Greece-Seems a Bit of a blur-but nevertheless a wonderful memory!

Departing from Patras we made it to Santorini, which by coincidence is where Mr. Androkos resided, and he made it possible that on New Years Day Bridget and I did marry, overlooking the coastline, but not without a send off from his village with dancing and merriment to two strangers, they had all just met. But it was like his wife and him and taken us to his heart, we would only find out later they never had children, and that it was a joy for him to help us with this day.

As a state official of this island, the sailing was smooth, and Bridget felt as if she was a queen. We met in a garden area where Greek dance and revelry pursued us and we felt we were in the midst of what Bridget described as one of her favorite musicals, "Mamma Mia," Abba music-believe me I've been educated in the last days of Abba and at this time I'm suffering an earworm, playing through my head "Dancing Queen."

"To Mark and Bridget and spontaneity, never loose your passion," shouted Markos as he toasted us.

I looked to Bridget dressed in a beautiful white dress and resembling Aphrodite, and I in white as well, carried to our honeymoon bungalow.

I know that the wishes came as well as numerous blessings to fertility and long life, which may have added to the pressure of this night and my husbandly responsibilities, but I rose to the occasion, perhaps that is a double entendre, but nevertheless, my bride smiled brightly the next morning

"Mark," she said looking at me. " I think you are beautiful."

"Darling, I've never thought of myself beautiful," I sat holding her near me in our bungalow cocooned up to each other. She in turn played with the curls cascading from my hair line. With this tender moment we fell into a flood of deeper passion.

We really leapt to this serendipitous moment, when our roads converged, and well I believe we will come out all right just the same.

As we quieted down that night recited a quote she once read in one of her magazines-which simply said, "Spontaneous love admits errors,
hesitations and human failings. It can be tested and repaired.


At 5:00 AM I bolted from bed, "Aye, we forgot to wire our folks," we both looked at each other as errant school children and sent separate wires but we both knew that when this was all over, we both would have some recompense to pay.

In fact, Bridget has an odd way of biting her nails when she get's nervous and searches for anything chocolate. I know this is due to her mother, Pam, and I had to be quite frank I feel almost certain that I may be developing an ulcer at an unavoidable meeting

January 7th_ We were heading back to the U.K., my thoughts were on the request that I meet my parents to discuss my abrupt absence on Turkey Curry Day, as well as Bridget's scathing message from Pam about her cancellation of those same festivities and the opportunity to meet Mark Darcy, of course Bridget laughed several times as we somewhat in a sick fashion looked forward to surprising both sets of parents.

What is more poetic, our nuptials occurred on the very day our parents expected us to pull in the driveway of the Jones and that their matchmaking would be a success, well actually it was, but more like fate and spontaneity worked it's spell. Twenty Four hours residency a quick run to a court house a couple of documents expressed and here I am a married man once again with a creature of beautiful proportions.

"Mark, you seem on edge are you ok," as she awoke and pulled herself to my embrace.

"Just realizing in a day that you and I will pull up in a driveway to our parents, revealing that we have forgone all the proprieties of their expectations of formal courting," I began.

She giggled, "you mean married, don't you?"

"Yes, darling I mean married."

"Dear, you must not worry, I mean our Mothers both wanted us to date, so we pushed it up a bit, what is the harm?"

"Your father wanted to kill me for not asking permission, and oh my godfathers," slapping and mimicking her mother, "you have deprived me of a wedding-could it be your pregnant?" We began to laugh.

"You know my Mother well, sir," she laughed as she straddled me and drew lazy circles on my chest.

"Whilst visiting at home my mother would often recruit my assistance to bring a sundry of items to your Mother on occasion, I couldn't help but notice her mannerisms," we both laughed.

"You must be an excellent lawyer," she said proud.

"That I am Mrs. Darcy, that I am," and with that I rolled us over for more marital bliss amongst the palatial elegance before setting flight back to Holland Park via Grafton Underwood.

She grew a little quieter.

"What is it dear?" I said looking at her with concern.

"While I'm not afraid of my Mother and Father, Tom, Jude, and Shazza strike terror in me."

"I'm sorry," I said trying to understand.

"Friends or urban family," I could pick up on the dilemma.

