeling the strength in the metal and rubber. There was even a bell, and he rang it with a childlike grin to his face. After strapping his helmet on Minion helped him onto the bike, and held onto it as Megamind adjusted himself so the seat was at a good height for him. "Do I look good?" he asked.

"Perfectly wonderful, Sir." Minion grinned. "Doesn't he Miss Ritchi?" the fish asked.


And so the three set off. Minion kept a hand on the back of Megamind's bike, despite the training wheels, which gave the alien somewhat more courage while riding the bike. Roxanne, being a show off, sped around them in circles and laughing before taking off, only to return shortly after. The rest of the afternoon continued, Megamind getting bolder and soon riding without the fish holding on, and laughing as he did.

Minion stood under a tree and watched the two bike riding, Roxanne still (sometimes literally) riding circles around her boyfriend. Megamind called out now and then, just that she was a show off, to which she answered by doing a wheelie. The fish laughed as Megamind was daring enough to try it, and almost ended up falling off his bike but Roxanne caught at him. He got down and sat under the tree now and leaned against it, content to watch his best friend smile and laugh for the first time that day.

The storm had passed, and they'd survived.

Though he had to wonder what lay in store for them now. Roxanne was clearly a wonderful woman, and he had heard of their small argument over Hal from his work mates, and was grateful to see they had gotten through it together. She was just a wonderful fit for his friend, who needed someone like her. Somebody to understand him, guide him, and teach him more of the world which he had been locking away due to his ugly upbringing in prison and the foster homes once he was of age. It was almost like Megamind was a child again, as if his years had slipped away and he was a teenager experiencing all the good things life had to offer instead of the ugly.

Then Megamind tried something truly silly, going down a hill, and ended up falling into the lake in the middle of Metro Park.

"Oh Sir!" Minion ran down the hill as Roxanne, unable to help but laugh, got down into the water with the alien to help him up. "Sir, Sir are you all right?" the fish asked.

Megamind coughed up some water but laughed, hauled to his feet by Roxanne.

"Sir you need to be more careful." Minion scolded.

"Yes mother." Megamind grinned, to which Minion fake gasped and wagged a finger at him.

"Don't take that tone with me, mister Sir." he said.

"Now you see why it's important to remember which handle is the gear shift and the other a brake?" Roxanne asked, her jeans up to her knees now soaked.

"Yes, yes..." Megamind replied with an embarrassed smile.

"Now come on let's get you guys back to my place this time." Roxanne smiled, "We can dry off there. And then you guys can watch some of my favourite movies."

"They aren't anything girly romantic are they?" Megamind asked. "I have an allergy to romantic comedies."

"Oh God no!" Roxanne snorted as they climbed out of the water and Minion took their bikes so they could shake off excess water. "I hate that stuff. No. You, my wonderful blue beau, are going to be introduced to a young man who's been in my life for fourteen years."

"Fourteen years?" Megamind asked with eyes wide. "Who, I've never heard you mention anyone like that?"

"A young English gentleman who, for the first half of his life, lived in a cupboard under the stairs of Number 4 Pivet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey." Roxanne grinned.