Minion watched as his friend entered the apartment, and he raised his eyebrows as he watched the blue alien make his way over to the fridge and opened the door and stared at the contents.

"...Sir?" Minion asked, after a moment.

"Hm?" Megamind asked, still looking at the contents of his fridge.

"You didn't come home last night... and it's well past three pm." the fish, of course, had been worried at the fact his friend hadn't even made a phone call about being indisposed. Yet he respected what he and Miss Ritchi had, and had done the right thing and not bother them. "Did something happen?" he asked.

Megamind finally turned his head to look at his friend, and a small little smile crossed his face. "Well... I guess you could say that."

Minion walked closer to him, sizing him up with every step he took. "Did..." the fish started, before his eyes widened. "Did you and..." he looked absolutely surprised, despite having learned nothing yet. "Did you sleep with Miss Ritchi, Sir?"

The blue alien's cheeks turned a brilliant purple, as did his nose. Honestly, how could he hide anything from his friend? He was so readable, it was impossible to lie or avoid the truth. "Yes. I did."

He watched his friend stand there, the robot body barely moving yet the little fish within seemed to be shivering. Minion suddenly exploded with a cry of absolute delight, hands clapping together. "OH Sir! Oh Sir!" he gasped, before rushing forward and threw his arms around the alien, pulling him in for a hug and spun on the spot. "Congratulations Sir, you big slut you!"

"MINION!" Megamind squeaked, the robot arms were strong against his little body, but then saw the humor in it all. Him, a slut? He was thirty and had just now finally slept with a woman. It was ironic, and hilarious. He laughed, and managed to squeeze an arm out of the embrace and wrapped it around the robots shoulders. "Oh Minion it was fantastic...!" he gushed, as Minion finally stopped spinning and set him down on the floor. "She was amazing!"

"Details, Sir. Details!" the fish squeaked, clapping his hands again. "We've waited for this day since you were thirteen after all."

And thus Megamind spun the tale to his friend, to some this might be considered incredibly wrong or twisted. Megamind and Minion never kept secrets from each other. Minion knew about everything about Megamind, he was like a living personal diary. The blue alien told him of his dreams, his desires, and his deepest wants. So far, Roxanne had answered many of these things. But to know that his friend had finally found the woman who accepted him despite his differences and appearance, it was like a dream come true for the fish.

Course, Minion would never admit to Roxanne that Megamind had told him about what she wore, how she felt, or what it was like to make love to her. The fish, of course, would never know what it was like to truly be with a woman. Hearing about it from his friend was the closest he would ever get. But that was close enough.

"It's simply wonderful, Sir." Minion smiled once it was all done, "You have no idea how glad I am for you. So... what do you think?"

"Think?" Megamind asked.

"About... well. Possibly... a future, with Ms. Ritchi? You two have been together a few months and you certainly hit it off brilliantly." Minion said, "I know it's early times yet, but could you two possibly have a life together?"

Megamind went quiet, and looked down at his hands. "I don't know. I'd like to think so." he whispered. "Like you said, it's still early, right?"

The fish nodded. "Yes. But it doesn't hurt to hope. To dream."

Sighing slowly, Megamind tilted his head and supported it on his hand as he leaned on the table. " own a home together... live in the middle of the country, away from the city. I'm sick of living in the city. I want space. We'd have a garden, maybe! A whole room for my collectibles, and we'd have her dirt bike in the drive way. And my own, too... at least by then I hope I could be able to ride one."

"And maybe children?" Minion asked.

Megamind went quiet, and for some reason his hand moved to his stomach. He didn't know why. "...I don't know... I don't.. I don't think it's possible. Our genetics are too different. It'd be impossible. Besides, that is too advanced thinking, even for dreams."

"Just because our upbringing wasn't all sunshine and roses Sir, doesn't mean your children would have a bad one as well." Minion whispered.

"Minion." Megamind warned quietly.

"Sorry, Sir." the fish whispered, knowing he had pressed too much, far too soon.

They sat in silence for a while, before Megamind whispered quietly. "I'd like to have a daughter, one day. I'd dress her up, all pretty. She'd be my princess and I'd keep her safe from everyone who would want to hurt her. And her name would be Leia."

Minion giggled to himself.

"Wonderful, Sir."

"But yes." he said louder, sitting up straighter in his seat. "Roxanne... I want her in my life. As long as she'd have me."