"No worries I will treat them well and wine and dine them and well show them that truly I am the best man for you," and with that I caused her to giggle again which let to a very amorous moment as we reconnected again body and soul.

January 8th

"Mother, yes I know, hello...yes I missed you to but truly my trip has been most productive." At that point, I saw her stifling a bit of giggle. She was truly and angel, and someone who added sunshine to this drabby old life.

"Well, yes I'm still here." "Really Bridget Jones never showed up either," at this point she had to excuse herself to let out a very loud guffaw in the loo so as to not give away our announcement.

"Yes, well I'm sure she had her reason for cancelling, and as you said she did apologize to her parents for not being present, well Mother there is always next year, and we can meet up and try it once again.

"Yes, I'm sure she is a charming creature," at this she wrapped herself around the door of the restroom revealing leg and letting her robe drop to reveal more of her curvaceous body.

"Have to go...and yes day after tomorrow," after that I hung up and ran for my precious wife for teasing me so whilst on the phone with my Mother.

"You are a naughty girl and I'm going to have to punish you for interrupting your Daddy on the telephone." She laughed more at which I just had to drink more of her in.

"You realize we may not be able to see our parents or the rest of the outside world if we don't leave this room," she seemed to purr even more at my ministrations.

"There is always an anniversary," I growled back as I took her once again.

I seemed to forget what our visit to our parents might be like but for now I was a happy man drunk on passion for my new wife.

January 8th later afternoon-

We crept up the driveway with her hand in mine. We had been away the better part of December and first part of January, and now within the first of the New Year seemed we were returning off a cloud. Bridget had let go of her work, Daniel may have fainted from shock as I delivered the news that she was a married woman now, this coming after his usual dig, that he more than likely will enjoy breaking her in. I informed him further, that if that be his plan-it would only meet with regretful personal circumstances on his part. Her friends will be the hurdle after this, however nothing in my adult life has felt so right, I'm complete with her as if God had picked her specifically more me. She was my other half, the one that caused me to function.

"Wait here for a moment," I got out and greeted my mother at the front door and then my father. "Come I have someone I would like you to meet," with that my Mother was a loss until she left my hand, the one she had been holding and noticed the wedding band.

"Mark, when and how?" I took her hand and Father followed after inquisitively until we came to the car.

"I think you will approve," as I opened the door she came out a rose in winter and something about the light and relief that illuminated my parents eyes told me we were more than ok.

"How did this happen," she said coming up and hugging Bridget.

"Let's just say the stars aligned perfectly and we discovered a spontaneous attraction quickened to life again," Mother smiled more realizing that was indeed referring to our childhood.

"Come you two before you catch a cold," I pulled the suitcases from the trunk while Bridget explained how we would need their assistance to announce this to her parents. My Mother and Father seemed more than game, as we planned a rather nice Sunday brunch tomorrow morning. Truly both could keep from patting Bridget's shoulders or encouraging her, "this is a great delight Mark and Bridget...truly one wished for, for a very long time."

January 9th

"Come on sleepy head wake up," I said raising her from the late night we had with my parents.

"No, don't want to," she was playing with me and the challenge was far to tempting.

Later, "My goodness I was so honored to have you call." I heard downstairs that my parents were playing the perfect hosts. "I still think it rather rude that neither of our children bothered to show up for New Years."

"Their adults Pam, especially Bridget she probably remained in London," with that we stopped upstairs to steal a kiss.

"I have butterflies," she said looking at me.

"I know but it may not be as bad as you think," I said.

Rolling her eyes like I had lost my mind, "it is my Mother – need I remind you?"

"No darling but no one can make us part now and acceptance will come sooner than later if we just go down and come out with it." She steadied herself grabbed on my arm just a little tighter.

"Well who else is coming, Una and Geoffrey?" Her mother is nothing but perceptive.

"Well no, but I'm sure you will be quite delighted with their company," she winked and as on queue, I came from the kitchen carrying the pancakes as Bridget followed behind with the pitcher of juice.

"Oh my godfathers where have you been young lady...or Mark we been so worried about her...and well," as she was speaking Bridget went over to hug her Mother but as she did her Pam noticed her ring finger and then looked over to my wedding band, "you...I mean how...when," and with that she fainted. I moved quickly and we put her on the couch and we were able to revive her.

