Naruto no Enton


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Authors notes:

This is my first fan fiction, and I rather enjoy the idea. It came to me whilst smoking the last cigarette in the pack, and burned myself rather painfully. I know stupid right? Eh, whatever. I know the idea may be farfetched, but bear with me, and maybe leave me some ideas and reviews. I'm merely doing this for entertainment, and maybe a bit of inspiration later on in life. Who knows?

I will be using English translations of the techniques, seeing as I do not know Japanese, and what I do is rather sparse.

Pairings will NOT be the following:

Naruto X Hinata

Naruto X Sakura

Naruto X Sasuke

Naruto X Ino

Im sorry if that's not what some of you are wanting, but I cannot even write those pairings in good faith. There are far too many of them on fanfiction as it is, and I will not feed the masses in that way.


Five years after the sealing of the Kyuubi, Naruto is confronted by Hiruzen. The elderly man explains to Naruto the 'will of fire', and being only five years old, takes it quite literally as fire. Merely days later, the young jinchuuriki stumbles upon a few Uchiha shinobi training with Katon techniques, furthering his already peaking curiosity to this 'will of fire'. Now watch and learn as Naruto paves a new path for Hi no Kuni and maybe the Elemental nations as a whole.

The weather was cool, surprising the many denizens of Konohagakure who wandered the streets. It was just a week before the Kyuubi festival, and it showed in the streets of the village. Decorations of the Yondaime defeating the nine tailed fox littered the buildings, and merchants were pouring into the village, carrying varied goods. Children played in the streets, unburdened by the bite of the chilling weather. Parents of said children congregated in groups, whispering and laughing with one another of unimportant gossip. The shinobi of Konoha stuck to the rooftops, traversing at paces only the experienced could achieve, Coming and going from the tower in the center of the village. The tower contained the mission archive, and the leader of Konoha, the Hokage. The many warriors of the village collected their missions, and went about their business to prepare for said missions. The sun was setting behind the Hokage monument, where the faces of the past and present Hokages' were carved into the side of a mountain, forever overlooking the village hidden in the leaves.

All was well in the village, business went on as usual, parents and merchants came and went. Children played and laughed... Well, almost all children. One child was left out of the games, and the cheer of the holiday week. That child was Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the very same monster that nearly wiped Konoha off the map five years previous. The citizens of Konoha shunned him, spat on him, and hated him for containing the very beast that nearly destroyed their home. They couldn't see past their grief, their sorrow, or their anger. They couldn't see the child suffering. No, all they saw was the Kyuubi incarnate. Naruto was given wide berth when he walked the streets, and was allowed no services that citizens need to survive. He was removed, sometimes physically, from the shops of Konoha. The leader of the village, his surrogate grandfather was none the wiser to his treatment.

Naruto hid from the many people that occupied the streets, preferring to keep to the back streets of the village to remain unburdened in his travels. He was just a few minutes from meeting his grandfather, Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage. His bright blue eyes kept glancing around rapidly, almost as if he was paranoid. His travels were quiet, and well hidden. He always hid around this time of year, as the villagers got annoyed quickly by his presence. It wasn't his fault, truly, but he was ignorant to the fact he housed the Kyuubi. He finally reached the Hokage tower, and pushed through the wide double doors that led way to Sarutobi's office. Said man quickly looked up from the paperwork he was going through and smiled when his eyes met young Narutos. "Naru-Chan, how are you?" the wizened man spoke, relieved for the break from his paperwork. Naruto merely smiled at his grandfather, showing a pair of slightly yellow teeth. "Hey hokage-jiji," Naruto practically shouted, "I wanna hear a story!"

The leader of the village simply smiled, and rose from his desk. "Alright, little Naru-Chan. What would you like to hear?" The elderly man asked Naruto, smiling down at him. Said boy looked abashed, and scuffed his feet against the hardwood flooring. "I'm not sure, Jiji, anything!" Naruto said, looking back up after a few moments of consideration. Sarutobi chuckled well naturedly and walked around his desk, placing a hand on the blond child's shoulder. "Tell me little one… have you ever heard of the 'will of fire'?" The child looked up, his eyes alight with curiosity befitting the tender age he was. "Nope, wha's it bout jiji?" asked the child, bouncing on his heels. The old man laughed, deep and gentle. "That, Naruto, is a good question…" Began the Hokage, looking down at Naruto, "How about we start from the very beginning?"