"I can't see why she wouldn't, Sir." Minion smiled. "You take good care of her, you love her, and you make her happy. Plus you're incredibly handsome and a genius on top of that. I can't see why she wouldn't want you in her life. I know mine is better with you in it."

"You always know what to say." Megamind smiled.


"No!" Roxanne hissed, physically pushing at Bernard. "I am NOT giving you details!"

"Come on." Bernard said, barely bothered by being pushed away by the woman. "You're meant to tell me these things."

"I am not!" she gasped, "I am not telling you anything about him like that! Steve doesn't go telling me about what you're like in bed!"

"I wouldn't care if he did. I'd be very proud if my boyfriend boasted about me in bed. Just like Megamind would be if you told me he was the greatest lay you ever had." Bernard replied simply, and as usual his phrase was spoken so dry, so without enthusiasm those who didn't know him would swear he was being sarcastic 24/7.

Roxanne's cheeks flushed and she glanced around the lunch room, but nobody was within hearing range. Sighing, she moved in closer and whispered into his ear. She really had no choice because she knew Bernard far too well now, and when he wanted to know something he would keep prodding and asking the same question over and over again... normally at totally inappropriate moments too. Bernard nodded, listening, and his eyes slowly got bigger as she continued to whisper. He pulled away, looking honestly surprised once she was done.

"You're kidding me."

"No." she said, sitting back. "I'm not."

"You're ruined. You'll never go back to normal dick again." Bernard replied.

", I don't think I will." Roxanne suddenly laughed, before covering her hand with her mouth to silence herself since those around her looked at her oddly.

"Well. Congratulations." Bernard reached out and took her hand into his, and shook it as if she had just won an award or something. "You had the greatest sex possible."

"Ha..." she brushed some hair behind her ear. "So... how is Steve in bed?"

Bernard raised an eyebrow, before leaning in and began whispered in her ear.

Roxanne's face turned brilliant red, and she placed her hand over her mouth as her eyes, like his own had, gradually grew in size. She suddenly pulled back, Bernard in mid-sentence, and gave him a look like he had just grown another head. "Oh my God."

"You asked." Bernard replied.

"I didn't think you'd be so... so... graphic!" Roxanne gasped.

He simply smiled, and went back to eating.


Megamind sat up in his bed, hands in his lap. For the past week he had been feeling as if he was missing something, but he couldn't really explain why. It had been a week since he and Roxanne had made love, something that still played through his mind scene for scene, as if watching on a movie. Whilst he wanted to do it again, almost desperately, he wasn't sure if he should have to be the one to 'start' it.

He didn't want to come across as a fiend.

But still. He was feeling empty. Was he missing his virginity? Impossible. It had been a burden, an embarrassing secret that he fought to ignore all his life. So why would he be feeling this way?

It felt like something had been removed. Or, something was meant to be there and yet it wasn't. He lifted his head and stared up at his ceiling of the pillars of creation, forever stuck on his ceiling.

"I don't understand." he mumbled. "I thought I would feel better. I thought I would feel amazing but..." Megamind trailed into silence, before rubbing his arm. "...why do I feel like I've lost something?"


The alien turned, blinking as he saw Minion standing in the door way. "I heard you up. Why are you awake?" he asked.

"I feel bad." Megamind replied quietly, looking down at his hands. "I don't understand why."

"...Sir, I think I might... uhm. Know why." Minion said, as he slowly walked to his friend.

"Huh? Why?" he sat up straighter, turning to his friend who sat slowly on the bed.

"Well. Um. Sir. I know you'll feel like I've kept this from you but I... I've known some home truths about you, your kind, for a while. I just knew some things, like... like they were implanted. From your mother, I think." it was known between the two of them that Minion wasn't a species, that he was one of a kind. Created by Megamind's mother in order to look over him, to heal him, and protect him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Megamind asked, eyes widening. "Why would you keep these things from me?" he felt a rare flush of anger, and felt his hearts racing.

"Because I never thought it would come into play! Or that, that you would think that you are missing something. I just assumed life would continue as normal." Minion said.

"So why? Why, just. Just tell me." the alien said quietly, the anger still obvious on his face.

Minion sat there, before beginning to explain. "You see. You have to understand... unlike humans, who can protect themselves from impregnation your species had nothing like that. Sex meant babies. Your... um. Parts." the fish glanced down at Megamind's lap before looking back to his face, "They mix with the females, and then the baby is formed."