"It was a spontaneous set of circumstances I assure you, but yes Bridget is my wife and well that is the purpose of this breakfast," she nodded as this set in and truthfully Mother was smiling.

"Pam be comforted, we both wanted this, although, we were hoping for a longer engagement and big wedding, but the outcome is what we have wanted, be as happy as we are, we just found out last night." Then Mother asked us to leave the room, and I knew we had better make it back to brunch, and that they will follow sooner than later because my Mother had such a way about her, she was a diplomat.

"Tea was lovely, so Bridget it must be nice at this point to not worry about work you can start setting up the home." Her mother started going into domestic mode on us, during the lull of our conversation.

"Mum, are you now referring to me as kept," I felt Bridget's temper rising.

"Well, our course there are certain parts of the home that will need to be maintained-as you are a wife of a top notch barrister," she winked at me as if I was not sinking into her plan to trap Bridget in domestic hell, perhaps Bridget just might remember our conversation about my healthy expectations.

Only I fear I went for the hook only pacify the events in hope we could talk later, "well, yes I do have meetings from time to time," and all of a sudden Bridget was up for the count.

"I can't believe it – you are siding with her," she started to storm from the room outside.

"Bridget, stop will you," I shouted from the top of my lungs, uncertain of where this reaction was coming from.

"No, I can't believe it, don't worry Bridget don't quit your work, I'll take care of you, when all the while you were looking for the perfect domestic wife."

"What are you going to do pull me out of the closet when it fits you?" She threw her napkin down.

"Don't be ridiculous," then it was like smoke really began to puff from her ears and you turned about face.

"What have I done marrying you?" She made her way down the road at a quick step and I felt the inertia to take the car catch up with her pull her in and away and talk to her about normalcy and our lives.

But that all ceased when my Mother grabbed my shoulder, "no son after me on this but not with the car."

I ran slipping on the ice trying to keep my balance.

"Bridget, wait stop, please!" I felt ridiculous and for the life of me I was wondering what my Mother could possibly mean by me looking like a blithering idiot in this way.

She turned to me and I could see the hurt and disgust in her eyes, but mostly the hurt.

"Stay away from me Mark Darcy," she said.

"No, I won't, I realize I made a mistake back there, but I don't think it is anything we can't" ...and then my foot lost its step and I fell on my arse.

Just to think was she came running over to me, "are you ok?"

"Yes, now that I have you close, ...look I don't see you as some bad American sitcom wife, or my potential domestic slave, what I see you as is my partner and my lover, you must know that." I don't know what she caught onto but her blue eyes became lapis pools of warmth.

"I'm sorry Mark, it is just my Mother put me on a plain of thought, and I see your words as unintentional-but they worked themselves together to form well you know," she was trying to express her thoughts and I knew it.

"I know, it made it all pretty damning," with that I got up and held her.

"You are gallant to come after me though," and I realized that I would have fueled it more if I had hopped in my car, and I thought the wisdom of my Mother.

"Come darling, I need you and I need to clear the air at home with everyone else," with that she came as close as she could as we made our way back up the drive.

The thing was when I came in, the air was a bit heavy. Maybe Mrs. Jones realized I was not at all happy with the fact that I had to run after my wife in the freezing snow of February, I was cold and sore but I had to clear the facts up, quickly and with a demeanor of strength and respect to my new in-laws.

"Mother can we have some coffee in the sitting area?" It happened very quickly almost as if they had anticipated my very moves.

"Mrs.. Jones,"

"Yes," she smiled like a Cheshire cat or at the very least a cat that indeed ate the canary.

"I realize that you are extremely excited about our union and that the station I hold as a barrister may add to unhealthy expectations on Bridget.

"Well, I married your daughter because," looking at my Bridget," I love her just as she is and I have no expectations but to have a partner for life."

"She is my life and the one who makes me want to function each day." "Certainly, I know you raised her with certain expectations in mind, but I remind you she exceeds all your expectations, and she is my perfect companion." At that moment she looked at me and I couldn't help but steal that kiss.

"Mark, you have known each other a short time ...and need I remind you your actions are of an impulsive nature." She was ready to spar with me I could tell.

"Yes, but when you know what is right you hold onto it!" He countered and Mum being the hopeless romantic seemed speechless.

