26 December- After unwittingly accepting an invitation from my Mother to the Jones' annual Turkey Curry Buffet, I decided that I would take a few days away, I've been accused of not being spontaneous, not this time I've thrown some clothes in my suitcase and I'm off, where the road leads will be a matter of fate

I've committed myself to no roadmaps, although I have one last chance maybe stopping at that petrol station won't be so bad, no stay ahead and go where the road leads, yes I'm spontaneous and I'm not going to bog myself down with lists or anything else for that fact.

"Come back here you knob head," came this voice of a woman who was chasing down a car that left her behind. I pulled to the side of the road, "hello," she looked at me a bit alarmed but not too much because I was pretty much still dressed in pinstripe and resembled perhaps, hopefully, a proto-type from gentleman's weekly.

She was radiant with tresses of gold and pools of blue for eyes, and yet there was a small twinge within that, I should know her, but I couldn't place where or when we had met before, although I should remember for my mind is like a steel trap.

Then she opened her mouth, "that knob head, leaving me like this, such fuckwittage ...stranding me here and thinking possibly I could find a ride...Gaaah this was supposed to a romantic few days before I had to show up at my parents." She was pacing a bit and clearly frustrated and I was still trying to determine what fuckwittage literally meant.

"I could give you a ride to the next township," I said hesitant that she might chop my head off in her temper, I was teetering on spontaneity or at least I thought.

"Thank you," I was a loss because before me stood a beautiful creature. She was disheveled but my heart was pounding just a little harder at the natural beauty before me.

"Hello, anyone home?" she said as she must have thought I was staring at her far to long. "Should I worry, are you a serial murderer or something?"

"Oh, pardon me I was thinking, are you travelling for the New Year?" She looked at me and I wondered if she thought me some sort of pervert.

"Well, to tell you the truth I'm striking out on my own for adventure, well at least for a few days, with what I thought was my boyfriend/boss Daniel, before reporting into my parents for the New Year." She said as she looked at me with still an inquisitive type nature.

"What a coincidence, so am I," still looking deeply at this creature. "In all actuality I'm trying to prove to myself that I am indeed spontaneous, but alas I'm struggling with it a bit." She nodded at me in a adoringly temptuous way, stepped into my car, and then placed her hand upon me. Oh the electricity I felt at that moment.

"Well, it looks like we are looking for the same thing, and I'm the mistress of the spontaneous actually, and you sir are in luck," with that we made our way down the road.

"Before going to far there are a few rules, first no real names," I was perplexed.

"But what will I call you?" I said..

She giggled, "make up a name, silly you are being spontaneous," she nodded her head.

"Well let me start, you are thinking to much...Fitzwilliam...yes I love the name Fitzwilliam from Pride and Prejudice so that is who you will be."

She started to laugh. Not knowing the characters too much, but knowing the ladies in chambers were constantly speaking about this mini-series, although I knew too little about it, I said, uneasily " Lizzy, short for Elizabeth".

"So you know the movie?" She genuinely seemed excited for the moment.

"It is the only thing the ladies speak about round the office," I said.

"Oh, she said deflated. "Well it is a start, boy you are going to need to lighten up. So as I settled in the car she excused her self by leaning over and untying my tie, "lets start with this."

"Excuse me." I said thinking she was going to strip me down in my car.

"Your tie, it makes you look that you have had a poker stuck up your arse and is not in the least spontaneous Fitz," she undid it and threw my Armani tie out the window.

"Drive on," I put the car in drive, what was I thinking, well I did want spontaneous. I seemed oddly attracted to this delightful but maybe dangerous creature.

She turned on the radio, it was FM adult contemporary of assorted prose of broken hearts and unreal idealistic love mantras . My head began to pound for a bit, but I was going to endure to the end. "Oh Fitzy, you are a Mozart guy aren't you?"

She laughed, "How could you tell...because I was willing to endure it," I said kind of perturbed.

"It was your wincing at the maudlin lyrics," she laughed a bit.

"I can be spontaneous," I said.

"I don't think so, you have not turned off this interstate at all," It was but a dare and somewhere I saw a smirk that seemed to be almost a challenge.

"We will have to see about this ," I said as if a challenge had been accepted.

With that I turned off some road, a country road with no markers, with no realization of where I was headed or why. To be honest my stomach was beginning to churn. What if in this winter weather I ran out of petrol and I was responsible for us freezing to death? No I'm pushing on as this lovely reckless creature tormented and tempted me beyond what was comfortable, and I was going to prove to her I can be spontaneous.

Putter...choke...I suddenly realized that there were no petrol stations and that my worse fears were coming to roost. I indeed have gotten us lost and we are going to die.

"I'm sorry, I think I've gotten us lost and we are out of petrol," I said.

"Oh, no that is the oldest story in the book, you are a pervert." She said a bit alarmed.

"No, " and I pointed.

"I've never had this happen...I have to do something...I should not have been spontaneous...how stupid," and with my momentary panic a hand was placed on my arm, and with it no ridicule, just someone reaching out to comfort me, someone who looked on the other side of tragedy, or had the capability of doing so.

"Fitz, maybe if you push us up the road I bet we will find some shelter, I remember there being farms and cottages some where around her ," she again gave me somewhat of an angelic smile and I found myself placing the car in neutral and with to light of clothing for the elements outside I began to push the car. I was pushing as best I could until my food slid and whilst trying to hold to some balance I fell backward on my arse, oh it hurt so. She place on the brake ran out to make sure I was ok.

Giggling and relieved, "You all right Fitz?"

"Yes, just my pride a bit," and with that she came to help me up but before we did she paused and gave me a kiss that could have melted the ice away.

"Spontaneity," I got up renewed and began to drive on slipping if you will all over the place but determined to find us some place to stay for the night.

As the sun set and the night air got colder I pulled the car off to the side and pulled some blankets from the boot, still no service from my cell phone I entered the car. "Lizzy, I'm nervous," I said as she wrapped her arm around mine as we cuddled in the car. She was so beautiful and I began to kiss her and she consumed me with her kisses in return as our bodies created the heat that could keep us warm. I loved this creature so far, and I really wanted to know her but she insisted on no real names.

With that we fell asleep, but the mischievousness prior to our slumber was very reminiscent of teenagers at the height of hormonal ecstasy.