"U-huh..." Megamind said slowly.

"In the male." Minion added. "And then, the baby is moved from him to the female who births it after."

"And you just knew, all of this, and never told me?" Megamind asked quietly.

"To be honest Sir, I never would have thought I would have to explain this, I mean. Miss Ritchi isn't... well. Of your kind. So maybe, Sir, I'm just guessing here... maybe your body feels that it should be pregnant, but it isn't because your body couldn't accept Miss Ritchi's. So it thinks it should be, but it isn't. That's why you feel... well. Empty."

Megamind sat there, before jolting and shuddering, and wrapping his arms around himself. "You mean I'D be pregnant?" he asked, horrified by the notion.

"Only at first!" Minion said,

"But that's wrong!" Megamind shouted.

"No sir. It's who your people were." snapped back the fish. "Now I know you believe all those around you, the humans, are all what is right in the universe. But it's not! This is just one, single planet. You, us," he reached out and put his hands to his shoulders and gripped gently. "we come from somewhere different. Just because it's different to what we see here and experience, and learn, does NOT make us the wrong ones! We're just as right as they are."

"B-but...' whimpered the blue man quietly.

"No." Minion said firmly. "No buts. It feels wrong but it isn't. It never will be."

Megamind sat there, looking at his glowing friend, then looked down at himself. It was all so much to take in to suddenly realize the beginning of his life had been within his fathers body. To know the man whose final words to him were lost, the man who had whispered to him for hours when he was still a few days old, had been the one to start it all off. If he had a female like his mothers, and they had done what he had with Roxanne a week ago, that would mean he'd have to hand the child to her to grow.

It was very over whelming.

"...anything else you 'know' and you want to tell me?" Megamind asked looking up at the fish.

Minion smiled, and shook his body again for no. "While your mother was kind enough to implant that information, nothing else. I can't even explain how it is I can heal you while nobody else can. Now that, is something I wish she had told me."

"Me too." replied Megamind quietly. "Me too. can let go of me now."

Minion did as requested, and set his hands in his lap.

Megamind thought for a moment, before frowning. "So... I'll feel this way each time Roxanne and I make love?" he asked.


"Well that sucks."

"I know. Um. Will you tell her?"

Megamind shrugged. "Probably."

"Can I be there when you do?" asked Minion, grinning.

Megamind snorted. "Probably best you aren't."


One Year Later

The sun was shining in the sky, and birds were singing in the distance. It was one of those perfectly beautiful days, and Megamind couldn't help but feel butterflies at the pit of his stomach. Wearing a suit was never something he was all too fond of, and he couldn't help but lift his hand and tug at the white starched collar before fiddling with his tie. "I hate these things." he muttered.

"Sir please stop fussing." Minion whispered harshly. "You look fine."

"I know I look fine." Megamind hissed back quietly, "I look amazing."

"You don't now that you've messed up your tie, what will Miss Ritchi think?" the fish asked, narrowing an eye as he quickly checked his own little black tie that barely passed his chest.

"She'll be fine." Megamind replied quickly.

"U-huh." the fish said, narrowing an eye.

Megamind gave him a good long look before rolling them and looked up at the clear blue sky. It really was a beautiful day, they couldn't have asked for a more perfect one even if they tried. Behind him were rows of seats and every one was taken up by somebody. Women wearing pretty dresses, and men looking awkward but handsome in their suits. Those who had to bring their children were doing their best to keep them quiet, but you could still hear one child making a bored crying noise in the back.

"Why do they insist on bringing babies to these things don't they know they can't be quiet?" Megamind muttered.

"Oh but the little ones look so cute in their little pretty clothes." the fish smiled.

"Until they throw up." pointed out the alien.

"A-hem?" the woman standing to the left of them cleared her throat and Megamind fell silent.

"Sorry." he whispered, before turning and hurrying off. Time really did fly, didn't it? A whole year had passed since he and Roxanne had begun their relationship, and things had only gotten better. They now lived together in Roxanne's apartment together, and Megamind had moved most of his possessions in with them. Minion though, wanting to give his friend some privacy, had kept the flat down below to himself. He tended to it, and yes, he still worked in Metro Cover.