Dad chimed in, "yes Mark, but you didn't even ask permission, and well I hope you don't mind me saying I feel as if my daughter has been pinched from me and no regard from either me or her mother was given for this union."

I swallowed momentarily, looking to my own father and then mother, who nodded in agreement with Mr. Jones. Have the sides turned so?

"Yes, but we are consulting adults...and you have spoke nothing except Mark," Bridget was becoming a bit indignant.

I steadied her hand, "Bridget it is ok, and I understand where your parents are coming from at this moment." She looked at me willing to try to understand.

"Mr. Jones, I apologize for the impulsiveness and maybe even the fears you may have, especially since I'm divorced, but I assure you that I hold nothing but the highest esteem for your daughter and I'm determined to take care of her, providing a home and security and the love she so deserves, and I know it is in reverse that I ask this, but may I have you and Mrs. Jones's blessing?"

Her Father paused and I was becoming a bit insecure but a smile made its way, "as long as Mark you will consent to a proper reception and renewal of vows in front of family and friends," I realized we were not going to escape this.

"Ok, Bridget answered we consent," I giggled a bit and simple said the lady has spoken and I agree whole heartedly. The parents seemed appeased although days later I know Bridget would be a wreck as Pam already indicated she would help with all the planning, which may be the punishment of our spontaneous act.

January 9th - Late Night

As we readied ourselves for that night I heard her say, "do you really mean I help you function every day?" The inquisitive nature is endearing, and I felt as if she needed further assurance.

I came near her and grabbed her hand and walked with her to our bed.

"Yes," as I held her hand in mind half dressed and her only in her knickers and open robe. The sight alluring I just had to have her so I moved toward her as she moved to recline on the bed exploring every inch of my beautiful bride.

"Mark," she was trying push me away. "What about your parents?"

"We are married," I said just wanting her all the more.

"But they are down the hall," she motioned to the door.

But as I overtook her and I hope with a bit of devilish prowess, "I'll be quiet," and with that I covered her mouth, bringing about pleasurable murmurings as I attended to all her insecurities.

January 10 Morning

It was not unnoticed as we sat down to breakfast the next morning that Bridget was blushing and my parents were averting their eyes away from us as much as they could, or diverted all conversation to the weather.

I realized at that moment that perhaps we had gotten a little to vocal last night, "well I trust you will have a beautiful drive back to London today."

"Yes, I can't wait to get home, I mean to see our home," I realized Bridget was uneasy as we have not been back to London and she has no idea of my home in Holland Park.

"Dear haven't you and Bridget been back to your home?" My mother queried.

"No, we haven't but I'm sure that Bridget will add incredible warmth to it," I looked at her and stole a small kiss.

My father helped Bridget with the luggage when my Mother asked to see me in the library.

"We are on our way," I said uneasy as I didn't know what she had on her mind.

"Sit down for a moment, won't you," she said with the authority I knew better to question.

"I want this opportunity to remind you of the sensitivities of be newly married, never seeing your home, and sharing living space together," she looked as if she was going to embark on a facts of life discussion.

"I'm aware we are heading into new territory," I headed her off.

But then she sat by me and took my hands, "Mark, I really mean I want you to pause and give thought as the idiosyncrasies of your life together, and give her understanding as she is not only stepping into your large home but the life of a barrister, and the affluent hierarchy of society," she looked at me willing me to understand all the dynamics that love blinded me to.

"Dear, love is wonderful and the bloom of your life will be grand but the realities can fracture that a bit, especially if you don't collaborate on even the small items of life, such as a toothpaste squeezed from the center, or a toilet lid left up, or friends not yet met," I bowed my head and shook it agreeing.

"I will keep this all in mind," she gave me a peck on the cheek and I was grateful that I hadn't stopped being her son, that she still felt comfortable taking me aside and doing what mothers do best, make their children aware of potholes.

"Are we ready?" Bridget said.

"Yes, just saying good-bye to my Mother," and with that my Mother went over and spoke a bit reassuringly to Bridget and gave her a big hug, we were on our way to London.

January 31st -Big day Work and Urban Family Meeting

Perhaps it was just nerves, that all of a sudden I was breaking out in an unexplainable rash, I don't know. Here I was meeting the three of her best friends for the first time, I've been up against worst situations before, "calm Darcy it is going to be ok." But again the cycle would come again of destructive thinking.