Minion though, had left. From the prompting of Steve, the fish had handed in his resignation and had turned to designing clothing. A lot of his designs were taken on by the theater, for whom he had a strong affliction to for some reason. He worked quickly, efficiently, and his prices were reasonable. He was far happier sewing and stitching all day anyway, and Megamind's old room had been transformed into a sewing room though the posters remained on the walls, as did the Pillars on the ceiling. By now, though, he had even hired on a few young people to help him with keeping up with supply and demand. Especially for the wedding, where he had designed the tuxedos, as well as the brides maids gowns.

He called them his masterpieces.

Meanwhile Megamind had come to used to the slight depression that would sweep over him after he and Roxanne would make love to one another, but it was normally kept at bay by snuggling against her extra close and her hand gently caressing the back of his head.

Megamind paused to wave to Wayne, who was even in the crowd. The tall man waved back, grinning. He had left Metro Cover after the large mess, and now was a police man. The man couldn't be happier, that much was clear. While the two weren't absolutely best friends, there was a certain mutual respect between the two of them. That was something, at least.

"Are we all ready?" asked somebody as a group of suited up men and dressed women gathered around some trees.

"Yes." replied somebody else.

The music started up, and Megamind hummed to himself as he heard the organ start up. Obviously, since they were outside, there were no real organs out here. Instead it was a CD player on a track pre-selected. He watched as the maid of honor and the first man began their walk down the path, and he took a long, shaky breath.

He had practiced this enough time he could still feel the nerves in his stomach. It was like two X-Wings were fighting each other but continued to bump against his poor stomach walls. Megamind prayed he wouldn't throw up, or worse, faint.

He dazedly took note that all those needing to assemble at the front of the ceremony was there, including himself though he had no recollection of moving his feet. Obviously he must have, since he could see Minion in the front row, clapping his hands together in an excited manner.

The strong organ music came up again, this time it was the professional, bridal chorus that everyone knew so well. Heads were turned, and you could hear the gasps of awe and whispers of 'look at them!'

Bernard and Steve walked hand in hand past those collected. Steve wore a white tuxedo, while it was Bernard dressed in the black one. Their ties reflected their suits, but their shirts were the opposite color. The tails of their tuxedos were longer than a usual suit, and it looked incredibly pretty since both had a red flower upon their breast pockets.

Megamind watched them, before glancing across to Roxanne who was stood in line behind Steve's sister Alexis. She, of course, looked gorgeous in a white gown. Strapless, not too low but low enough to be attractive, and a black stitched in belt went from the under wire of her bra to her waist. Fastened to the lower back of it, like all the other bridesmaids who wore the same thing, was a large white bow. Roxanne glanced and spotted her boyfriend out of the corner of her eye and smiled at him. But then she spotted how crooked his tie was and made a scowling face at him.

He shrugged at her as the justice of the peace began to read from her book.

The ceremony was short and sweet, the way Bernard liked it. He stood there before his friends and Steve's family; his own had naturally made a no show. In fact he hadn't even bothered inviting them since what was the point? He was dead to them and he didn't want that drama of them showing up to hurl insults at him, or his fiancé. Today was about him, and the man he loved. Bernard looked out of the corner of his eye as Steve watched the woman talk, before reaching and took his hand into his own and squeezed.

Steve blinked and glanced at him, before smiling.

"And by the power invested in me by the state, I now pronounced you wed. You may kiss your husband."

Bernard turned, but found Steve throw his arms around his shoulders and kissed him. Those gathered erupted into applause, most of the men in the crowd getting to their feet and clapping louder still. Minion was sobbing from within his dome, wishing he could dab at his eyes with a tissue, instead he just clapped loudest of all what with those metal arms. From the back, somebody whistled noisily.

The women in the front row got up, and opened up small bags each had been carrying and as the newly joined couple tried to fight their way through the crowd they tossed the rice at them. No doubt the rice would end up tumbling down collars and getting lodged under shirts but that would be dealt with later. Those bits that ended up on the grass would of course be eaten up by birds once the ceremony was over and the people were gone.

"Like fighting a tide." Bernard muttered to Steve who only laughed, and buried his face into his partners shoulder a moment.

"You're smiling." he whispered.

"I know." replied Bernard. "Alarming, isn't it?"

"You're scaring the children." Steve grinned.

"Good. It builds character."

"There you are!" Roxanne finally latched onto her boyfriend, having fought the tide of people too and easily led him from the front. "God look at your tie you're a mess... did you mess with it despite me telling you not to?" she fiddled with his tie, straightening it up. "Honestly you can program a computer but you can't tie a tie right..."

"Oh just take it off it's all over." Megamind said, reaching up but she snagged his hands.

"No! We have to go have photos taken!" she grinned, "Remember?"

He groaned audibly and rolled his eyes. "Oh man. Photos?"

"Yes, photos. Now come on!" Roxanne gripped his wrist and tugged him off, grinning fit to burst.

And so the rest of the afternoon was spent hanging around the parks, standing under trees, in front of ponds, and smiling until his teeth hurt. Megamind was rarely one to have his photo taken and to know that a group shot, of him included and not being excluded from the group, would be displayed on people's mantels and walls was a very striking thing to consider.

"C'mon people, one last one!" called the wedding photographer as the group bunched together for one last one. "I gotta get to some guy's apartment between now and the reception!"

"Some guy's apartment?" asked Steve, but shook his head as he smiled in that professional dancing way people seemed to get away with, without looking like a prat.

Bernard just smiled.

"It was beautiful, simply beautiful!" Minion gushed as he walked along after Megamind and Roxanne, "Did you see how many compliments they got from their outfits?"

"Minion, we all got so many compliments. You're doing really well for yourself." Roxanne smiled, rubbing the gorilla body's arm tenderly. "I knew you'd be best making clothing rather then sitting stuck up in that cubicle forever."

The fish laughed within his water. "Oh you. But you look gorgeous."

"Of course, I have the best fish dress designer in the city." she grinned.

"You have the ONLY dress designing fish in the city. Or world." Megamind pointed out.

"That's what makes it even more special." she smiled, "Now come on. We have a reception to go celebrate at."

"Can't we stop? My feet are killing me." Megamind whined, dragging his feet.

"No you can't now come on!" Roxanne chastised, wagging a finger at him like a scolding mother.


Luckily there was a break between the wedding and the reception so once they arrived at the hall it was surprisingly empty. Megamind and Roxanne, along with Minion, found their seats at the long table that was elevated on a platform. "They really went all out didn't they?" Roxanne asked dreamily, looking around at the hall that was full of a black and white motif. "Ebony and ivory."

"Uh oh Sir." Minion grinned as he looked at Roxanne, "I suspect Miss Ritchi might be planning your own wedding in your head."

"What? No!" Roxanne blushed brilliantly as she took her seat. "I'm simply saying what a beautiful choice they made in venues! We're not even engaged, Minion! How can I be thinking about a wedding?"

"U-huh." the fish replied dryly. "As if that'd stop your day dreams."

Megamind smirked, folding his arms and resting them on the table top. Luckily this celebration wasn't going to be too formal, he and Roxanne didn't have to stand outside and greet everyone, nor were they going to have to walk in like a parade and be cheered for simply walking down an isle.

Still, the idea of having a wedding for himself and Roxanne seemed like... a day dream, mostly. Would the city even recognize the marriage of a woman and an alien? He was a citizen but he was still blue. He was still an alien. Maybe, like Steve and Bernard, they would have it outside and private. No religion, just a justice of the peace, and nothing else. Who knows it might be nice.

He glanced across to Roxanne who was talking to the other brides maids, most of them friends and family of Steve. It was alarming to learn that Bernard actually had friends outside of work but sure enough there were some men who he had worked with in other jobs lurking around one table in particular. Megamind spotted Wayne again, who was talking to one of the men who were one of Bernard's friends.

"Check it out." he said, nudging Roxanne, who glanced over to spot Wayne talking with the man.

She laughed. "Oh don't be a gossiper." she grinned.

"It's fun!" he insisted.

"Bernard's rubbed off on you." Roxanne smirked, "I knew there'd be a drawback of befriending that guy."

"Speak of the Devil and he shall appear." Bernard's dry tone surprised them and they turned, and there he stood with Steve.

"There you are!" Roxanne grinned, "Oh my gosh it is gorgeous here isn't it?" she asked.

"That's why I picked it." Steve smiled, before moving to take his seat at the center of the table and Bernard sat besides him. "It reflects our mood perfectly."

"Hmmm." Roxanne sighed dreamily as she looked back out over the gathering of people, friends, family, and the general atmosphere of it all.

"Oh dear." Steve smiled, "Is little Roxy getting day dreamy?"