I have been working on the Hageeny Case and the Peruvians follow close behind, but now tonight in a few moments I'm expected home to meet her friends. I'm the man who broke up the Urban Family, I'm probably the picture of fuckwittage, or without exception they want to know what I'm like, not to mention that Bridget has insisted that this dinner take place in our new home, something about me being comforted by my own surroundings, yes all the while she doesn't realize it may just be adding to their assumption that I'm a cold man, and not worthy of my wife's hand.

"Mark is that you?" She came out all adorned in slacks and sweater, after all this was rather informal.

"Yes, just running up stairs to clean up," I said as she followed.

"We have an hour ,the food will be here soon, because I thought it best to cater," she said.

"Mark, I have your jeans and sweater laid out on the bed, and..." she stopped as I took off my jacket and my shirt.

"What is that?" I looked to see that I was rather splotchy. "Mark what has happened to you?"

"I'm nervous and I'm itchy and ..." and I went to scratch and she grabbed by hand.

"No, I have a Benadryl and ointment and we need to calm you down, it is going to be ok," she had me sit and what amazed me is I thought she would be going out of her mind at my condition but she wasn't.

"You are not don't feel like cancelling...say something," I didn't completely read her.

"Mark," she giggle. "This reminds me of Touch of Mink with Cary Grant and Doris Day," I looked at here as if she had gone mad.

"I'm not following," looking perplexed.

"It is just an old movie I've watched with my parents a thousand times and well both have reactions similar to yours right now to being married," then she stopped.

"Your not having second thoughts about us being married?" She looked worried.

"I love love being married to you but I wouldn't mind if we cancelled tonight," I looked hopeful but she shook her head.

"No we are not canceling because this is nerves and they will go away, we have an hour in which I can bring you out of this tree, starting with this, " she grabbed hold and started to embrace and kiss me to the point that the electricity in my body was completely focused on her, "relax dear," we have work to do. She straddled me and began to create ministrations and massages, and after removing my clothes moving me to a lavender bath where I was to soak for 30 minutes and she would check on me. She also placed Vivaldi Season's on in the background while she left. Oh and she also shot me up with a bit of Benadryl, "and dear when tonight is all done-please note we will be talking more about this," as she left I knew I couldn't even hide my insecurities from her.


The evening was a success, though I had a little bit of splotchiness.

It was her unassuming flair not to say anything but have that delicious smile as I loaded the dishwasher.

"Well, I think the evening went well," looking back at her for some verbal response to what she might be thinking.

"Yes, and I'm so glad you calmed down and enjoyed yourself," she giggled.

"All right ...what?" I said putting the last dish in.

"Oh, Tom was right you do have one gorgeous bottom," she giggled more.

"I knew it, he was sizing my backside all evening...swore I nearly felt as if I needed to go to the loo and inspect my backside to make sure nothing unsightly had adhered to my arse," at that point we couldn't hold back and I started towards her and grabbed her into a passionate and warm embrace.

"But what about the rash?" She said breaking away and looking into my eyes with pools of warmth. She also had this way of touching me as she took the fingers of her hand as if to brush away non-existent strands of hair.

"Nervous," cracking just a bit as my insecurities rushed to the forefront. "Nervous because of the merit your urban family holds over you...than any others in your life." I gulped a little more. "Insecure at the thought that they could very well alter your opinion of me...and you would leave me." She stood looking at me as pools of tears nearly burst forth.

"No Mark, I married you because I realized you were my missing half, my soul mate if you will." I took a double take and wondered if I had missed something. They are my friends but you are my husband.

"Say that again," I looked at her as if it was music to my ears.

"Silly, you are my husband," I smiled swept her up. "What are you doing?" She giggled more and throwing her on our bed and myself on top, "I'm being your husband." I wrestled with her but I relented to allow her to conquer and end up on top as she kissed me on my neck and earlobe and savagely seduced me.

The End

Thank you everyone for reading this fiction, it was the one last one I had in me. I've enjoyed writing but I'm now retiring from the fan-fiction world. There are so many exceptional authors out there-enjoy their writing.. Real life presses on, and I believe in the days and times we live in, it is better spent in the lives of our true loved ones.