"Oh I am not! Why is everyone saying that?" she laughed, batting at the man's arm playfully. "I am not day dreaming!"

"You so are." Bernard said as he reached for a glass of champagne, "You're almost as readable as Megamind. As they say, some couples begin to act like one another if they've been together long enough."

"So why isn't Steve an unenthusiastic bag of no-fun?" Megamind asked pointedly.

"And you aren't a happy cheery guy?" Roxanne added.

Bernard gave them both a good long glare before suddenly breaking into an impressive, almost beautiful smile. "Oh c'mon now guys I can be so totally happy and cheery if I wanted to be!" he said, enthusiastically, and happy.

Both Roxanne and Megamind went very quiet, the two equally unnerved by this side of Bernard which they hadn't seen before.

"Oh don't be like that," Bernard continued, "you guys wanted to see me like this right?"

"...not really." Megamind said quietly.

"This feels wrong. Like. Feeding a chicken chicken. Or a dog walking on its hind legs wrong." Roxanne added.

"Exactly." Bernard said flatly, expression, posture, and attitude shifting back to normal gears. "Some people are born to be this way. I am one of those lucky bastards."

"And I'm the other lucky bastard who gets through their tough outer exterior to the gooey center on the inside." Steve smiled, before leaning his head against Bernard's shoulder. "And for your information I can be in very, very sour moods at times but I won't subject you to seeing that. You're traumatized enough already."

"Yeah thanks." Minion spoke up, having witnessed all this and had to fight a flight instinct.

The reception continued as expected, speeches were given and most of them were long winded and wordy. Steve's mother spoke about how happy, and proud she was, of her boy finding somebody who loved him just as much if not more so than she did. Of course she added that she would appreciate it if Bernard smiled just that little bit more since he apparently had a 'beautiful smile'. This got a laugh from most, especially those of Bernard's friends on their own table.

Roxanne spoke on behalf of herself and Megamind, about how they were so glad to have become friends with the two men and thanked them for inviting them, as well as allowing them to be a part of the wedding party.

Then Steve thanked everyone for coming, that he and Bernard really appreciated the show of support from everyone, then announced it was food time and once that was over with he expected everyone to get out on the dance floor. And yes, he did mean everyone.

He had said this while looking at his partner, who smirked at him.

Of course, once the food was eaten and extra toasts given, Steve and Bernard had to take the floor and dance together. It was obvious though that they swapped who led a few times through the dance, despite their hand positions unmoving. Bernard was mumbling something to Steve at some point, which only made Steve laugh. Probably something about the choice of music, or about any number of things. Soon the whole dance floor was full of people, Steve's family, his dancing friends, Bernard's friends even got up and danced as a group off to the side of everyone else... and of course amongst it all was a pair of aliens dancing that stuck out like sore thumbs amongst the people.

"It's been a great night hasn't it?" Roxanne asked as she danced with her boyfriend while Minion was meanwhile dancing with Steve's mother.

"Long though." Megamind said as he moved with her.

"Well duh, it's a wedding. I went to my friends once and we were dancing till two in the morning." Roxanne replied,

Megamind blinked, and then frowned an eye. "I don't think I can dance that long."

"You need to dance more anyway, since you do it so well." she smiled.

"You're just saying that because I'm your boyfriend." Megamind said as he spun her gently to the music.

"Maybe. But you're still a good dancer. Steve! Isn't Megamind a great dancer?" she called to the man who was just passing by with his sister in his arms.

"Well he's nowhere near my standard but for a stick thin, blue skinned alien? He dances lovely." Steve smiled. Alexis giggled.

"Gee thanks I feel so much better." Megamind replied sarcastically.

Roxanne laughed, before pulling him in and kissing him. Despite the song not being that of the slow kind, Megamind wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in, kissing her softly. He had come such a long way in just a year. No longer did he hide away in his apartment and shun the rest of the world for the rotten treatment he had received growing up. Now he knew how to ride a bike, he was happy to go out to a mall and go into stores that weren't totally related to his likes and dislikes. He had moved out of his 'cave' and into a lovely apartment with his girlfriend who had made it possible for everything to turn around for him in the first place.

He would never had thought such a drastic change, and it was all thanks to the beautiful woman in his arms.

The alien wondered if there was any other alien alive who felt as welcomed, or loved, as he did at this very moment. He somehow doubted it.

And he kissed her all the more for it.

The End